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  1. BLITZ_69

    In the bat cave

    You see conquest in that? Well, I'd rather have conquest in tight spaces than rush. Could you imagine? Either you will steamroll through, or get stuck at the first base. EVERY GAME. It would all depend on who plays the objective.
  2. Shaun

    Australia Vic, Australia

    Oh yeah "that" round was bad.
    We got pushed back quickly there last night. Only positive for me was that I managed a few kills with a sniper rifle from the deployment.
    Gee I'm a hopeless sniper. :lol:

    We had a good few rounds after though with Andrew as well.

    As you mentioned the claymores at Metro work a treat. Everyone seems to run quickly without looking. Some easy kills for the taking.

    You on tonight?

    Cheers Shaun.
  3. Sureboss

    United Kingdom UK

    Some frustration last night with Drag, joined a lobby where no one had any emblems and I had no unlocks, no kills, etc. Then joined a lobby where we were getting base raped at Bazaar (really wish they'd tell you on the browser that you're joining a 12-4 game :rolleyes: ), in which I spanwed on Drag and immediately got knifed, like, completely immediately.

    Then switched to Rush and had some fun, then I made some changes to a class and joined in the wrong one, so quit. Not a good night.
  4. caelmac

    Scotland cornwall

    Only got this game a few weeks ago and it is totally amazing. Loving the multiplayer, I can see why people have given up on it or dont like it, but I urge anyone who has given up to keep at it,it gets easier.
  5. Dragonistic

    United Kingdom Oswestry, UK

    Sums up my evenings games in general, I had a good game in the A10 on Firestorm Rush with you though, managed to take out multiple tanks I was allowed to focus on ground support almost the entire round, shame we got no MCOMs though :lol:.
  6. Mike Rotch

    Australia Down under

    You still had time to kill me (in a tank) using a chopper at Wake :lol: I couldnt get on to your team with hollidog and was stuck with noobs so found some other lobbies to die in.

    Had a few "feet don't touch the ground but die on spawn" recently too at Seine. I find a lot of spawn issues on that map (spawning in amongst enemies, spawning in the line of fire).

    Hard work those few rounds gunny. Which was weird, as there were only like 3 wings versus us with like 9. I think that was the first time ever I have been "flank defended" so comprehensively at Damavand. They sealed those tunnels to B tighter then a ducks arse.
  7. Bram Turismo

    Belgium Belgium

    You guys play tactical games, or is it all pretty much having a piss? Would love and join in with you guys one evening. Suppose it's more fun than constantly playing with random people seeing none of my friends play BF3. Well, certainly not now they have got BETA keys for Diablo III...
  8. Shaun

    Australia Vic, Australia

    Sure was, it didn't start well for me when I joined your game and about 2 seconds later you stabbed me. :lol:

    Bram: Add my gundalini account and if I see you on I'll squad up with you.

    Cheers Shaun.
  9. ilikewaffles11

    United States Pennsylvania

    Had a good session last night. Got up to my 5th service star with the M4A1 and got quite a few medals, about 5-6. Leveled up and got a few vehicle upgrades. Working on the M16 service star 5 now.
  10. Daniel

    New Zealand Auckland, NZ

    And you would know how tight it is!? :sly:
  11. CMvan46

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    Just checked by page again. Apparently top 4% with the SCAR now, top 2% with supplies per minute played and top 3% in revives per minute played. I'm a little shocked.... Most people must really not revive or supply very much :lol:

    Oh and what is longest handheld headshot mean? Longest headshot with a pistol? Apparently mine is 178 m which I thought was impressive if it's with a pistol.
  12. Patrick

    United States California

    The Close Quarters maps will be TDM and Conquest. No rush. That's good to hear.
  13. BLITZ_69

    In the bat cave

    Can't be, it says my longest HS, and my longest handheld HS are the same. If I had to guess the "handheld" means with a gun and not, say, a tank's machine gun.
  14. CMvan46

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    Hmm. But my 625 headshot was on Firestorm with the SV98 sniper rifle? Oh well.

