Thrustmaster T300RS Wheel Announced For PlayStation 4

June 10th, 2014 by Jordan Greer


Thrustmaster, the company which produces the T500RS – the “official” wheel for GT5 and GT6 announced a new model today at the E3 game show in Los Angeles.

The new T300RS introduces full compatibility with the PlayStation 4 with the addition of the console’s new “Share” button, while retaining PS3 and PC compatibility as well. Angle rotation of up to 1080-degrees is supported, and the wheel is interchangeable with Thrustmaster’s Ferrari F1 Wheel, Ferrari GTE Wheel, and T500RS GT Wheels.

Unlike the T500, there is no clutch pedal, and the pedals themselves cannot be used in a top-hinged configuration. It is also worth noting the wheel does not display any Gran Turismo branding, with the PlayStation logo in its place at the center.

The generic branding likely means the wheel is targeted to buyers of Drive Club, Sony’s new first-party driving on the PS4, set for North American release on October 7, 2014.

The T300RS goes on sale August 15, 2014 for €369.99; pricing in other regions has yet to be released.


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  1. Jun. 22, 8:56am
    Evandro Naka

    I just cannot believe the Creator of Gran Turismo will allow this to happen, this wheel is just not good enough to boost GT7, Gran 7 needs wheels the like of Fanatec and set up boxes like G27 that has awesome price and comes with three pedals plus H shift, how can you and years of partnership with logitech like this? I can just imagine P.Cars or GT7 on my cockpit plugged to G27 and of course Morpheus. Sony don´t screw this up!!!

  2. Jun. 22, 8:49am
    Evandro Naka

    Unimaginable that this will happen, force us buy garbage is the ultimate lack of respect, my G27 is 4 years old and rocking, I see no reason to go and buy another trash wheel, it is wheel known that we all have our preferences and different economic conditions, I will say now, this is another war like the one against Microsoft and the used games policy, we gotta make sure Sony understands the importance of playing P.Cars with all wheels available now. So the statement goes like this:


  3. Jun. 21, 2:36pm

    I don’t see the point in this product at all… How is this supposed to compete with, say, Logitech’s wheels which have better pedals and a clutch at a much lower cost? I guess maybe there is no support for older wheels on the PS4 at all? I was under the impression that Sony was a bit smarter than MS in this regard. Just like Microsoft will never sell me an X-Box of any generation (or any X-Box game) until my expensive industry-standad wheels (Logitech DFP & G25, plus Thrustmaster T500) are properly supported, Sony will never sell me another Playstation (or Playstation game) unless the platform supports my wheels. That’s all there is too it. If they want my money, they need to support my equipment, no exceptions, no wiggle-room.

  4. Jun. 16, 5:48pm

    I will only consider purchasing this wheel if:

    – The ffb and feel it provides is as good as that of the T500RS/TX wheel.
    – It is also compatible with PS3 as well as PS4 (I think I read somewhere that it is).
    – It is compatible with T500RS/T3PA Pedals and TH8RS/TH8A shifters.
    – It has interchangeable wheel rims (like described above).
    – Is compatible with mainstream PS4 titles, such as DRIVECLUB, GT7 and new NFS games.

    If all of these were to apply to this wheel (which they should or hopefully they will), I will consider buying this wheel and a PS4 console (ready for a next-gen upgrade)! The same will go for the MadCatz and TX wheel for the XBO.

    • Jun. 17, 2:30pm

      Well said.

    • Jun. 22, 8:51am
      Evandro Naka

      You are considering still? I will never buy this wheel even if does all things you said and also brings me beer.

  5. Jun. 15, 9:38am

    Can’t wait for next-gen Gran Turismo!

  6. Jun. 12, 5:22am

    mad catz new wheel looks better at the same price!

  7. Jun. 12, 5:16am

    Cmon! No clutch pedal ? :(

  8. Jun. 12, 12:02am

    I’ll wait until there is a wheel compatible with both PS4 and Xbox One. I feel like I need the wheel more for the XBone due to the weaker spring tension in the triggers and analog sticks compared to the XBox360 or PS4 controllers hampering my performance.

