More Gran Turismo 5 Stealth Model Cars Available at 1/18 Scale

Earlier this year, the Mazda 787B was released as the first car in Autoart’s Gran Turismo 5 “stealth model” series. Today, two more stealth models are available to purchase: the Nissan GT-R GT500 and McLaren F1.

Hit the links below to order your own on Amazon, eBay, or any other Autoart retailer.

“Stealth models” are some of GT5’s rarest cars, due to their limited availability in the game’s European Signature Edition and as pre-order incentives at retailers around the world. Three of the cars were first announced as 1/18th scale models by Autoart late in 2011, but have been slow to become widely available for purchase until now.

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Comments (89)

  1. GTracerRens

    I own two AutoArt models. The nissan GT-R, superblack and the Lamborghini LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni, lime green. I really love the models and the details. I would prefer to purchase the Pagani zonda R instead of the stealth cars of GT5. I first thought it was a bit too expensive for a scale model, but it’s, what the brandname says, a piece of art in my room! :)

  2. BLJK Ice

    I wanna have this so bad but i cant it will be my most prize possesion if i get it (gtr not the mclaren) guess ill buy it after few more years

  3. kankalun

    Actually, if high quality diecast model of modern sport / race car is want you want, there is not much choice these day. Even the price is a little bit high when compare to few years ago, it is acceptable if you really like the diecast model.
    I have 9 Autoart 1/18 and price different is upto 7 times (HKD$360 for A1GP vs HKD$2600 for Zonda R), and if you really like car, you will find the money you pay for the Zonda is reflect in the quality of the model: the parts is more detail, hoods are revmoeable and the suspension/engine is beautiful and nicely reproduced.
    I also own the 787B stealth & 2008 #23 GT-R GT500, when comparing with each other, I find the reasons why the price is set like Zonda $>787B>GT-R. It’s beacuse of the cost to produce the models. According to autoart, the Zonda has more than 600 parts, and although Autoart do not provide the figure, I think 787B is only 3xx parts while GT-R is 2xx parts, and A1GP is less than 50 parts, that’s the reasons the price variance is so high & why Zonda is so beautiful.
    Another reason I find it worth is because i insist to buy from shop instead of internet as i can check the model before buying, and you will found there is many slightly difference for the same model display in the shop, and it is because it is hand-assembled and cost more if the model is that complicated and detail. So if you want one, DON’T BUY IT ONLINE. I have a Ford GT LM Spec II with a damaged engine inside.
    Even I have 1 GT-R GT500 at home, I still will buy the stealth model as the painting is nice.

    I remember 1 of the car designer in Lotus said “No one really need a sport car”, but why the price for a sport car is so high, just because someone like it and the cost to produce a sport car is high.
    So if you like it, it’s worthy, but if you don’t like it, it’s “Junk”; “Stupid over priced”, and the buyer is “crazy”
    But in my point of view, if I can get a Zonda R model parts for free but need to assemble for more than 600 parts and paint it myself, I’d rather pay HKD$2600 for it as it may take me a month to complete the model. It is certainly not over priced if you take the cost into account.

  4. i love gt5

    In my opinion is this totally stupid, a car for 200,300 bucks. I can better buy 100 Hotwheels instead of one car

  5. Hentis

    To start off opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one and entitled to their own.
    Secondly my own personal opinion is yeah althought they look really good and highly detailed I will not pay that amount of money for it. Having said that if it was a OO gauge model locomotive then I probably…… Hold on I have spent the equivalent to $200 on. But it really depends on what you like in life. There are people that spend thousands on “doing” their cars up. But me I couldn’t give a monkeys left testicle what my car looked like as long as it got me from A to B!!!

    Thirdly as I have stated from the beginning the Signature edition cars that were part of the above pack should remain exclusives to the owners of the signature edition. If you want or wanted these cars then you should have to pay for the price to own them. I paid full price for the edition because I wanted have the cars and the other bits that came with it as I love the Gran Turismo Franchise on the PS3. Other people don’t agree but that’s their choice.

  6. FormulaKimball

    $200-300 is about what I would expect for really well-made 1:18 models, I have a 1965 Corvette that cost that much and it is just beautiful and I don’t regret the price one bit. But that car means a lot to me and the rest of my models were a lot less than that. Great to know these are out there…

  7. Wiki

    Hope PD adds the other 4 stealth cars in the next DLC if you buy it in the first week. Couldn’t buy the signature Edition but i really want them.
    Forgot to mention the XJ13 chrome line and the Camaro SS Edge Especial :)

  8. playnthru

    I said it cost too much once.

    Then had to defend myself 3 or 4 times.

    So yeah, I’ll drop it when I stop getting flamed.

    Until then I’ll defend myself, and report those who keep attacking me.

    Good day

    1. CRCError1970

      There is no way I would pay that kind of cash for those, either. But I’m not an automotive collector. I’m sure they are worth it to somebody.

      I do have to say the detail is spectacular, though. They are far more detailed then the car that came with the special edition of GT5.

  9. playnthru

    Umm really, a least half the people in this thread have said 200 is too much.

    So why or how am “I the only one”?

