Own a Piece of Gran Turismo 5 – Kazunori’s 24h GT-R For Sale

December 23rd, 2011 by Famine

Are you an eager Gran Turismo collector? Do you have a spare  €120,000/$155,000 (plus sales tax)? Then you can own and drive a real piece of GT5!

The Schulze Motorsport Nissan GT-R N24 #71, as driven by Kazunori Yamauchi at the 2011 Nürburgring 24 hour race, has been spotted for sale on German motorsports site motorsportmarkte.de.

This car was added to the game with the release of Spec 2.0 back in October, shortly after the team of Kazunori Yamauchi, Tobias Schulze, Michael Schulze and Yasuyoshi Yamamoto achieved a class victory in the race in June 2011.

Thanks to Mac K for the information.

GT5 Photomode thumbnail image by ceiling_fan.

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  1. graytotoro

    I’d much rather buy this instead of Lucas Ordonez’s used sofa. I know – apples and oranges – but still…

    • Jetsfan100

      I’m buying it so I can take out the windshield, place a tv there, and hook up my Thrustnaster steering wheel, for an authentic driving experience.
      Merry Christmas all

  2. azrael1965

    Kaz should buy the car himself and put it on display. Likely he will never win a class victory at the 24h race again. He got lucky that all the VW Golfs in his class didn’t finish the race.

  3. Guitar613

    too bad i just bought this in the game

  4. If I would pay 120 000 Euro, it definitely won´t be a japanese car.

  5. Magic Ayrton

    Let the PD money Milking begin!

  6. syaieya

    So wait, The real car is 155000 but the in game car is 500000 credits?

    Shouldn’t they lower the price in game for the sake of realism?

  7. Austin864

    Why would I want to own a piece of GT5 when I already own the full GT5 anyway?

  8. you can own a piece of gran turismo just buying a 2001 1.4 opel corsa comfort by the way.

  9. ill take the alloys, not the car thanks

  10. M_thoroughbred

    Another Nissan GT-R? No thanks I had enough plus this is one expensive dlc.

  11. 37kazzmark

    I honest to god was convinced the picture on the home page of this article was real life :O amazing job ceiling_fan

  12. Timppaq

    Why no pink font?

  13. Bash0987

    In happy with a corsa vxr lol

  14. DaihatsuDriver

    If I could afford it, that would be my new daily driver to work and back XD

  15. SeaWall


  16. That’s actually a great price for an optimized GTR, if it was auctioned off it would have surely gone for more than that.. Probably bought already..

  17. Naruto149

    This should come with infinite Car Restoration, Platinum, infinite GT Auto tickets and every GT5 DLC that’s here and to come in the future, and EVERY GT in the future.
    And Best of all…
    A Sebastian Vettel Helmet and Suit complete with Kinky Kylie.

    • DrBoyton

      If you were to include a sebastian vettel helmet you would have to add about 30 of them, he’s changed it every race for the last two years.

    • Naruto149

      The Vettel outfit and helmet that he wears is in game. go to arcade mode with an x1 and you’ll be wearing it.

  18. faburisu

    A bad thing for the VLN fans …

  19. Bad investment – you can’t sell the car later on, only delete it.

  20. dixonbaps

    Hope it comes with a chassis rebuild from the bashing it took after doing the Nurb 24.

    • ktmracer1162

      If it is real thats Probably the reason it’s only 150k I mean that’s a race car

  21. And i bought a Gumpert Apollo S…

  22. NASCARFAN160

    If we buy it, could we have, additionally, that photo location in Photo Travel? :D

  23. Tweetman_277

    That is a LOT less than i thought it would be. O.o

  24. atomrah

    Nice pic. Would love to have this car… Even just drive it. By the way this question now is related to the first post… Is your real name Austin or Asston?

  25. ktmracer1162

    For some reason I don’t beleave that it’s really for sale


      it is, look at all the other cars on the website that are also for sale…maybe Kaz will buy it for himself?

  26. AnTiheLT

    Is it possible to rent it ?

