1960 Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster wins Gran Turismo Trophy at Pebble Beach 2011

At the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance yesterday, Kazunori Yamauchi awarded this year’s Gran Turismo Trophy to a head-turning 1960 Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster concept car. Created by influential car designer Virgil Exner (hence the concept’s name), it was intended to preview the direction of Chrysler’s designs in the 1960’s. It had enough muscle to back up its dramatic, asymmetrical look, producing 250 horsepower from a Valiant 225 Slant Six (more details on the car are available here).

Kazunori has commented on his selection via Twitter, confirming that it won’t be coming to GT5 via DLC, but will instead be featured in the “next Gran Turismo“, presumably GT6 (thanks to Shirakawa Akira for the translation).

Thanks to all of you who sent this in! Head over to Motor Authority for more photos.

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  1. Turismo

    The car’s design is suppose to be art, not something to be called ugly. Cars has lives too so give them a chance every now and then.

    The classic cars are more artistic then the modern cars in my opinion.

    1. Stephen220378

      I’m all for car designers being artistic, just not when someone makes a car that looks like the Pink Panther owns it.

  2. SSC3034

    STOP ALL OF THIS NONSENCE ABOUT GT6 BEING REALEASED IN THE 2020’s, GT6 Prologue will most likely be out next year and the full version will be out in 2016

  3. zman1350

    I dont have a problem with this car even though it might not be my first choice. I would like cars that are extreme or exclusive (supercars) like SSC aero, or the Zagato or something of that prestige-LFA nur edition,ONE-77.

  4. Racemile

    Fantastic looking prototype!!! Come on people these cars are just for fun they don’t need to be conventional! come on it’s wild! Thanks PD !!

  5. snaketus

    I hate to see that Yamauchi gives all these rewards to american cars to please them. They bought the game already, now start to reward actually good cars now.

    1. Racemile

      oh come on, a real car enthusiast should apreciate cars from all over the world! No need to hate american stuff.

  6. Ironwill8282

    I have been playing GT5 religiously since it’s inception and lately it really seems like PD is dropping the ball. We waited for a very long time for GT5 and I’m fine with that, they created a beautiful game. It didn’t even bother me that much to see how unfinished the game was once it had been released because I had faith that PD would rectify the situation. To their credit they have made some decent improvements to the game but it bothers me to hear so much talk about the next GT or any talk about the next GT for that matter. PD should be focusing their resources on making this game what people expected it to be, e.g. More premium cars, more tuning options (less than previous games), more tracks (popular tracks missing), and a more robust online experience.

  7. Tom

    Sorry to say, but Kaz seems a bit stupid, like nothing he says that it will be featured in the next game, like it will be out nest month or something, we all know that GT6 is at least 5 years ahead. Or maybe HE thinks that WE are stupid?

  8. 599GT

    I’m really bummed by “confirmed that it won’t be in GT5”.
    In the next GT5? When will that be…?
    Funny thing is we didn’t even get 2010 PB winner in GT5 (that Abarth) nor did we get 2010 SEMA winner (Camaro).
    Typical PD move, keeping the content and not releasing it. What for I wonder…

  9. Obi wan shinobi

    While I’m not a fan of it, I’m glad it’s not a miata/skyline/mitsu 3000/GTO…etc. I wish Kaz had seen the Cadillac Ceil or the Shelby cobra super snake, anything from top secret motors or some Mexicali Honda (to satisfy the drag racers).

  10. XxBen78xX

    It’s almost as if he doesn’t give a **** about GT5. Everything is either planned for GT6 or coming in X number of (days, months, years) in GT5, without saying anything.

    Why doesn’t he makes more cars for GT5, and bring them to GT6 ? I’ll never understand him (both ways, japanese first and his weird ideas).

  11. recca

    damn couldn’t they have given the award to the SSC or the 250 Testa Rossa that went for a record bid of 16.5 million..what the hell am i going to do with a 250hp classic that, imo, doesn’t look that great

    1. EliteDreamer

      Those two aren’t all that great looking either. ;)
      Plus it’s a concept so it’s special. Also you don’t have to get it.

  12. Fureddo

    According to what Kaz said, let me assume two things:
    – DLC is planned for GT5 (if the cars is not to be available, then what will?)
    – A new GT is coming (hopefully for PS3, much more likely for PS Vita)
    Just trying to “read between the lines”. Only (looong) time will tell.