    Fact is the only people would buy this are Kids spending Mommys money.

    My comments were to the Kid who said I was not a fan because I would not buy this.

    Since you people can’t read. You are taking it in another direction.

    Now before I report all you for picking fights, please stop.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Than ignore him why are you burning yourself out man? Do you see the same talking about the price as much as you? Nooo, so drop it already…

    2. That_guy100

      “Fact is the only people would buy this are Kids spending Mommys money.”

      How is that a fact? You do realize that there are collectors out there that would spend that kind of money on item such as this, right? Just because it doesn’t interest you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t interest someone else. Also, you calling people “kids” and using it as an insult is very immature, especially since you know nothing of the person at all. Not to mention the fact that your words basically translate to “If you don’t agree with my OPINION, you’re a dumb kid”.

      Grow up please.

  10. silverstar189

    The ueno clinic le mans winner would have been a better livery for the mclaren (even if it would need a new mould). Isn’t there a diecast topic on the forum btw?

  11. Zamado75


    Ok, there are two ways to word this;

    1. Yes, $200 is a lot for a TOY
    2. A REAL ‘Boy Toy’ is something like a Dune Buggy, in which case you can try adding a few more zeros to the $200. ;)

  12. playnthru

    @ Toyko Turismo

    You sir have no right to tell people how to post.

    I have the right to post my thoughts just as much as you, pal..

    If you don’t like that we can report it to mod (which is what I did to you).

    And nothing I said had any”rage” in it. But, I will not be told how I should my money by some internet Troll. Or that I’m not a fan Because I won’t spend 200 bucks on a stupid over priced model.

    Go find somebody else

    1. dautolover

      you’re the only one that keeps complaining and complaining about the price. no one is telling you to buy these. people are simply telling you that the price is good, given the amount of time and detail given to the models.

      you don’t have to agree. you don’t have to buy. you don’t have to spend any more time complaining. just quit.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Oh WOOOOW. You reported for what now? Your getting mad over something that’s a good value, but I understand that you find it to much to pay, okay talk done just let it go.You need to relax and keep that anger to yourself and type smart next time. Well, what dautolover said was good enough, so I won’t need to waste my time with you.

      Thank you dautolover btw, and agreed with e30 freek. :tup:

  13. mercgoat

    I have the stealth NSX and GT-R in game. I may pick up these diecasts for about $150 after shipping if I can find them down the road. If not oh well. Same goes for the 787B diecast, but I would have gladly paid full price if the 787B came with a universal code for it in game. I never had a chance to drive it under any circumstance since I live in the US. Its like they don’t want to sell more of these things. I feel all 3 would sell a fair amount more with a universal code for the car in game as a added incentive. Probably not too hard to implement either.

  14. mreedy02

    so spend money on these models… and still not able to get a DLC on that particular car… sigh, i would love to have picked up the 787B model “IF” it had meant i would be given a code to get the car on the game… seeing that it doesn’t, i’m not wasting my money on any of these models… mancave or not… $200 is a bit too expensive…

    make it $199 and i’m down… JK, make it more like $89 and i’d think about it…

  15. obsessive rules

    Are these available in the uk? I know the Mazda is but it’s the other 2.

    Links would be helpful ;)

  16. Shadou

    the GT-R and the 787b are one of my two most used and enjoy driving in GT5.
    I don’t know which one I would love to get more, 787B because well legendary, and GT-R!! gah I dont know.

    btw which one get’s the Helmet or all gets one =D

  17. GT HP Nut

    Gawd, they look precious, beautiful and detailed. But I’m not giong to buy them, as I prefer Build-it-yourself models such as Tamiya :-)

    Besides, I’m happy with owning these two cars in the game :-D

  18. TomBrady

    Man when the hell are they gonna release the cars to GT5. GT5 has been out for almost 2 years. I don’t care if people paid extra, at this point what does it matter. Are people really that selfish? Grow up people.

    1. Ra1kkoneN

      It’s cool if they release them as DLC for let’s say, 200 USD. Would be around the same price as we paid for them.

  19. syaieya

    Sorry, as much as I love that Mazda, I already spent my budget of $260 dollars replacing my ps3 that YLOD’d during the academy trials

  20. Supertom14

    1937 Horch 853 Black And Silver Die-Cast 1:12 Scale Model Car by CMC Item #C-001 – PRICE: $2077.95

    1. GT5_Honda_Guy

      Still dumb for the average enthusiast. Collector, fine. I have plenty of spare income and would not consider “collecting” them for longer than what it took to figure the price for just the 3 out so far. But that’s just one guys opinion.

  21. Supertom14

    If you think $200 is an eye popper. Go look at some 1:12th or bigger like 1:8th your eyes will explode after you see those prices.

    1. lemans2005

      Not really need to use 1:12 or 1:8 to compare, just use 1:18 Exoto or CMC or BBR is already enough to make their eyes explode.

    2. obsessive rules

      I saw a mclaren mp4-12c model for £4600 and a lambo aventador for £2million! Rip off indeed pftttttt!

