Kazunori Yamauchi Prepares for the 2011 Nurburgring 24h

June 19th, 2011 by Jordan

Kazunori Yamauchi has quietly returned to real-world racing. He was spotted at the four-hour ADAC Reinoldus-Langstrekenrennen Nurburgring VLN race in a Nissan GT-R, obviously inspired from the GT500 “Stealth” GT-R from Gran Turismo 5. His teammates include Tobias and Michael Schulze of Autohaus Schulze and Yasuyoshi Yamamoto, founder of Japanese tuning shop Opera Performance.

Their participation in the Reinoldus appears to be in preparation for the 2011 Nurburgring 24 Hours, as the team is now on the official entry list (car #71) for the event. As you may know, Yamauchi competed in several VLN races last year at the Nurburgring in a race-prepped Lexus IS-F, earning a class victory in a four-hour event and taking fourth-in-class at the 24-hour race.

Thanks to Bernhard for the tip!

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  1. Amac500

    So that’s why they didn’t make Le mans the most prestigious enduro in the game…. It was bias. But bias is also why there are so many Hal cars to, like over 100 nissians I think or something, almost 100 of another Jap company too, and in the 80’s on another. Come on, most of em’ are crap cars in the first place. We don’t even get that Nissain LMP2 the GT academy winners get though. Weird…..

    • Amac500

      Jap car*** not Hal cars, dang iPod spell correct.

  2. euros only

    I wonder If hell delay tue start of the race like he dId with the game because there arent enough skylines on the track or rx7s or 3000gts

  3. hammertime

    Give Kaz a break, he needs some radiation-free time.

  4. Many people on here forget that playing GT5 is a privilege. Without Kazs’ hard work throughout the many years of Gran Turismo, we wouldn’t even be on GTP.
    Without his racing experience Gran Turismo wouldn’t even be half as realistic it is now.
    (By the way, if Kaz wanted to have fun he would certainly not choose to race the 24hr race)

  5. Robotron2084

    Try to finish this one in time,Kaz.

  6. Protocol

    DAMN I want this car in the North American version of GT5. I have the freaking model from the collector’s edition sitting on my shelf, yet, only my friends from the UK can drive the car in-game. WTF.

  7. RADracing

    This is just a prologue for when he forms his own personal edurance team of GT Academy Graduates to race in the 24hr. Nurburgring.

    • That would be so sick. Then other pro drivers might say, “Hey, those guys got a career out of a videogame, I’m going to try it.” And then we may end up racing online with our favorite drivers!

  8. splemoni

    Theres no glitching on this track, Kaz.

    • Well at least we hope not. I bet someone will find one and drive underfur finish line for 24 hours over and over and set a new record of 24000 laps in 24 hours

    • Hahahahaha, too good.

  9. AlphaAndius

    Kaz looks so full of awesomeness. The fact that he is to busy hearing the sound of his awesomeness in that picture is what may be preventing from listening to the fans, hehehe.

    Yo for the record, what category is he competing the 24 Hours Nurburgring? Wanna give my cheer and see what racing skills he has. So excited!

    • Yo SP8 T class

    • AlphaAndius

      ¡Thank you! ^^

      Being new to motorsports, I am still learning about the categories. :)

  10. BeefyPeeg

    I wonder if he’ll win a Daihatsu Midget or a fancy new fire suit as a prize? :)

  11. sinister_300zx

    ok so if he and and his team wins he should put that GT-R as a free DLC for the USA since the uk already got there stealth gt-r

    • I’m tired of hearing this BS. If they didn’t put the Lexus of last year in the game what makes you think hes going to put this GTR?? Anyways KAZ, only wants you to experience racing thought its simulator. GT5 is drivers game and with all these car and tracks we have it is enough to make championship season after season. Real drivers careless about DLC in such a big world that is GT5. Theres so much to do in that game so much to read. please stop the BS and keep playing GT5. Kaz knows more than you what he wants for his fans and follower. this is not a collector or a fantasy car game is a drivers game.

    • Well said xavier. BUT, too strong man. Too strong.

    • R1600Turbo

      The Lexus IS-F RM is actually a replica of the car he drove last year…

    • AnPrionsaBeag

      Try the red pill, Xavier.

    • Anonymous

      As if USA deserves anything

  12. watch the race at Magictv.co

  13. richard

    I hope they make him do the race with comfort softs just to make him know how it feels !

  14. While Kaz is enduring his 24hr, when he pits to regain his physical and mental strength, from his eeepad transformer, he will port his race event and AI data into the next seasonal for GT5. That would be “something cool” Kaz :) cheers, looking fwd to see some live coverage someplace!

  15. PSJunkie

    10 bucks and my copy of GT5 say’s we’ll be seeing his 24 hour car in the game ;)

    • OK I’ll let you keep the game, but you’ll be sending me $10 in 2016 when GT6 is out!

    • 2016 sounds ambitious for a GT6 to me. more realistically 2016 fir the game to feature mid-race saves.

