Red Bull X2010 Custom-Made Scale Model Hits eBay

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Since the Red Bull X2010’s existence was announced nearly one year ago, there’s been surprisingly little promotion of the vehicle in the form of real-world merchandise. A scale-modeler in the UK has decided to change that by taking matters into his own hands, building a 1/43 diorama of the car and putting it up for sale on eBay. Needless to say, it would be the perfect addition to any Gran Turismo collection.

It appears to be well-executed, painted in “dark blue metallic” with a removable, smoked-glass canopy. It’s available to purchase internationally for £325.00, though as of writing, the listing will only be available for a few more hours (it’s now been re-listed for £275). Head on over to for more details, pictures, and order information.

Thanks to @lotusdriver111 for the tip, via WTF1.

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