  9. Jun. 11, 7:00pm

    I will not buy a PS4 if my wheel and joystick will not work on it; and I will not pay/subscribe to race online on the PS4 either :(

  10. Jun. 11, 5:20pm

    Can you use t500 shifter and pedals?

    • Jun. 12, 2:04am

      I don’t think that you can navigate through the menu but most games and definitely gt7 will support it

    • Jun. 12, 3:44pm

      Yes you can

  11. Jun. 11, 1:26pm

    I see alot of you kids think you know how much this wheel should cost. Couple of posts state anywhere from 100 to 200 dollars. Are you kidding me. I work for a company which sells electric
    motors and the motor alone this unit uses will cost at least 75 dollars, then throw in labor, additional parts, materials, overhead for the company, taxes. Thrustmaster is in the ball park. Either you are ignorant or you do not know what you are talking about. Now if the t500rs is not compatible with PS4 then that is on Sony. Having said that, I am sure Sony is not worried if a few of you are going to ditch and head over to PC gaming. Wheel usage is a very, very small percentage of their customer base. I bet wheel users playing GT6 is only around 25 percent (could be wrong).

    • Jun. 11, 9:27pm

      25% wheel users is about right, based on TT’s from GT5 anyway. I think people are looking at the price and considering this a sort of mid-range quality wheel and comparing it to the G27. I got mine for $220 with a clutch and six speed gated shifter, so paying double for no clutch and no shifter seems a little overpriced unless the wheel is exponentially better than the G27.

    • Jun. 12, 12:39am

      Lol…its not just the wheel issue… I am also not buying your numbers…for Sony…that motor is at least half your quote…labour…well I will wait and see the stamp then comment ;)

      It is an updated version of the my GT Wheel…period. And when it hits N America it will be $500. + tax! Sorry its NOT a $500 wheel.

    • Jun. 12, 12:35pm

      Whether they spent a lot of money making these wheels or not it really doesn’t matter that’s not our problem.I’m comparing this wheel to the G27 and it doesn’t in anyway come close to what it is,you expect me to pay $500 and in your case even more for a wheel with no clutch or shifter? lol idk wtf your smoking but this wheel is going to land flat on it’s face,you’d have to have mental issues to buy this pos.

    • Jun. 12, 9:22pm

      ^^^^ agreed!!!!

    • Jun. 13, 2:14pm

      For someone who calls other kids in a clearly derogatory manner, you sure don’t try very hard to make sure you aren’t shoving your own foot down your throat.

      You are looking at it from cost of parts and labor, the other side of pricing is what the market will bear.

      Make all the gears out of tungsten and the price will skyrocket based on parts, but it won’t raise the consumers price range for a product with this function.

      For a wheel with no clutch or stick that only works on one system I also wouldn’t want to pay over $200 based on feature set, I don’t care what the parts to make it cost.

    • Jun. 13, 3:00pm

      This is my point. I do not care if they sell the wheel or not. If the price is to high then it will not sell and they will either lower the price or stop making the wheel. This is the beauty of the free market. My problem is people having a knee jerk reaction and not knowing what it takes to bring a product to market and heaven forbid make a profit. Companies of this size have to make
      at least 30 percent gross margin or higher to survive. I use the term “kids” because you would have to be in order to not understand this or have not been in the work force very long.

  12. Jun. 11, 1:02pm

    Lmao how much!!!??!!! Those pedals look little better than a set of DTGT’s.

  13. Jun. 11, 11:01am

    I was reading the comments re that other wheels better be supported… I will refer you to the headset issue and Sony being greedy by not allowing other Bluetooth headsets to be supported….forcing us to buy Sony… I am not holding my breath…. If they don’t allow our other wheels to be supported along with the headsets….that will be the straw for me and I will sell my PS4 and pick up a Xbox One. Xbox is bringing their prices while Sony raises the price of PS4!

