This Week’s Forza Horizon 4 Seasonal Change: Days of Summer With Two Hot Chevrolets

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The action never ends in Forza Horizon 4. Last week saw the arrival of the Fortune Island expansion, and it’s been a blast thus far. Now that everything has had time to settle, the weekly seasonal change has come around.

With the summer heat in full effect once more, it’s the perfect opportunity to let loose. Summer doesn’t only bring warm weather, it also brings new content in the form of racing events and cars. Dirt and Road Racing are at the forefront this week, so bring your best.

You’ll find everything this week has to offer down below.

Car Pass Brings Two American Supercars

The latest cars arriving to FH4 are muscling supercars from Chevrolet. This is the perfect season to go out and about with the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and 2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE.

The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is about as insane as any Corvette ought to be. The 6.2-liter supercharged LT5 V8 makes an insane 755hp — 115 more ponies than the outgoing C6 model.

When it comes to brute potential the ZR1 has plenty of it. 0-60mph takes 2.8 seconds and will continue on (given enough room) to its top speed of 212mph. If you’re looking for blistering speeds, look no further.

The 1LE package for the ZL1 is perfect for the season underway. Why? The Goodyear Eagle F1 Performance treads are rated for summer use only. The package also adds a Satin Black hood wrap decal and 19-inch wheels.

All this combined with the existing 6.2-liter supercharged LT4 V8 sending 650hp to the rear wheels. It gets to 60mph in less than four seconds and goes on to a top speed of 190mph. This is all the Camaro you’ll ever need for going fast.

New Events

What’s a new season without new events to go along with it? Luckily, there are enough new championship events to keep festival-goers occupied. As always, prizes are in the mix to sweeten the pot. This will be a week worth taking part in as players will have the chance to score two “Forza Edition” cars.

The lowdown on this week’s challenges are as follows:

Boiling Point

  • Series: Dirt Racing Series
  • Cars: Hot Hatch
  • Restrictions: 100-600 PI
  • Prizes: 15,000 CR, Wheelspin, “Ho Ho Ho!” Quickchat Message

I See A Line of Cars

  • Series: Road Racing Series
  • Cars: Buick Regal GNX
  • Restrictions: 600 PI
  • Prizes: 15,000 CR, “Merry Christmas” Quickchat Message, Renault Clio FE

Beaming Smile

  • Series: Road Racing Series
  • Cars: BMW
  • Restrictions: 100-800 PI
  • Prizes: 15,000 CR, Wheelspin, BMW M6 ’13 FE

The Trial: Holidays Are Coming (Co-Op Championship)

  • Series: Dirt Racing Series
  • Cars: Trucks
  • Restrictions: 100-800 PI
  • Prizes: Santa Outfit

Mam Tor Danger Sign Challenge

  • Season Objective: 1,201 ft.

Otleydale Drift Zone Challenge

  • Seasonal Objective: 150,000 Points

Forzathon Events

This week’s Forzathon events put the spotlight on off-road buggies. The first step is as simple as ever: own and drive any buggy. If you’ve yet to come across these off-road marvels, now is as good a time as any to start hunting!

The next step is amassing 10 Air Skills in the buggy. This is another simple one: all you have to do is drive over bumps and jumps and you’re home free. The third step sees you heading to the beach and taking on Castle Cross Country Circuit.

Finally, you’ll have to take in the sights by driving a total of 10 miles behind the wheel of your buggy. This week’s events will go by in a gritty flash, so have at them.

In this week’s Forzathon shop players will find the monstrous Volvo Iron Knight. We won’t mince words here, with a name like “Iron Knight”, you’d better be packing some serious punch. Much to our pleasure, Volvo is well aware and the truck delivers and then some.

The 12.8-liter quad-turbocharged straight-six delivers 2,400 horsepower to the rear wheels. Take a second to read over those specs again; trust us, we understand.

Despite its size the Iron Knight springs to 60mph in 4.6 seconds and onto its top speed of 190mph. In a truck weighing over 9,000lb that’s mighty impressive any way you look at it. At 250 FP points this is a must-have.

The Forza Edition car this week is the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Running at the top of S1 class, it comes equipped with a boost to Event Influence. We can’t think of a single reason not to own this. Even if the bog standard Giulia already sits in your garage, it never hurts to add another beauty to the collection.

At 400 FP points, it’s on the more expensive side. If you aren’t sitting on a surplus of points you’ll need to put in a little work to cover the cost.

Barn Find

No new barn rumors this week, but the summer barn find is available once again. If you missed it last time, now is your chance to discover it. We won’t spoil the surprise, but suffice to say fun comes in all sizes.

Featured image by imported_rik19.

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