This Modified VW Transporter is a Porsche 911 You Can Fit the Whole Family In

Car Culture 7 March 20, 2019 by

If you’re a family man, chances are owning a sports car isn’t in the cards. You need to haul kids, their stuff, and everything else along the way. However, for this week’s Want, we think we found the perfect solution. As what is probably the coolest people carrier around, meet the TH Automobile TH2.

Based on the VW Transporter Multivan, the TH2 looks pretty tame at first glance. But once you peel back the layers you see that it’s anything but mundane.

At the TH2’s heart sits a 3.6-liter twin-turbo flat-six out of a Porsche 911 (997). Yes, this unassuming van has the heart of a Porsche.

Packing 580hp, it makes use of 911 GT2 turbochargers and control unit. This puts the 0-60 time around five seconds, which is quite the step up from the base Transporter. Flat out it will also sail over the 175mph mark too, bravery depending.

Like the 911, the engine for the TH2 sits under the floor of the van’s rear cargo area. It’s mated to a Porsche six-speed manual that sends power to the rear wheels through a Drexler limited-slip differential.

To help keep all that power in check, the TH2 uses a custom suspension system that’s fully adjustable. There’s also huge 370mm six-piston Brembo brakes up front and 365mm four piston ones in the rear.

It’s then all capped off with some beefy Continental ContiSportContact 3 tires. The front end sports 245 size rubber with 285 meats out back.

The Porsche theme continues when you head inside the TH2 too. Up front, the driver and passenger seats come out of a 911. The gauges, steering wheel, and even the ignition key all come out of the Porsche sports car as well. Oddly enough, it all fits together rather well.

The rear passenger area is as luxurious as you’d expect too. The four seats are custom made with two-tone leather and can swivel 180 degrees. There’s also a table that can unfold to turn the rear of the van into a mobile conference area or workspace.

There’s even an entertainment system in the rear passenger area too. Mounted on the ceiling is a 15.4-inch monitor with connections for all your electronic devices. There’s also Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and upgrade sound system as well.

As you’d imagine, something like this is fairly expensive considering all the custom work involved. Brand new, a TH Automobile TH2 is around €250,000 ($283,000) and can easily increase in price depending on options.

Even used the TH2 doesn’t come cheap. This example we found for sale by Car Special of Kerpen, Germany is from 2012 and still comes in at €139,800 ($158,000). It does have low miles though with just 10,122 on the clock. And hey, it’s still cheaper than a GT2 911 from the same era.

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