Video Documents Kazunori Yamauchi’s Nurburgring 24H Accident

Schulze Motorsport has published a video which documents the team’s dramatic experience at this year’s Nurburgring 24 Hours.

Titled “Rise After Falling”, it shows the drama encountered by the team after Kazunori Yamauchi had an accident in qualifying which sent him to the hospital. Thankfully, he was OK, but it placed an additional level of stress on the team who had to stay up all night rebuilding the heavily damaged GT-R to prepare it for the race.

Details of the crash and the experience were documented by Kazunori on the PitStop blog, which hosts a complete series of posts and photos from the event.

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  1. HKS racer

    Holy grap!!! Poor Kaz
    “Learning how to improve damages in Gran Tursimo” – The Hard Way Edition.

  2. stupidstormy36

    Wow. Just glad to see Kaz is okay. I know it’s hard to give up racing as it is one of your great passions, just don’t push it too far man.

  3. Croatian_STIG

    Take my advice Kaz, stop racing, it’s too dangerous. After all, you got a game to release next year, I don’t want you to die, man!

  4. Brewguy44

    Yes, I like the assets too!!! ;)But what I really want is one of those jackets or shirts with The Ring on the back, they are really cool!!! How do I get one?

    1. Eager Snake

      I don’t know, but I have this jogging suit painted by my girlfriend with the Nurburgring logo in the back and the GT, Nissan and GT Academy logo on the front. Quite amazing if you ask me ;)
      The next one is going to replicate that very same shirt you asked.

  5. FS7

    PD should include the option to enable mechanical damage in all game modes in a future update. It makes no sense to restrict mechanical damage to online only.

    1. watchclockgit

      Ai is the reason. Many of the failings of GT can be brought back to the terrible ai. The problem is that moto-racing is actually a very complex thing with lots of inter-balanced variables making it interesting. If you start distorting just one of those variables the whole thing falls apart. If you have crap ai, racing becomes catch the rabbit, if you have catch the rabbit you have to have short races, if you have short races tire / fuel wear becomes irrelevant, if there is no tire / fuel wear then people use e-brake, if people use e-brake you get simcade. Ai and damage is related in a similar way.

    1. Swagger897

      Hmm… My post glitched from what it’s been showing. I originally meant to say “would have been better to have more engine sounds though…” It seems that a random e was all left from engine..

    1. Tenacious D

      I noticed that too. They sure have some well stacked – I mean… uh… uhmmm…

      What were we talking about again? ;D

  6. Kenocar

    Beautiful video, I was one of the first few to watch it as I was derping around youtube and suddenly my I noticed an update on my subscription lists. Can’t seem to stop watching it.

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