    Sony’s greed is going to hurt sales. I have no problem with a company making money which Sony is doing….however these kind of moves are just plain greasy IMO.

    • Jun. 11, 12:43pm

      I think the headset issue is a little different, they actually made it better by allowing us to use any headphone jack headset,yes the downside is that you can’t use Bluetooth anymore but this now allows us to use something more affordable and easier to replace,but I get what you mean,they’re forcing us to buy a new and very expensive wheel that doesn’t match the quality with the price.

    • Jun. 11, 12:46pm

      I think the headset issue is a little different, they actually made it better by allowing us to use any headphone jack headset(as well as giving us a free one),yes the downside is that you can’t use Bluetooth anymore but this now allows us to use something more affordable and easier to replace,but I get what you mean,they’re forcing us to buy a new and very expensive wheel that doesn’t match the quality with the price.The least they could do is drop the price to around $120.

    • Jun. 11, 1:10pm

      Sorry about the double post,there should be a delete option.

    • Jun. 11, 1:14pm

      LOLZ! You do know that MS and XBOX have proprietary hardware, right? You have to get and can only use the XBOX driving wheel.

      So switching to XBOX will be like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire!

      Just keep your panties on.

    • Jun. 12, 12:32am

      @MRL…that cord sux and defeats the purpose of being wireless… I won’t even go into the sound quality issues…the thing is Sony is not cooperating for the same of its customers…and its out ta pure greed…they will lose long term customers….

      Here’s the thing.. I am a father of two boys…they live with both me and thier mother… Separate households… So when they lose my business…its just not one customer… Its three…well four actually… Consoles and headsets and games both households…they need to do the math here… And there are (unfortunately) a lot of families on similar situations.

      @fords… Yes…however..they don’t stop you from using other headsets or wheels…you just need the proper Xbox connectors… I have Xbox…it’s always been that way…. I just don’t use it as my main console….however if Sony doesn’t start thinking about its customers.. I’m outta here.. I will sell it…take a little hit and move on…

      There is something very greasy that Sony is/has been doing and as a 25 year customer…IMO it’s been since that last 3 years…Sony has been making moves that has specially kicked the customer in the balls…

  14. Jun. 11, 8:48am

    If you think about it, switching to PC if you want to race with a wheel is definitely an option if older wheels aren’t supported. Wheel + console is minimum $900 which will get me a decent gaming PC. Throw in a couple hundred more and you’ve got something to reckon with, that’s also upgradeable at any point, unlike the consoles.

    • Jun. 11, 2:31pm

      I’m in. See you out there, Johnny-Pencheeze.

  15. Jun. 11, 8:48am

    In all honesty, that wheel looks like it should sell for about $120. Certainly under $200.

    • Jun. 11, 2:16pm

      Low volume product will always cost more than you think it should.

  16. Jun. 11, 7:43am

    I have contacted Thrustmaster about the TS500Rs and ps4 compatability, here is their reply :

    Regarding your T500RS.

    Thank you for contacting us in regards to your inquiry.

    This decision is upon each game developer and will therefore vary from racing game to racing game.

    In the event of an upward compatibility with PS4 racing games, the T500 RS – PS3 racing wheel will only be recognized in the game, and not in the console’s menus.

    Please note that the “SHARE” and “PS” functions of the T500 RS will not work on the wheel in PS4 racing games.

    We thank you very much for you understanding and cooperation.

    Thrustmaster Technical Support is at your disposal for any other information you may need. You can reach us online at the following addresses: for the latest updates and FAQs

    or by telephone at one of the numbers listed on the following page:

    Kind regards,

    Your Thrustmaster Customer Support Agent, Alexandra

    Hope this helps. i own a TS500rs and if it wont work on any ps4 titles its goodbye Sony hello Pc !!

