Fanatec and Sparco Launch New Wheel Rim Range, Available Now

Real-world racing equipment manufacturer Sparco has teamed up with sim-racing brand Fanatec to launch a range of new gaming wheels that replicate the real thing.

Available as standalone rims — priced at $/€139.95 apiece — and in some cases as bundles with button modules included, the range consists of four wheels, each from a different discipline.

In each case the wheels feature a main structure composed of anodized, brushed aluminum and wrapped in Alcantara. Each is compatible with all Fanatec hubs, although the karting wheel — Fanatec’s first such item — is not compatible with the Podium Button Module Rally.

The ClubSport Wheel Rim Sparco GT is likely to be the most popular and features an eccentric design, measuring in at 310mm across but, with the flat top and bottom, just 235mm in height. It’s a replica of Sparco’s own P310 wheel — and yes, we’ve previously seen something very similar from Sparco’s previous partnership with Thrustmaster.

Another likely popular choice is the ClubSport Wheel Rim Sparco Formula, a replica of the Sparco F-10 A such as you might find in entry-level single seaters. It’s the smallest of the new wheels , at just 270mm across.

For those who like things more round, there’s the ClubSport Wheel Rim Sparco Rally, which comes in at 330mm. A replica of the Sparco R383 wheel, it features a blue, Sparco-branded center strip, allowing for a quick visual reference of dead ahead.

Finally there’s that ClubSport Wheel Rim Sparco Karting wheel, a replica of the KG345 with a flattened top. This is actually the largest wheel in the selection, coming in at 350mm, and featuring white cross-stitching.

The ClubSport Wheel Rim Sparco GT is also available bundled with three different button modules: the ClubSport Universal Hub V2, ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox, and CSL Universal Hub V2. You can also select the ClubSport Wheel Rim Sparco Rally with the ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox and Podium Button Module Rally in a special “Rally Sweden” bundle.

All items bar the Rally Sweden bundle are available now, with that latter item currently showing an early December availability.

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