Red Bull X2010 Custom-Made Scale Model Hits eBay

September 16th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Since the Red Bull X2010’s existence was announced nearly one year ago, there’s been surprisingly little promotion of the vehicle in the form of real-world merchandise. A scale-modeler in the UK has decided to change that by taking matters into his own hands, building a 1/43 diorama of the car and putting it up for sale on eBay. Needless to say, it would be the perfect addition to any Gran Turismo collection.

It appears to be well-executed, painted in “dark blue metallic” with a removable, smoked-glass canopy. It’s available to purchase internationally for £325.00, though as of writing, the listing will only be available for a few more hours (it’s now been re-listed for £275). Head on over to for more details, pictures, and order information.

Thanks to @lotusdriver111 for the tip, via WTF1.

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  1. Oct. 14, 1:17pm

    1:43 custom made, i’d probs give em £50 at most for it. isnt 1:43 about the size of a standard hotwheels/matchbox car? eh size of teh model car you get in the sig edition) summat that size and £250-£350 is ridiculous, sure it’d taken a lot to create but thats extortionate

  2. Sep. 29, 4:54pm

    i was hoping for a life size model. i would have spent hours in that thing just hoping for it to magically have the engine and that i could blast away at 300mph. *sigh* i can only dream.

  3. Sep. 21, 7:28pm

    funny..any diecast company could have asked GT5 for permission to make this car mass production wise for a decent price so for this guy to make just 1 of these and for that price ppshhh yea rite.skills yea but i see i as a waste i would have kept it for my personal collection

  4. Sep. 20, 1:08pm

    Horrible. I want to forget that this was ever in the game.

  5. Sep. 20, 10:55am

    Here’s a scale model I’d pay more for if it was for sale ;-)

  6. Sep. 20, 7:12am

    Why spend all that money on something your going to use to crash into other cars and be a nuisance to other drivers with? :P

  7. Sep. 19, 9:31pm

    That’s like….over $500!!! For a 1/43th Scale model. That’s very comparable to the price of the X2010 in GT5….20 mill Cr.!!!! (That’s the most you can have too!).

  8. Sep. 18, 10:57pm

    Of all the vehicles to showcase in this event… I’d rather a FGT, or some of the “custom” le mans vehicles PD made…

    • Sep. 19, 6:45pm
      Hi there

      I can tell you exactly what it is worth. What someone is willing to pay for it. So to everyone saying ‘it is too expensive’, well for you yes (not saying you can’t afford it), but for someone else, it’s a bargain.

  9. Sep. 18, 8:28am

    Sad when this is GT5 news…

    • Sep. 18, 12:08pm

      …except that it isn’t GT5 news.

  10. Sep. 18, 1:29am

    I didn’t know where else to post this, but there is a new maintenance schedule up.
    September 23, 22:00-23:00

  11. Sep. 17, 11:25pm
    scotty p

    i have some helmets and racing suits i’d trade for it.

  12. Sep. 17, 7:33pm

    Someone buy me this

  13. Sep. 17, 3:04pm

    Wow, they brought it down in price and it’s still crazy

  14. Sep. 17, 2:22pm

    that price is nothing compared to the lambo model car

    3.5M Euros, starting bid that is

  15. Sep. 17, 12:09pm
    Eric H

    If this guy
    had made it, it’d be a steal at that price!

  16. Sep. 17, 10:16am

    Its not terribly good value (especially for 1/43 scale), but I am a little tempted. Especially now its £50 cheaper. If I didnt have to buy some things for my real car then I’d probably buy it. Quite impressed by the detail

  17. Sep. 17, 5:40am

    Sounds like a good bargin….NOT

  18. Sep. 16, 11:42pm

    It’s only a matter of time until some poor-tasted tuner decide to modify his Civic into a Redbull x2010…with neon under…

    • Sep. 17, 11:19am

      Don’t even give them ideas. I wouldn’t want to even know what sort of clusterf*** of an abomination that would look like!

  19. Sep. 16, 10:08pm

    the headlights look..odd..and the lengh and breadth of the car look weird, i am intoxicated mind but it looks weird

  20. Sep. 16, 9:44pm

    blah this is old news, its been on ebay for a while…so it didnt just hit ebay

  21. Sep. 16, 8:39pm

    That price is pretty much the equivalent to a $50 gallon of gas

  22. Sep. 16, 7:10pm

    dosent look to legit…
    any ways i can make this by buying a f1 kits and molding custom parts , for around 50$ and a bit of time, lol

  23. Sep. 16, 7:01pm

    1:43 of a real x2010 would be $465,116. Just sayin’.