  13. dan

    i will buy a ps4 but not for granturismo….. uncharted 4 =D
    infamous 3 etc…. gt5 was prologue people!!!! gt5 is prologue +4 smashed up into a pile of crap

  14. MoLieG

    This should be a hint that maybe no new cars will be ever added to GT5… :'(
    It’s incredible he thinks GT5 is a “complete game”… I mean, the game is good on it’s own… but compared to other games and especcially other GT’s… it’s a complete mess…

    BTW… the car looks… ugly… n.n!

  15. guyc1161

    what the!!! They sure smoked some potent stuff back in the 60’s lol.i’m not saying it’s ugly and i’m not saying it’s sweet,somewhere in between maybe.lol it’s quite obviously a concept car, a concept that never saw the light of day.you have to agree that it’s totally impractical ,i wonder how much the hood weighed and it must be hell trying to get something in the trunk. i might want to give it a try,it probably drives like a boat (most cars did back then)i could go on and on but i’ll spare you guys and gals the pain.

  16. CrashBandicoot

    Looks pretty nice! But it looks like it’s going to be those 15,000,000+ cars in Gran Turismo that’s all show and no go.

  17. Cosbuster

    For the record, saying the car looks ugly doesn’t really mean one doesn’t want it in the game or wouldn’t be interested in driving.

  18. TurdPolishing

    yep this car is so exquisitely beautiful – more so for the fact that Kazunori Yamauchi awarded it this years Gran Turmiso Trophy – So if it’s good enough for Kazunori Yamauchi – then it’s good enough for me and all the others – aint that so?

  19. new-soul

    Forza = made with the community in mind.
    GT = made around a guy who traveller’s the world to celabr how cool he is, for releasing a game after 6 years, and ignoring criticism since ..ehh, since he was born! Cuz hes the man who knows it all better :D

    1. Cosbuster

      Although there’s some truth to what you say, if you’re still here after all these years despite everything you just said then perhaps he does know better.

  20. Mrhemi1971

    We have to wait for GT6 to see the car? Why do we tolerate this? I hate to mention other games, but Forza 3 had updates with cars that got introduced a couple months prior, so why do we have to wait YEARS to get more content in GT? PD doesn’t listen or even publish a feedback email. I’d be complaining. They just take our money and make empty promises. I’m tired or it! Kaz should be busy worrying about customer satisfaction and putting out a good product, but instead he’s being a playboy going to car shows developing a “brand”. Are we that weak minded that we’ll tolerate shoddy quality and let this slide?

    1. Mrhemi1971

      You think that’s whining? You need to look the word up kid. Every word I stated above is truth. The PD needs to start listening to the feedback of it’s customers. I’ve played the game since GT1, and I do like series even to the point of purchasing a Japanese PS2 console to play all of the other games not released here in the US, But I feel that the company is more focused on making a brand name out of the GT franchise rather than making content that matters in the game. They really slacked by giving us the same cars from GT4 with no visual upgrades, and taking away the ability to do simple custom wheels. SHODDY!!

    2. CorporateHammer

      Whine – To complain or protest in a childish fashion.

      I’d say that about sums up both your posts.

      To clarify –

      Whine – “They just take our money and make empty promises. I’m tired or it! Kaz should be busy worrying about customer satisfaction and putting out a good product, but instead he’s being a playboy going to car shows developing a “brand”.”

    3. blackninja

      I think you ALL are right! someone at Sony Computer Entertainment is doing a crap job in marketing the evolution of the GT game series.

      If I were Sony CEO I will put a more seasoned social media web marketeer to put a word out about GT5 and its developments… or someone at Sony is just relying on Nissan and Mercedes to do the marketing for them.

  21. JKcreativeworks

    Its nice that these perhaps “underrated” concept cars will get their moment of fame in GT.


    Bet my grand children will love it when GT6 comes out.

  22. melthewriter79

    I’m aware that this is a forum, and variety of opinions come with the territory. If you think the car is ugly, great. I wonder why everything has to be “retarded” or other amateurish, frat-boyish descriptions of cars and people.

    The Gran Turismo Series (as foolish as it sounds) was my education and introduction to cars I’d never seen before.
    The little known, low horsepower Japanese sport cars are as interesting and historically important to me as the European supercars and spot on driver’s cars we pine after.

    The 1960 Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster may not be a M3 E30, but like the cars in GT5 that we often complain about, it will be an interesting, funky car to test drive and learn about.

    1. dylansan

      Absolutely right, and true of me as well. GT introduced me to cars as well and I now find myself loving almost all of them. I find myself reading the vehicle descriptions for all the cars I get, and being fascinated by how the car world has changed and is changing. Those who ignore certain pieces of history because they don’t fit their tastes are really missing out on the experience, and don’t deserve to call themselves car fans.

