Nacon Launches “Revosim” Racing Hardware Brand, Direct Drive Wheel is On Its Way

French developer Nacon has announced the creation of a new sim racing department, as well as a hardware sub-brand named “Revosim” which will reveal a first direct drive steering wheel soon.

The announcement came as part of the Bigben Week, held at Cercle d’Aumale in Paris, in which Nacon’s parent company Bigben showed off some of the gaming products from its own brands as well as other exhibitors like Google and Samsung.

Nacon Racing will be a new department within Bigben that focuses on the full spectrum of driving games. The company states that it draws upon the expertise of the KT Racing studio (formerly Kylotonn) and from its Nacon hardware department — which makes its Revolution 5 and Revolution X controllers for PS5 and Xbox.

Its first major development will be with its Revosim brand of “premium” hardware, which itself began with the announcement of a new steering wheel — a first such product for Nacon — for which GTPlanet got to have an advanced look at the venue.

Although details remain firmly under wraps at this point in time, we did get to see the full wheel in action as part of a D-BOX motion rig, running a preview copy of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

All that Nacon Racing would say for the time being is that the wheel is a direct drive unit, which will be launched in the coming months with a GT steering wheel that features a quick-release system and a customizable hub. There’s also a set of pedals which come equipped with a load cell brake and multiple, swappable elastomers, as well as a clutch pedal option.

While we can’t share any more specifics (photography wasn’t permitted in the room!), the specifications look comparable to other units on the market, as is the general look and feel of the GT wheel. Pricing and platform support are even further under wraps at this point in time.

However we do know that other products in the Revosim (short for “Revolution” and “Simulator”) line are in development, and the “ecosystem” will include a mobile phone application which will allow for customization and game telemetry and data.

We’re expecting more details to come over the next few months, and hopefully we’ll see the unit hit the market later in the year.

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