Red Bull X2010 1:18 Scale Models to be Produced by AUTOart

September 23rd, 2012 by Jordan

AUTOart, the scale model company known for its detailed replicas, will be producing a 1:18 scale version of Gran Turismo 5‘s Red Bull X2010, as announced by Polyphony Digital.

Both the “S. Vettel” and Carbon Prototype versions of the car will be made available, including an accurately reproduced cockpit which opens and closes. Pricing and availability information is not yet available, though the hand-built prototype models you see here were on display at last week’s Tokyo Game Show 2012.

This actually isn’t the first time a scale model of the X2010 has been created. As some readers may recall, a private hobbyist built his own 1:43 scale replica of the car and sold it on eBay.

AUTOart has, of course, a long history of working with Polyphony Digital, and just recently launched new replicas of GT5‘s Stealth Model cars in July.

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  1. sind3ntosca

    More news on color range:

    18105 RED BULL X2010 (WHITE)
    18106 RED BULL X2010 (ORANGE)
    18107 RED BULL X2010 (RED)

  2. Sad face, nothing on the Biante website. So this beauty isn’t going to be available until mid 2013.

  3. mcalva98

    These are expensive does it al least come with a code to get the car in the game???

  4. commodoreben

    Ill definitely be getting both versions of this. I already have the 787B, GTR and McLaren stealths. Just need auto art to do the SLS, Audi and the X2011 now

  5. Knowing these I’m guessing it’ll be pricey. Therefore I’ll pass. Still thought, great looking model.

  6. Madman Apex

    now this i could actually go for!!!

  7. rustyford84

    wow these are cool as models hope we can get them over here in NZ we seem to miss out on all the cool stuff

  8. liampage123


  9. So can this one go 300 miles an hour too? :p

  10. SaintSaiya

    Is it premium?lol no thanks, I hate this car with passion,a pain to drive with my g27

  11. smskeeter23

    I’ll be impressed when somebody makes one you can drive around the track IRL at 300mph+

    Otherwise… pass.

  12. marktyper

    haha this is funny.. I’m sure a LOT of kids would tell their dad buy this for em or maybe some adults that are noobs and trolls in gt5 online. Like seriously, I have this and got the Vettel done but i’ve never thought of using it after that race.. Kaz is funny of making this but really only noobs use them and think they have a FAST car. this car is BS lol. Real GT enthusiasts will never buy this I promise everyone. ;)

    • gamerdog6482

      Your opinion is not fact, nor do you have the right to shell out personal attacks against thousands of people just because you do not like a car. I regularly host X2011/X2010 matches and most of the time I get pretty clean races. Not everyone is a “noob” or “troll” because they like using the car.

    • ^ When did he say that his opinion was a fact? I don’t even see the word fact written within it.

    • Maddens Raiders

      Gamerdog has been exposed! Nah seriously… imho only noobs use these cars or would earnestly set up “clean” races for them. I disagree with marktyper only in that I think “Real GT” enthusiasts would be interested in every car that PD has created or Auto art has produced in this form. Hence the word “enthusiast”.

    • raoul1138

      Just because he did not say the word “fact” does not, in any way, mean that he wasn’t stating it as if it was the truth. I respect personal opinions, unless someone is being a jerk and smashing other people about it. There was no reason for him to say it like that.

  13. gamerdog6482

    Haha, I already knew this…

  14. If this is under $30 I will buy it

  15. Rage0329

    AutoART hasn’t made a scale model car I’ve cared about for about 2 years now… this is another one.

  16. Ferraridude308

    I don’t know if I want it or not… On one hand its GT history, on the other hand, its a car I hate to drive and see driven.

    • another_jakhole

      It was annoying driving it with a DFGT, but I love how it looks. If I had the money and interest in these models, I wouldn’t need to think twice about buying it. If money were an issue…

  17. WOW That’s really cool!

  18. Leo0308

    AUTOart? that will be £250 then.

    • A_Higher_Place

      Oh yeah, they’re expensive. I’m happy with my siggy edition GTR though :)

  19. LR-MR-Cole

    Its not even then corrected model its the first gen model

  20. WangansGodHand

    Will noobs buy them, then get together and ram their scale models into each other?

  21. Amac500

    If it costs a stupid amount again then no way Jose, I ain ‘t paying that much for a car that’s never raced in the real world. They seem to charge as much as or more then for a Le Mans diecast.

  22. Agreed, how much, id love to get hold of 1 of these beauties……keep it in the box for the future generations

    • hawkeye122

      Future generations that care about non-existent cars from video games? Good luck.

    • another_jakhole


      Uhh, don’t know if you’re aware, but GT is going down in history.

    • another_jakhole


      Btw, I wrote that before reading the other comment that mentioned “GT history”. It was a unique thought :)

  23. sibbystiggy

    This looks epic!
    hope it doesn’t cost if is produced at $200pounds

  24. If the price is right, I might be tempted.. It’s autoart though so I don’t expect it cheap.

    • Kingland093

      It’s autoart so you’re garunteed it won’t be cheap

  25. sibbystiggy

    HOW MUCH!???!

    • Deko Wolf-GTPT

      That depends. How much are your kidneys worth?

    • GT5 Level 41

      Reporting basics- who, what, when, where, why, and how much? C’mon Jordon, your better than that.

    • GT5 Level 41

      Re-read article. My bad. Jordon said price tba. Retract first post.

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