  16. Fureddo

    I wish Kaz spent such time and money on giving us a GT5 that was worth 5 YEARS of development. Instead of fixing (many) graphics issues (aliasing, pixelisation…); Kaz is having fun in Germany.
    For sure it’s a bliss for the car lover he is, but it also sends the message to the players that “no matter how unfinished my GT5 is, imma have fun with the money I made out from my lovely players!” Btw, did he thank us? ;p
    Have fun in Germany Kaz, and try to notice that in Europe or the rest of the world, not everyone is called Hans Hokkinen, not everyone is blond haired wearing a yellow teeshirt, not everyone in the streets is a dude. Yeah, sth is strange with the “real world” created in the photo mode… Always an apprentice!

    • You do know that Polyphony Digital is a company and not just Kazunori Yamauchi? He doesn’t have to be in the studio all the time. Not to mention that other people have vacations too and that this is a promotion for the franchise.

    • PSJunkie

      Don’t you think it’s healthy for him to be doing this. Not only is it great insight into racing which he can bring to the game but it’s also a release from sitting behind a desk. What are you trying to say? he should be locked in the office for the rest of his life JUST making GT games? SLAVE DRIVER!!!!


    • Lol thumbs up PS JUNKIE

    • Are you stupid? Do you work 24/7 at your job Fureddo? I bet you a trillion dollars you don’t. Kaz doesn’t work on videogames his whole life. He sleeps, eats, relaxes, and takes vacation days like the rest of us.

  17. good luck Mr.K.Yamauchi

  18. Hope he doesn’t crash, and ends up in a hospital for a longer time (or worse). He’s got a lot of DLC production to manage..

  19. He should released DLC’s very soon, not playin’ !!!

  20. Jack Dawson

    This guy a nuts! He can’t even drive. Maybe he can drive by the book. But not naturally. A one hella of nerdy who just lucky to get a drive that is unfair for unfound talents in this unfair world of motor racing.

    • Rage0329

      Actually I think you’ll find he CAN drive.

    • Dack Jawson

      Well he can drive. And it’s not luck, the Gran Turismo sponsorship is all over the place so it’s not hard for him to join a team.

      And it’s not unfair to unfound talents, it’s the unfound talents’ own fault that they are not found, noone else’s.

    • shigllgetcha

      you know him well then do you

    • Your argument is old. Kaz started racing in 2009. He competed in several VLN races, 24 hrs or Nürburgring (4th place, SP8 class), and 25 Hours Of Thunderhill (7th place).

      “Not fair to unfound talents?”
      -Lucas Ordonez would disagree.

  21. Darren200cook

    He should really be at PD HQ making the new things that make our games better

    • Carren002dook

      Before he went on holiday I bet he wrote a PM to the studio with a looong list on things to implement. That’s the advantage you have by being a boss, you don’t actually have to do any of the work yourself.

    • You people are just so stupid.

  22. Going to the 24h Rennen this weekend, will try to meet kaz ! ! 6th year in a row now.. if you ever get the chans to go there, Do it !

    • Do you by any chance know if you can watch on some parts of the circuit for free? Cause if so ill stay the whole 24h instead of just the start. :P

  23. GT_Prologue5

    Good to see him racing because it’s his passion. Good luck to his team.

  24. You know he paid off the gtr with our gt5 profits.

  25. A GTR WOW!!


  27. Yamoubuchet

    Nooooo! Get back to the office and model more cars! Don’t have a life racing in the real world! Noooooo!

  28. While Im dissapointed with GT5 he go to racing in style..

  29. Best of Luck for Mr Kaz.

  30. Madman2k10+1

    A bit off topic but COME ON RORY!!!

  31. terminator363

    He should not be allowed to leave the car for the entire 24H as he did not include in race saves in GT5. LOL

    • terminator363

      See how we feel lol

    • 363rotanimret

      Only if he is allowed to pause the entire race whenever he wants to by pressing the start button on his wheel.

    • Yea it’s the SAME thing. The very SAME thing. You got him there. It’s the SAME thing. AJDFBJSKHGJKASHNDFKJ some of these comments are just borderline idiotic.

    • Butters

      Sorry guys, I was being a little stupid earlier. I failed to see that terminator’s post was a joke because I usually have to have jokes explained to me.

    • Butters

      Dumbest “JOKE” ever.

    • Butters

      ^ Sorry this isn’t me. Someone is trying to make me look like a humorless cynic.

  32. smoky427

    GT6 gonna come to PS4 than… :p

  33. I bet he gets kicked out of the race as the host will say that’s not a VLN car.

  34. Very Cool….Very envious of those who get to race on the nurburgring for real….my fav track for sure…

    I’ll try and watch the 24 hours this year on the internets.

  35. Some person

    Last year’s car was an IS-F, which looks like the RM IS-F. If this year’s car is a GT-R tuned for racing, should we expect to see an RM GT-R (Spec V?) as DLC?