    • Jun. 11, 9:32pm

      Sony could choose to go to Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec etc. and say, “we need drivers, how much?”, and negotiate a deal. If they choose not to do that, then the responsibility lies solely with Sony and/or each game developer for not doing so. If you [Sony and/or any game dev] want me to buy your system/game, get me the support I need for the peripherals I invested in recently to play your other console/game. If not, then you won’t get my support either.

    • Jun. 12, 9:59am

      Well said Johnnypenso. Totally agree!

  17. Jun. 11, 7:36am

    mhmm… 370€ is a little overpriced compared with the Driving Force Pro, and think of the T500RS, witch you can get for the same kind of money.
    I think 200€ would be enough.
    I hope it will surely not be the only supported wheel on ps4. That would be crazy.
    And the wheels from ps2 also worked on ps3.

  18. Jun. 11, 7:35am

    My CSR better be supported.

    • Jun. 11, 11:02am

      That’s an insane price for that level of wheel.

  19. Jun. 11, 5:33am

    SONY if current steering wheels are not supported on PS4 you are in trouble.

  20. Jun. 11, 5:18am

    At least they put the paddle shifters of the wheel & not the wheel base this time. No clutch = no buy for me either.

    • Jun. 11, 6:25am

      The T300 RS is also compatible with the Thrustmaster’s 3-pedal pedal sets (T3PA* and T500 RS*), and the TH8A* and TH8RS* shifters.
      But for extra money.

    • Jun. 11, 7:38am

      Thats the thing, super_gt, why buy such an expensive wheels that has no clutch or stick shifter? It’s like buying an incomplete game, but for 500$.
      I can just buy a G27 at a lower price than the T500RS or T300RS and it still comes with a clutch and a stick shift, the thing is though, would the G27 be compatible with the PS4?

    • Jun. 11, 2:33pm

      One reason T300RS is much better steering wheel than G27 but you have to be a millionaire.

  21. Jun. 11, 4:01am

    $500 are you fricken kidding me!

    • Jun. 12, 3:21am

      My first thought after seeing this wheel is that SMS and PD would not be silly enough to just let T300RS be used on their racing titles, who the hell is going to play a racing sim WITHOUT CLUTCH? Project CARS will definitely reveal details soon, and same case when PD annouce GT7, there must be a workaround undergoing……

  22. Jun. 11, 3:59am

    that price is insane, how come someone would want to buy a wheel with no clutch for drive club for 370 Euro.. it is almost the same as PS4… PS4 is a PC but that wheel is basically a cheap toy.. I have G27.. that also is just a toy.. and it also cost alot in my opinion! G27 should cost 50$ and this new wheel about 100$ at the maximum.. they are making/ milking insane amount of money at this high price! Slap in the face for everyone who wants to get it..

    • Jun. 11, 4:08am
      Magic Ayrton

      Indeed, the only way that the price will fall is for people to stop being to impatient, stop buying.. that will calm the greed. And improve the quality too no doubt.

    • Jun. 11, 4:59am

      @ Tvensky What makes you think drive club will support the clutch? Ive played all sims available and not one of them simulate the clutch realistically. I think the clutch pedal in the wheels is a waste of space even on my Fanatec CSR Elite pedals I rarely use the clutch.

    • Jun. 11, 1:44pm

      You are miss guided. Labor alone will cost more than 50 dollars to assemble the G27. I did not know you actually had the new wheel yet to call it a toy and give your review. The wheel itself looks on par with T500 but yes the pedals are not, hence the price difference.

  23. Jun. 11, 3:31am

    So no one wheel with clutch and shifter on next gen , weird !!!! And what a nice price
    (sarcasm) !

  24. Jun. 11, 3:05am

    No clutch no shifter no buy,Logitech or Sony better put out some type of patch for the G25 n G27 so that it works with the PS4 or ima be pissed.

    • Jun. 11, 11:10am

      You really have to ask yourself….who’s making these decisions and why they would endorse such basic level entry wheel and ask medium to high level prices? Its like they have no idea what the customers want….they should survey the people who actually use the product before applying it to market…. I believe the reaction here is a good tell of what we think of this new wheel.

