Watch the Live Stream of the Ginetta x Project CARS eSports Cup Finale on GTPlanet

The climax of the 2016 Ginetta x Project CARS eSports Cup is about to get underway. This weekend 45 selected semi-finalists are going to compete for the championship trophy and a three £1,500 cash prizes. Scheduled for today and tomorrow, the big finale will be streamed live on Twitch, which you can watch above. Is everyone ready?

The challenge, designed to provide Project CARS players a taste of motorsport competition through virtual driving, was announced earlier this November. Over 2,000 drivers signed up for the qualifying session, run on November 18–21. Using Project CARS’s rapid Ginetta G55 GT4, drivers were tasked with setting fast laps at Britain’s Snetterton circuit. Only the top 45 drivers (15 per platform: PS4, Xbox One and PC) could proceed to the grand finale. The full list is below, along with the dates each group will run its respective finale:

PlayStation 4 semi-finalists (Saturday, December 3 at 13:00 GMT):

  • TSRacing_Zoky
  • Unity_SmOKky
  • TSRacing_Racer
  • CAR_eol
  • TSRacing_Atho
  • TSR-Joker_1
  • Majkl_1-
  • SRT_Isaac21
  • Tidgney
  • Unity_BiZ
  • CAR_ZakspeedTV
  • CAR_Kie
  • SDL_Rotax
  • CAR_DriverR1

Xbox One semi-finalists (Saturday, December 3 at 16:30 GMT):

  • SDL M power
  • ONR Burnout
  • UNITY PoKus
  • BAM Anto
  • JoeeyIrelandd
  • AceG7Lucky
  • SDL Alpine
  • TX3 Room
  • DaBirdski
  • ukZ Drifter
  • SDL Rossi46
  • V4TQ PrOxY IAs
  • OriginalR6kid
  • CRT ibai

PC semi-finalists (Sunday, December 4 at 13:00 GMT):

  • BAM Khaki
  • SDL Mangator
  • Ludovic_Hacquard(TX3)
  • BAM Tomikillos
  • Cluck
  • BAM Nova
  • Thomas Deproot (TX3)
  • flamedphoenix
  • Hades92
  • SDL Daytona
  • SDL SoniK
  • Mr Beas
  • Sylvian Ferrat (TX3)
  • romangr3007
  • Maxence Huet (TX3)


Each of the three groups of drivers will have to complete two races, taking place at Oulton Park Island and Brands Hatch GP. Both races will last no more than 15 laps, preceded by a 10 minute qualifying round. The drivers will take control of the Ginetta G55 GT3, with car settings being fixed to allow for an even playing field. Points will be awarded depending on the progress on the track, but penalty points will be handed out for careless driving.

You can watch live stream of the event here on GTPlanet. For more information on the event, please check Ginetta x Project CARS eSports Cup official website. See you in the digital stands!

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