  36. CarBastard

    Maybe this time Mr. Kaz will learn a couple of things now that he returns to the Nordschleife:

    *The ADAC 24H at the Norschleife isn’t run by Group C cars.
    *No driver drives the full race by himself and on 24 straight hours.
    *Cars aren’t made of adamant. They DO lose their bumpers and show damage very easily.
    *Slick tyres of a Hard compound DO last longer than Slick tyres of a Soft compound.
    *There are more interesting cars in existance than K-Cars.

    Besides stating those things which are quite obvious and almost ruin an otherwise stellar game, I congratulate Kaz for such oportunity (and for driving such a nice looking car!!! Make it DLC with the Signatech Nissan pl0x!) and wish him the best.

    PS: Where are your Save the Ring stickers dude?????? Come on, you gotta stick some of those if you really love the ring Kaz! :P

    • HKS racer

      The steering wheel of that GT-R is a DFGT and obviously he will run the endurance by his own… Yamauchi has the special power to pause the Word and go p when necessary, pressing the start button.

    • terminator363

      Lmao… he better not get Ylod or that will be the end of this race…

    • barry spock

      The 24hr events in the game weren’t meant to be done on your own, you invite a couple of friends over and do them. Of course, this means you have to have friends, and this may be a problem for some who frequent the GT5 forums here.

    • sparry bock

      Nice one, barry ^^

    • Or you need friends who can play GT5 at your own level. I don’t know anyone in real life who even comes halfway close to my level of driving in GT5. ENDURANCE RACE SAVES NEEDED.

    • HKS racer

      @ barry spok, you mean friends from real world right? because you can’t invite friends from psn, that would be a decent feature or using bspec bobs. I think I’m not the only one with real life friends who only play pes, fifa and cod.. so I quote BWX. In race saves NEEDED

    • CarBastard

      @ barry spok

      So, you pretend I’ll tell my mates: “Instead of going to a party or chilling out in the afternoon drinking some beers, let’s lock ourselves in my bedroom for 24 hours where I’ll force you to drive a game you hate and don’t play properly”. They do not have the interest in doing it, nor the skills/practice to drive an LMP1 car around La Sarthe.

      Good thinking dude, except sim-racing isn’t a very popular activity. When I’m hanging around with my friends, which I have despite being frequent to the GTP Forums, we rarely play videogames, and if we do, we don’t play something so serious as racing sims, but more like Mortal Kombat, COD and that sort of stuff.

      So, your argument is flawed and endurance saves are needed. Good day to you to Mr. Popular :)

    • GamerGT5

      Awesome comment Barry!

      Even Kaz did the 24 hours endurance race with GT4 he took turns with somebody else doing four hour shifts taking turns. He didn’t do it by himself.

  37. Midnight Snacks

    That car had better be DLC.

  38. Sandboxgod

    Good luck Kaz! Didnt even know he was pro. Awesome

    • dice1998

      Is it me or is that GT-R picture in the article more a reminder of the UK GT Academy 2011 car than the GT500 Stealth model?

    • Yh good luck! I was shocked when i read he races at this level…impressed…a lot.
      The car does look like the gt academy gift car a lil…looking forward to seeing some highlights too :)


      You don’t need to be pro to race, the grid is full of amateurs with the exception of the BMW’s and a few GT3 cars from Porsche and Audi

  39. aagyoyo

    …too bad there arent mid race saves for him.

  40. AnPrionsaBeag

    I hope live stream links will be posted by then. Le Mans was awesome; the Nurb needs to keep up.

    • Darkiller45

      Do you know off any sites that will be streaming this?


    nice really nice
    he like racing and for some reason he is cute in the picture lolzzz

    • Butters


      Really excited to see Kaz back at it. It’s best for him to experience these sorta races now, before it’s too late.

      #1 gamer/racer in the WORRRRRLD!

    • Butters

      Good luck at the qualifiers, Kazunori-San!

  42. I wonder if he’ll be doing the whole race all by himself in one sitting! ;p

    • JasonMann

      hmm, is it me or does kaz love nissan lol. half the cars in GT5 are nissans just sayin. Hopefully he doesnt get the black screen upon the start of the race… lol HINT

    • HSV_GTS

      All I want to know is, when is Nurburg-24 hours?? coz I never know when it is.

    • @HSV_GTS I think it is 23rd to 26th of June

    • The 24h event is from the 23rd to the 26th indeed, but the race starts at 4pm on the 25th. I’m going to watch it so i’ll look out for kaz.

      I wish him good luck!

    • LOOOOOOL exactly!!!!!
      You made my day hahahah

    • dening80

      They’ll let him take breaks I guess, but the car will have to sit idling in the pits while he takes a rest.

    • @ dening80. I was being sarcastic/joking, ie: making reference to the fact that in GT5 we are forced to do endurance races on our own, with no help from other drivers, or our own B-Spec drivers, LOL!

    • Spaghettimonster

      i talked to the guys – theyre working on implementing a save point for yamauchi so he doesnt have to do it in one sitting. ;-)

    • Madman Apex

      naw he will probably hit the interupt button or whatever it’s called…

    • dening80

      @VBR yeah, I was joining in.

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