    • Jun. 11, 12:12pm

      ^ exactly.At this point they’re just looking money hungry,idk wtf Sony and Thrustmaster are thinking.

  25. Jun. 11, 2:11am

    Well I guess that puts paid to any hope for accurate clutch simulation in future installments of GT.

  26. Jun. 11, 1:32am
    Fat Tyre

    I have the money to buy the T500 RS, the only reason why I hadn’t bought it yet was because I was waiting to see if it would be compatible with PS4 or an updated PS4 version would come, now this overpriced two pedal garbage is announced… face palm! You just just 650 dollars Thrustmaster! I will be buy a second hand G27 instead until they make the already excellent T500 compatible with PS4.

    • Jun. 11, 1:33am
      Fat Tyre

      *just lost 650…

    • Jun. 11, 4:46am

      I am in your shoes fat tyre.. was waiting patiently. I don’t get mad about much but this has me puzzled and annoyed.

      The only reason that they would do this that I can think of is to cater to a wider audience of casual gamers. although, that still makes little sense.

      don’t know where to from here

  27. Jun. 10, 10:28pm

    What is that $500? No way, it looks super cheap. The only thing it has going for it is that it’s the only wheel on PS4…

  28. Jun. 10, 8:56pm

    yeah, I’ll stick to my G27 and my DFGT

  29. Jun. 10, 6:28pm

    Pretty underwhelming and overpriced I’d say. Backwards compatibility with PS4 and G27 will determine for me if I switch to PC from console. I’d rather stay with PS as any friends that I have that are into gaming are on Playstation but I refuse to be ripped off into buying another wheel when the one I have is a year old and in perfect condition.

    • Jun. 11, 5:45am


  30. Jun. 10, 6:06pm

    370€ for a wheel without clutch and h-shifter option? Thanks TM but you can keep it.

  31. Jun. 10, 6:00pm

    No clutch = No buy. :(

    I really hope the PS4 will support the G27 one day.

    • Jun. 10, 6:02pm


    • Jun. 10, 7:44pm

      Buying it will cost you your left leg; you don’t want a clutch.

    • Jun. 11, 4:10am
      Magic Ayrton

      The P$4 is looking more and more fail as we speak, probably won’t touch anything to do with it, including the con$ole.

  32. Jun. 10, 5:24pm

    If GT4 doesn’t support Logitech G27’s I’m not buying it. End of rant

    • Jun. 11, 12:29am

      Well seeing as GT4 was made well before the G27 and is a PS2 game, I don’t think you have to worry…

    • Jun. 11, 2:53am

      Just fail.

    • Jun. 11, 7:07am

      Um ps4? Gt4 was the last GT game on ps2, like about 10 years ago

  33. Jun. 10, 5:01pm

    I think we all agree that no one will be buying this wheel at that price.

    • Jun. 10, 5:50pm

      If PS4 doesn’t support the G27 I won’t buy one, period. I’ll switch to a gaming PC.

    • Jun. 10, 6:01pm

      FAR OUT, I didnt even see the price until I read your comment.

      Thats a little steep isnt it?

  34. Jun. 10, 4:54pm

    Wow that is overpriced! Logitech needs to get back into the game with a belt driven wheel :(

    • Jun. 11, 2:12pm

      Logitech is out of the game because they were not making any money building them. Simple as that.

  35. Jun. 10, 4:47pm

    If ps4 will not be downward compatible with the T500RS,then for me it will be definitely the good bye to Gran Turismo series (wich I am pretty dissapointed with anyways mostly due to bugs that get no fix and inexistant communication), but also to Playstation and Sony products in general (too low quality standards),and switch to PC racing and gaming.

    I’m not willing to be a cheap of the Industry more then to a certain level,i’m not a freakin’ slave,screw off then.