  27. It says its 4wd.. false advertisement?

  28. Can I change its rims?

  29. Is it premium?

  30. It would be awesome if PD bought it. Even used it for GT related stuff like track testing or whatever.

  31. After I muster all the money together, I won’t have enough for gas , registration, and insurance, DAMMIT

  32. SchuMito

    Sorry Guys to late… I purchase it already :)

  33. Can I pay in GT5 Credits?

    • alexlam24

      Yes you can

    • lilmann73

      It will cost roughly 40,000,000,000 GT5 credits. Which means getting to the 20 million credit cap 2,000 times. Happy grinding!

  34. NaganoRN

    OMFG! I finding that this photo was taken 24 hours of Nurb real! Wow, congratulations!

  35. Dear Santa,….

  36. GREAT PHOTO! Nice job Ceiling Fan.

  37. Hey thanks Famine for posting this:p

  38. fet_thunderdome

    i already have 2..

  39. Kaz should make some sort of Polyphony Digital museum in Japan and this car should be in it.

  40. themartlab

    Group buy and time sharing around the Nordshleife?

  41. GregTheStig

    Group buy, anyone? :D

  42. Cosbuster

    I will have two.

  43. Wish it was street legal and costed a little bit less ( $100,000 price reduction shall do)

  44. Deko Wolf-GTPT

    Is the actual car for sale, or a piece of it? as in a bumper, switch..,etc

    • Inxeccion

      …..that’s a bloody expensive bumper by your logic O_o

    • Deko Wolf-GTPT

      I saw an sofa selling for a really high price before lol
      I dunno, I thought it was an auction on ebay or something, now I understand what it is.

    • the sofa came with free tickets to a racing weekend… not just the sofa… and yes, the actual car is for sale. although, if you translate the page, you do actually get ‘spare body parts, wheels’ with it, so it is for a bumper also i should imagine lol

  45. JamieStarr

    I think they should give it to an auction, and give the proceeds the People in fukushima !
    Only rich guys can drive such a Car on a Race Track, and when they want a Car like this, they can help other People…

    • you mad bro?

    • leigh321f

      As far as I know, the car isn’t owned by Kaz so it’s not up to him or PD what they do with it. I think it’s owned by Tobias and Michael Schulze.

  46. pinpin890

    if its street legal…i buy in a heart beat…

  47. Freezer445

    Maybe a nice present for the holidays

    • MyFavoriteGame

      Anyone else heard the new Christmas music in GT5?….Freaking awesome….I put in the game just to listen to it :)

    • marktyper

      Yeah it started last night…. :) Even last year during Christmas holidays (few days before Christmas)

    • themartlab

      It is Last Christmas by Wham?

  48. Naru1256

    155,000? Crap I just bought an Austin Martin, I should have waited.

    • DaxCobra

      So you just bought one but you can’t spell it.

    • MyFavoriteGame

      super burn!

    • MadmuppGT

      Does it smell like over done Naru1256 in here or is it just me!

    • kekke2000

      All of us in GT Planet should start to collect money so we can help edward_v12 to buy this car. If it means a lot to you, it’s nothing compared to what it means for Edward!

    • Demonyze

      You make me go in ROFLCOPTER MODE

    • marktyper

      HAHAHA sounds like you just wanna catch people’s attention eh? AUSTIN? What?!
      Austin POWER’s Car? LMAO

    • Dominic Toretto

      Damnnnn… hahahaaaa EPIC FAIIIILLL!!!!

    • wolfie210484

      your ass just got – not burnt but CREMATED!!!

    • LMMFAO!!!!

    • Hotdoguk

      Naru1256 is a big fan of Austin Villa FC

    • sporkafife

      What he means is he just spent 155k on an Austin Healey from some guy called Martin. Truly worth every penny I say

    • zippy_the_cat

      +1, gentlemen, +1. Way to lighten the holiday mood.

    • test

    • mielman

      Damn, if i were 18 and i had the money, i’d buy it.

    • shmibal

      You got burned like the comfort:hard tires on my shelby 427 Cobra. :)

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