Gt5 bathurst leaked?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by dodge2217, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Milldrum

    Australia Melbourne

    I had to google it. :(

    I thought, "Why would a guy write FTW when he writes GTPlanet in this online room? GTPlanet, F.... The World? It makes no sense."
  2. Respect.Respect.Respect.

    If you get more familiar with them, perhaps you could ask cheekily for an interview on camera. Just a thought, wouldn't want any of them to get fired though.

    Or more than happy to accept relay of any conversation you may have off the record, god knows you've proved your credibility.
  3. diegorborges

    Brazil São Paulo / Bra

    Like I said in some other threads, I vote GT6 for PS3 too. It'll definitely give some good cash for PD and Sony... and clean any dirty spots left by GT5, and then it'll be "mission accomplished" on PS3 for PD... plus, that'll give us something to chill out and shut up for years when they work on GT7 for PS4 in peace. (lol, that's a lie because we're always bug them about GT...:D )

    And thanks for recording the video... GTP rules!

    I just couldn't listen well... if anyone could write down what they said, but well... I'm on the hype because of your comments :) keep it up!
  4. jjh101

    Australia Bathurst

    I'll see what I can do, I don't want to get them in trouble but I also want to know more. Let me know any questions you want asked and I'll see if I can get answers (remembering they probably only know what they need to and not everything about the game))
  5. mcfizzle

    United States Wisconsin

    Finally got to listen to it, definitely says Gran Turismo 6. Very cool indeed. Nice job jjh101.:tup:
  6. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    I'm not sure if it's possible, but I hope we'll get answers from him.

    If it's okay with you jjh101, are you able to ask the PD guy about the GT4 classic tracks coming back to GT5 or GT6? I'm not sure if the PD guy will give any info about it, but I'll have my fingers crossed. Luckly he dosen't know about the track logos that were discovered. :)

    Again. Thank you very much for finding out about Bathurst, you rule. :D:tup:
  7. Hayden

    Australia South Australia

    jjh101: Ok guys, there's one of the photographers up here on the track, I'm gonna jump out and see what he has to say...
    ***Walking noises until 0.50***
    jjh101: G'day
    Photographer: hey
    jjh101: Seen you guys here for a few days, wondering if you guys are here for a game or something
    Photographer: Yes, yes, yes...A video game... A... Gran Turismo
    jjh101: Oh, Gran Turismo?
    Photographer: Yea, yea, um...
    jjh101: Is it an update or... Will it be for GT6 or...?
    Photographer: Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea um... Gran Turismo 6 [will have] Bathurst
    jjh101: Oh really?
    Photographer: Yea, yea, yea

    It then continues talking about the camera the guy is using etc, but is pretty hard to understand.
    I just wanna say thankyou to jjh101 for proving the romours correct! So keen for GT6 now :lol:

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  8. diegorborges

    Brazil São Paulo / Bra

    Thanks a lot for the transcript man! :tup:
  9. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    I agree with diegorborges. Many thanks MrDinosaw94 for you catching and writting the words they said. :tup: Can't wait for GT6 now. :D
  10. rohinghai

    Canada toronto

    0.0 dude I cannot wait now!
    Thanks so much!!
  11. Froudeybrand

    Australia Dubbo

    You getting one of me soon enough mwah bawahahaha what a champ.
  12. Froudeybrand

    Australia Dubbo

    It's coming from me

    I have been sent a photo from bathurt from bro in law missus of a truck they are using and a couple of the photographers.
  13. captaincrunch24

    Canada Montreal

    Cool! Post it, please! :)
  14. rohinghai

    Canada toronto

    Would love to see that!
  15. MONSTAR-1


  16. J-KiLLA24

    Canada Montreal

    Thanks a ton bro :tup:
  17. LMSCorvetteGT2

    United States Arizona

    They really need to make a hall of fame for the people bringing us the info before the developer releases it.

    Also seeing what this thread started as and has come to if what is true is true, egg is all over a lot of faces.
  18. chriz00

    United States SoCal, USA

    My thoughts:

  19. tribolik


    He has done enough... now let them work... the sooner they finish the better :D
  20. Froudeybrand

    Australia Dubbo

    A couple of workers.

    The truck apparently

    Sent to me today from sister-in-law

    So GT6 will have bathurst good stuff but I hope it is a mid or late year DLC :)
  21. 1241Penguin

    Canada Canada

    Ah, so they're still scanning the track. I'm betting on GT6; not coming to GT5 anytime soon.

    United States Dallas,Texas

    This gives us a very interesting idea as to how they scan tracks. To my memory, we've never gotten a recent look as to how they put tracks in until now. Very interesting stuff.
  23. Froudeybrand

    Australia Dubbo

    Pity they haven't did a video like iracing put out.
  24. VspecZR1GT2RS89

    United States Las Vegas NV USA
    PSN:entertowin(1st) and niNjasPY55(2nd and m

    You sir, ARE KING!!!! :bowdown::bowdown:

    And excellent work on getting the info! :D:tup:



    Then that's no average kangaroo.... It's Speed Racer Roo!! :lol:

    United States Dallas,Texas

    Yeah. While I haven't been as vocal on the secrecy as everyone else, I have always wondered why are they so secretive. Seems like other then some NDA agreements, most developers are pretty out in the open as to show how they get cars or tracks in the game. The last time I recall any video of PD get tracks and cars was around the development of GT4.
  26. LMSCorvetteGT2

    United States Arizona

    To me it looks like they use GPS scanners possibly.
  27. ShortAznGuy


    Let's just be optimistic and hope that the track will be in the upcoming DLC.
  28. Rotorist

    Greece Patra

    Thank you for the info man. Excellent work. Well done!
  29. Fido_le_muet

    France Tours

    Outstanding detective work !
    Thanks a lot jjh101 !!!
    If you have the occasion, I think the most pressing question you should ask is if GT6 will be on PS3 or not.

    And Froudeybrand, ask your sister-in-law to take some more pics :D
    Great great work guys :tup: :tup:
  30. recca


    realistically speaking, most likely not if what they say about taking 4-6 months in development time for a single that case, it will be for GT6

    I just hope that poor worker doesn't get fired or demoted for leaking confidential information..
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