    • Jun. 10, 4:58pm

      by the way, I agree with celtiscorpion73, the T500RS may be a good wheel but the quality of the hardware is as best ‘medium’, the shifter paddles are extremely weak and when u see the system from inside you know why,as well as the fan wich is extremely loud and sometimes start to make a noise that when you hear it you think it’s broken,but according to (weak)TM this is normal,and even when you unbox it it has a toxic smell that will stay at least a few weeks in the room when you are using it.

    • Jun. 10, 4:59pm


  36. Jun. 10, 4:35pm

    Other than asthetics, those pedals looks like the same that come with the cheap 3 in 1 Ferrari GT wheel, which costs under £50! Its sad Thrustmaster can charge whatever they like just because its the first ps4 compatible wheel.

    On a side note, i thought the Logitech DFGT was the official wheel for GT5?

    • Jun. 11, 8:44am

      I think you are correct – I had the DFGT. But then I believe they changed it afterwards to the T500RS, while still supporting the DFGT. Thrustmaster seems to have taken advantage of their relationship with Sony.

  37. Jun. 10, 4:04pm

    Really expensive compared to what a G27 costs, which has a clutch, load cell brake and a stick…

  38. Jun. 10, 3:28pm

    The big question is, will these pedals have a huge dead zone like the T500 RS? Maybe these will have the 50 cent spring on the pots to get rid of it.

  39. Jun. 10, 3:15pm

    Looks a pit overpriced in comparison to the T500RS.

  40. Jun. 10, 3:08pm

    The t500 better work with the ps4, that’s the only reason I bought it was for gt, and the only reason to get a ps4 was gt and uncharted.

    • Jun. 11, 3:51am
      Magic Ayrton

      I agree, I’m waiting until GT7 materialises and not buying anything until a proper indepth review has surfaced.

  41. Jun. 10, 3:03pm

    Frig! With 3 wheels in the house, I’m still waiting for at least one of them to be compatible with PS4!

  42. Jun. 10, 2:53pm

    the pedals are crap!

  43. Jun. 10, 2:41pm

    This has to be marketed towards Driveclub, cheaper price reflects the wheel either way. All I know is that the PS4 better be compatible with the G27 and T500 or I’ll be skipping this gen!

    • Jun. 10, 2:44pm

      Thrustmaster have already announced a ‘T80 – Driveclub Edition’.
      It was the first official wheel announced for the PS4.

    • Jun. 10, 2:51pm

      No kidding, thanks for the info. That worries me even more then, unless this is the end product of that T80. Pcars without a clutch and stick as an option would be laughable imo. I couldn’t see this slipping past Sony, though. *holds hope*

  44. Jun. 10, 2:28pm

    Someone explain why is this so expensive? 370€ for wheel that doesn’t even come with gearstick and clutch pedal?

    This is bad that Thrustmasters don’t have competition on PS4, so they can give ridiculous prices for their wheels.

    I wish I could play Driveclub with my DFGT. :( I am waiting for cheap but still good (like DFGT) wheel for PS4.

    • Jun. 10, 3:01pm


  45. Jun. 10, 2:18pm

    Whelp, goodbye gran turismo saga!

  46. Jun. 10, 1:49pm

    really digging the rim! I wonder if I can swap my T500 rim with this rim???

    • Jun. 10, 4:02pm

      You read the article right…??

  47. Jun. 10, 1:41pm

    If they do not support old wheels like G27, T500, etc, just because of a stupid “share button”, then Sony are a bunch of crooks that will never see another dime from me, ever, no matter how good GT7 is. I probably wont have to worry about it being good anyways though.

    • Jun. 10, 1:59pm
      mister dog

      Hear hear! Xbone is already out for me because of this, and PS4 will be too if they try to force us to buy a new wheel. PC here i come if that’s the case.

    • Jun. 10, 2:11pm

      I hear you, I certainly hope that they support legacy wheels since my G25 is still going strong 7 years later and I don’t need a damn share button on my wheel. Lol. This wheel looks nice but those pedals oh hell no, even the G25 comes with manlier pedals, what is with all that plastic.

