This $3 Million Estate Is a Gearhead’s Dream House With Its Own Race Track

Car Culture 19 August 8, 2018 by

If you live in Northern Ireland and are on the search for the perfect home, we found it for you. It comes with all the things gearheads love, plenty of space, a large garage, a race track…

Yes, you read that right. This 6,900sqft home, on 28 acres of land, comes with your very own race track in the backyard.

The home is located near the charming community of Cookstown, about 30 miles west of Belfast. Complete with a castle, an old abbey, and some stone circles, it checks the boxes on the perfect town from an 18th Century romance novel. It also has its own motorcycle race, the Cookstown 100, held on public roads every April.

It certainly sounds like a lovely place to live. Whoever built the home would no doubt agree, as they went to a lot of trouble to make it a mighty fine dwelling. There’s a triple garage with a gym, a private barbecue area through a forest walk, indoor pool and sauna and a cinema room. Not to mention the amazing country views to the rear (and the less amazing views of the A29 dual carriageway to the front). But for car enthusiasts, all of this might not be quite as enticing as the race track in the garden.

At 1,110 yards long and with 10 turns, the circuit is more suitable for go-karts than race cars. Still, it does have things like a race control tower, a winner’s circle, and even garages to work on your karts.

Currently, the track is open to the public, and operated by management company Railway Karting. However, it’s up to the new buyer whether or not they want to keep it open or not. In the meantime, if you’re near Cookstown, you can still take a ride on the track.

As you’d expect, the price for this sprawling estate isn’t cheap. It’s currently listed by Stanley Best Real Estate for £2,250,000 ($2,900,000). But given the price of property in say, central London, this is a bit of a steal.

If you do happen to buy the house, we just have one small request. Can we please have a GTPlanet get together? We’ll even bring the burgers!

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