    • Sep. 17, 11:20am


  24. Sep. 16, 6:54pm

    I wonder why it didn’t sell.

    • Sep. 18, 1:25pm

      Because its untradeable :D

  25. Sep. 16, 6:37pm
    Mac K

    A little pricey, especially for something in 1:43 scale. I think 80-120 would be better. I’d buy on then.

    • Sep. 17, 11:21am

      $25, and that’s as high up as I go.

  26. Sep. 16, 6:07pm

    Now they need to make a Scalextric version of it in 1/32 scale…

  27. Sep. 16, 6:01pm

    Call the chinese and tell them to make it.
    It will be 5 bucks and they will be done by tomorrow!

    • Sep. 16, 6:24pm

      Ahh, make that next week when they have power back again!


  28. Sep. 16, 4:57pm

    I’ll take, ‘wait for it to be mass produced at 80% off’ for $800 Alex!


  29. Sep. 16, 4:46pm

    only now I see that colours of X2010 is in colours of russian flag…. lol

    PS.. its very wellcome to any GT fan collection… for me no… but I dont mind!,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1280&bih=866&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi

    • Sep. 17, 11:18am

      They can also be the colors of the flag of The Netherlands, of France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Thailand, Luxembourg, Iceland, Crotia, Chile, the UK, and the US of A!

    • Sep. 17, 11:42am

      no! they cant.. they are placed in the right order and it looks just like it… just sayin.. its nothing big.. :)

    • Sep. 19, 9:12am

      Depends on how you look it.
      Red, blue, white – Serbian flag
      White, blue, red – Russian flag

  30. Sep. 16, 4:15pm

    325£ is way to much!!!

  31. Sep. 16, 3:44pm

    Too expensive, would be neat to put along my GT-R though. I’ll wait for the price to come…waaaaaaaaaay down

  32. Sep. 16, 3:44pm

    $513, my ass.

  33. Sep. 16, 3:30pm

    =D Someone has made an offer

  34. Sep. 16, 3:25pm

    325 pounds?! Sorry, but I’m not going to shell out that much money no matter how much I like the design of that car.

  35. Sep. 16, 3:08pm

    With all due respect, alot of kudos for his work and all that. But i wouldn’t even pay that much even if it was a replica of my own car.

  36. Sep. 16, 3:05pm

    Cool, but too pricey :(

  37. Sep. 16, 2:47pm

    How many credits is £325?

    • Sep. 16, 7:17pm

      About two hundred million ;)

  38. Sep. 16, 2:26pm

    That’s to expensive and it looks like cheap material.
    For that price it needs to be more detailed.
    The CE GT5 scale GT-R model looks better.

    • Sep. 16, 3:01pm

      Can’t comment on the material from the pictures, but it’s not fair to compare this and the GT-R. This is a one off hand built model and the CE scale model is something mass produced in a factory. And the details look fine.

    • Sep. 16, 3:16pm

      You’re right Apokalipse. The headlights could have been a lil better, though. To me, it is a very attractive side of the car.

    • Sep. 17, 10:25am

      I was gonna say, that X1 looks a bit if-fy, not to be a bit condescending to the sculptor. I would’ve expected Hot Wheels to be making 1/64 models of the X1 a year ago; would’ve been an awesome campaign (of course, you bring unwanted 6 year olds online, but hey, more customers anyway).

    • Sep. 25, 9:21pm

      it doesn’t look perfect to the one in the game. the headlights are wrong and it looks to me like there is an angle in the canopy. i don’t see a front spoiler ( the small ones under the lights) either. the stripes on top of the front wheels are faded in the game.

  39. Sep. 16, 2:24pm

    I like the car but I cannot justify paying (as of today) $513.53 for a 1/43rd scale model.

    • Sep. 16, 3:20pm

      1/43 scale??? Get the F outta here!!!

  40. Sep. 16, 2:22pm

    £325, as if someone actually gonna pay that. no doubt it will be widely available soon for £20 everywhere.

    • Sep. 17, 8:50am

      After probably putting in days of work into making the thing, i would probably charge that much aswell. Building models from no real dimensions and making a good 1/43 scale is really hard.

    • Sep. 17, 11:16am

      Well people used to buy the x1 car off me on eBay when the x1 was tradeable and if people were willing to pay me 30 pounds for that then this will sell for 300 easily!!

    • Sep. 18, 8:57am
      Nabil Abdulla

      That asking price is stupid considering scale . Having said that there is a 1/8 scale Aventador that costs more than the real thing !!!

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