    • Jun. 10, 2:18pm

      My G27 doesn’t have a ‘Start’ button and yet still seems to work.
      I don’t think assigning a button to act as the ‘Share’ button will be the major stumbling block for existing wheel support TBH.

    • Jun. 10, 3:20pm

      I feel Sony is going to do the same thing like on XB1. Force people to buy another wheel because money…

    • Jun. 11, 8:54am

      It would be interesting if Nintendo came out with a decent wheel (not steering in the air, a proper wheel). They could make it so the tablet controller sits in the middle of the wheel and it would look almost similar to an F1 setup. Pcars might just be able to sell a few Wii Us haha.

    • Jun. 12, 8:39pm

      well right now the G27 has no PS button so you need to have a controller going too. So long as its compatible ingame I’ll be fine with it, but if not I’ll be setting my sights on a PC to play pCars or Asseto Corsa

  48. Jun. 10, 1:36pm

    No clutch. Good.

  49. Jun. 10, 1:35pm

    Just wanted people who are interested in any Thrustmaster product to know that their customer service is horrible. I had a wheel that stopped working about 3 months after I got it and at first, the service was fantastic. They sent me a calibration tool along with instructions and I followed every step to the “T”. The wheel still didn’t work and they started treating me like I was an idiot and they stopped emailing me back after a while. After a month of emails, hey sent me back an email saying they never received any of mine and they wanted me to video myself doing every single step they told me to do. At that point, I gave up and chucked it in the trash.
    If you do buy something from them, it’s your choice, but I thought I would put this out there first. I know I will not buy their products again.

  50. Jun. 10, 1:34pm

    I wonder if there will be add-ons like what the TX wheel has, because this really is just about the same thing. I am sure that if a clutch pedalset is released adapters will be made to support other pedals, like Fanatec or DSD. I wonder if the Wheel will also get a shifter. If this ends up having the same hardware as the TX wheel it would be fairly good for PC racing, slap in some Clubsport grade pedals and a DSD shifter (or any good shifter really) and you are good. Case mods galore for the mounting of SLI’s

    • Jun. 10, 2:24pm

      Just read the website, T3PA and T500RS pedals are compatible, as well as stationary paddle kits. As well as both shifter offerings from Thrustmaster.

    • Jun. 11, 3:46am
      Magic Ayrton

      So does this mean that we can just buy the wheel if we already have the pedals and shifter? Will be interesting news to follow.

  51. Jun. 10, 1:34pm

    It’s got a hidden clutch pedal, right? Right?


  52. Jun. 10, 1:27pm

    Still only 2 pedals, what a joke!

    • Jun. 10, 2:57pm

      Apple Headquarters: We have a 1 pedal solution! no joke!

  53. Jun. 10, 1:25pm

    Hopefully the T500RS will be supported as well. I just don’t have money or will to buy another top-ish tier wheel when I already have one that works.

  54. Jun. 10, 1:22pm

    I was going to say at first “Cool i’m gonna buy this later this Year” but only to find out there’s no clutch pedal, seriously…

  55. Jun. 10, 1:16pm
    Magic Ayrton

    Does that mean that the T500RS won’t be supported by the PS4?

    • Jun. 10, 1:20pm

      Sounds like this may be an entry-level alternative? The naming seems like there could be a refresh for the T500 or at least compatibility certification in the works.

    • Jun. 10, 1:29pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Thank you Digital ;)

    • Jun. 10, 2:59pm

      if for any legal reason the T500RS won’t work on the next GT game on PS4, I’m not going to ever buy another TM product again, mark the words felt by millions, TM.

    • Jun. 10, 3:30pm
      Magic Ayrton

      +1 Lambob, I won’t be buying a PS4 either if that’s the case.

  56. Jun. 10, 1:15pm

    That’s great news for the players on PS4!

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