    And I really hope Battlerecorder could make it in to consoles. That'd be a nice addition.
  15. Daniel

    New Zealand Auckland, NZ

    Maybe it means handheld, like without a bipod.
  16. CMvan46

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    My girlfriend's laptop just shipped out today so I'm about a week away from playing this on that :) I'm quite looking forward to it. By other reviews its good enough to play it on ultra but comfortably on high detail for multiplayer. I'm quite excited for some 64 player matches!
  17. Speedy Samurai

    Kuki, Saitama, Japan

    damn Snipers on the attacking team on Operation firestorm in rush mode!

    We were doing a great job defending, not letting the opposing team get their tanks into our base though I guess it helped that 3 of the attacking team were up on that mountain sniping. at one pint it got so boring that our jet pilot was flying into the mountain just to kill the snipers and most of our team just quit out. we were left with only 5 dudes and then we had to try to defend against the people joining in on the attacking side and were outnumbered. It took them 38 minutes to arm the first Mcom and 7 minutes after that to get the remaining 5.

    How often are you going to see the winning team quit out because they're bored/
  18. .star.


    Maybe. I was on my m98 and hit 706m headshot with a tripod. It is my longest HS and hand held HS. dunno how it counts it exactly then
  19. Caz

    tewksbury mass

    1140pm and I have finished exactly 1 round since 8 o'clock. Cannot get into a stable server. Not getting disconnects from psn, but getting each disconnects. Grrrrrrrr.
  20. Mike Rotch

    Australia Down under

    Had a few nice rounds against some fresh meat - the most fun being at Metro.

    They were RU and the fight for B turned into the traditional "battle of the steps". I could see we weren't getting anywhere and the tickets were bleeding, so I ran up the second set of escalators unnoticed, and into the building at A, opposite the white van and got the flag.

    Then I played "taste the claymore" by planting one on the stairs and one in the hallway, hiding in a corner and still influencing the flag. Eventually someone ran into the one in the hallway, so I replaced it. Then someone ran into the one on the stairs, so I replaced it. All the action was in the other building by A, so I ran around the back, went to the building overlooking the white van and rinse repeat. When they started wisening up about the claymores and trying to bypass them, I just picked them off with the PKP :lol:.

    Once they lost A, B fell and we won by 150 tickets. Good times.

    Really loving the PKP - my highest KPM besides the pistols :dopey:. Even more then the USAS.
  21. Hollidog


    Nice. I like finding these tidbits of information. Shows a lot about a persons play style.
    Im top 1% for repairs per engineer minute, and top 5% for objective score per minute. Top 4% for vehicle score per vehicle minute too. Though my longest headshot of 85m puts me in the bottom 9% and bottom 17% for dogtag kills per minute.

    Just noticed Im top Engineer and top IFV score per minute in the GTP Platoon as well. :O
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2012
  22. Daniel

    New Zealand Auckland, NZ

    Top 0% for longest headshot :sly:
  23. smuffyatfcp

    United Kingdom Hampshire

    How far was yours, I hit 855m headshot.
  24. con360

    United Kingdom Folkestone, UK

    New longest Headshot :D, can't wait for rented severs for console :).
  25. ParkourVeyron

    United States Virginia

    Fixed. :p
  26. hywelkidd

    Wales Malvern

    Just got MVP on Caspian (QC) without a single kill. Just shows how useful someone can be by only playing the objective and their role XD
  27. BLITZ_69

    In the bat cave

    ^^ bet everyone else felt pretty bad after that.
  28. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    Just got this game. It's chaotic online lol
  29. Daniel

    New Zealand Auckland, NZ

    I'll probably still be in the top 5% for longest headshot - my longest non-staged was in that Infantry server we played in where I got a high 800-something-meter headshot.

    Also got the LIKE A BOSS trophy and the one where you get a jet kill, and tank kill and an assault rifle kill in one life :D
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