  22. TokoTurismo

    Honestly I’m laughing at those who finds the price to much. DO YOU KNOW how much time and money was spent on these? They aren’t easy and cheap you know. HAHAHAHA!!! XD

    Yes I agree with both Racer XO and smskeeter23 btw. :)

    And playnthru. That rage. Keep it to yourself next time thanks…

    1. playnthru

      No rage here Sir.

      And, Don’t try to tell people what to do or feel. Not really your call.

      And yes Anyone who thinks 200 is a good deal, is bonkers.

  23. Racer XO

    From reading the comments it appears there a quite a few here that aren’t familiar with Autoart

    1. GT5_Honda_Guy

      I’m familiar with them and still think its over priced. That’s why I don’t own any. I admire their level of detail. They are selling to their market, period. They don’t want everyone to own them. Mission accomplished!

  24. Shinshiki

    That McLaren is so sexy and very detailed. I just can’t see myself shelling out $200 for a model. I’ll stick to 1/43 scale cars.

  25. Zamado75

    “More GT5 Stealth Cars available”(!) XD…

    …”in 1/18 scale”…:(

    (Thought it was more DLC cars…:I)

    Who, in their right mind, would buy these?
    The most I have EVER paid for a model car was £3-something and I thought that was quite expensive (for an insignificant piece of life-less metal, that is).

    1. JohnyPiston

      I would …without batting an eye lid. My mancave needs exactly this type of thing. Other features of my mancave include $2000 RC racing kits ….$200 is not as much as you think for real “boys toys”.


    ive got the exact GT500 GTR by Autoart just with the nissan test car livery instead of the Gran Turismo and its quality all the way down to the carbon texture

  27. playnthru


    Anyone who thinks 200 bucks is a good deal, is crazy.

    Unjust high prices have nothing to do with ” loving the game”.

    Your points, are pointless.. Anyone can love the game without wasting money on this junk. And who the hell are you to make such a foolish statment anyway.

    If you really loved the game. You would want more game to play, not a silly model. Peace

    1. ajrichar

      Just because you dont value these model cars does not make others foolish for liking them. Autoart make very nice model cars – they’re expensive, it’s true, but you get what you pay for. If you ever get the opportunity to pour over one of these cars in detail, do so. It may not make you change your mind on paying $200 for one (we Australians will be charged more than that), but you will hopefully acknowledge that they are seriously nice pieces.

    2. JohnyPiston

      So you would really tell the guy(s), who made this seriously detailed piece of what I would call art, that their effort and labour and attention to detail is not worth $200?? Guy need to learn to put yourself in other peoples shoes.

  28. tpark103

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the cars in the game had the ablilty to open and display all the detail that these well crafted model do?

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      Well…. this is almost like DLC…. in a way (Deliverable Content) lol. Also the GT5 community have been demanding more opportunities to throw money at unreal cars for ages now…. anyone who complains about this clearly has no love for the series.

    2. tpark103

      I love the series and this is a great idea. Still I agree with GT5 LVL 41 it would be better if they were digital that way we could thrash them around the track. :-)

    3. Bom15

      They are in the game. If i remember right you needed to pre-order or buy signature edition. Also the GTR GT500 and NSX GT500 where given out to people at some point as an apology over DLC. I think the USA got both and other regions got the GTR or none at all.

    4. GT5 Level 41

      Yes, I’ve got the GTR and NSX. The other ones along with chrome line cars were preorder specials that varied by region and retailer. My point was it would be nice to have all (10?) of those available as DLC. Seems like easy money for PD. Enough time has passed for preorder people to whine about exclusivity.

    5. Bom15

      Yes. But it would annoy alot of people who forked out the extra £100 to buy signature edition. When new. Or the extra £20 for collectors edition. It caused a stir when the 2 Stealths that were released for free last time. It was one feature that made the collections special. Although the books, model, wallet etc make it special anyway.

  29. McSoap

    Bought the 787B model car when it came out for sale.

    Will look into buying another one of these model cars, preferably the SLS AMG. :)

  30. Foxiol

    Holy cow you can buy a PS3 and GT5 XL for that money. lol

    I have the SLS of my Signature Edition of the game and it is lovely. But still is on its box.

    1. HuskyGT

      Holy mother of crap! More than $200 bucks!! I mean, it’s worth it, but with that I would be closer to buy an XBox and Flopza.

      But no doubt about it, I would buy them if I had $200 spare. And that 1:18 Gran Turismo Skyline GTR R34 GT4 version is absolutely fantastic!!

    2. HuskyGT

      @ Mac K

      LOL! Crappy Maistos! I have a ton of those, but I started to loose faith on them after the 2000 editions. They’ve always been technically toys when compared to Auto Art stuff, but they’ve lowered their quality so bad through the years.

      If I compare my BMW 850i or the Bugatti EB110 from the 90’s Especial Edition collection to the BMW M5 or the Dodge viper SRT/10 from the mid 2000’s, it’s like comparing Gran Turismo 5 with that Android fake GT5. I mean, not even the Premier Edition Z8 is as well crafted as the old 8 series.

      The M5 was the last and it will be the last that I get from Maisto. That car looks worst than the Standrds in GT5.

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