    2. LordVonPS3

      It’ll make for a nice collectors item whilst playing through GT6.

      GT5’s historical exposure is just a part of the charm. I noticed in GT5 Prologue there was also a lot of info about the circuits on offer. I’m not sure if this was via GTTV or just on the track selection page but I think the latter. Would be interested to see if more info is available for GT5’s tracks or if it was forgotten about in the rush to get the game to market. I have to admit I’ve barely looked at GTTV in GT5 to see if any interesting circuit facts are in there, been too busy B-Speccing of late, but now that I’ve thought about it I will.

  23. LoneWanderer

    That car looks interesting to drive. Also, to you kids who think this is ugly, you guys probably believe that the Reliant Robin is the best looking car ever made!

  24. JayKayEm

    Great. I’ll add that to the ‘undriveable’ section of my garage with the Jay Leno Tank Car and Buick ’62. Least those two are easy on the eye.

    Please spend 6 months modelling this car to Premium perfection for me to drive it just once.

    Please cancel any modelling already started on Ravaglia’s E30 DTM so this can be available immediately in the game.

    Please do not lauch now as DLC and make sure it is available in 2018 GT6 launch on the PS4 mk2 ‘Slimline’.

    /Sarcasm mode.

  25. Foxiol

    Very nice car. And good to see that we can have it in the next GT6. I can wait for that. (make all cars premium god damn!! lol)

  26. Tim

    I’m seriously starting to doubt that there actually will be a DLC. TBH I don’t want converted standard cars anyway, I’d be hoping for new models and/or tracks.

    1. Tim

      And I wouldn’t hold your breath for GT6 either, especially with there being no firm news on the PS4 at this stage. The most we can probably hope for is a GT6 Prologue at the release date.

    2. blackninja

      I think that Kaz has shown so far great interest in perfection, he wants everything to be perfect. So I will expect the DLC is to complete his work, all premium cars. Then after we may see some new models and/or tracks.

    1. Nero9

      Why is a person a close-minded, tasteless fool if he/she thinks a car is ugly?

      I am entitled to my opinion.

    2. dylansan

      I didn’t say you were a close minded fool if you thought it was ugly, just if you thought it was ugly because it’s strange. So I ask again, what about it is ugly?

  27. Patrocles

    “…1960 Plymouth GNR Ghia Roadster concept car. Created by influential car designer Virgil Exner (hence the concept’s name)…”

    I need an afternoon shot of caffeine…what is the connection? designers name was Virgil Exner, therefore, it is called the GNR ghia? huh, What the H!

    1. LordVonPS3

      @Jordan. You do a great job with this site. Much appreciated. Kudos also to the mods even though (in Famine’s words:) no-one reads the AUP! If there’s an adult forum for grown ups to chat and not get chastised – is it used, is it any good and where is it? Keep up the great work!

  28. dylansan

    Anyone who thinks this car is ugly just because it’s strange is a close-minded, tasteless fool. There are plenty of reasons to find something ugly. Strangeness is not one of them.

    Beautiful car, can’t wait to drive it!

  29. themartlab

    We need the Batmobile from the seventies! I always dreamed about putting sport air intake and headers on a turbo-reacted engine car! It’s as logic as putting a sport ECU on a carburator injection car.

  30. LordVonPS3

    Good spot “Shant J”. You get kudos for (1) guessing then (2) identifying that the XNR had won the “Gran Turismo trophy” award this year… I’m guessing the guy on Facebook there isn’t being premature in telling us the XNR has won?! I wonder when KY will actually make his announcement about the winner? I expect Polyphony Digital need to write up a puff piece and prepare some nice photos of other cars that were looked at during the show before anything is posted on gran-turismo.com!

    1. LordVonPS3

      … and after all that I am still eagerly awaiting news of GT5 DLC and updates.

      I have to say, I wish there was more the community could do to contribute new content in GT5. If only it were possible to model, build and submit cars to PD using a discrete set of PC based tools. I would much rather PD worked on the game engine and features and make a bold decision to allow the community to help further content creation whilst still retaining control. Just think of all the wonderful cars, engine sounds, racing liveries and so on the Gran Turismo community could add. It would be a bold move but one day KY will have to take a step back and who better to fill his shoes than dedicated car fans?

  31. Jim

    Just wish they’d spend their valuable time on better cars than this … sooooo many boring / useless cars already in GT5.

  32. Wow

    Somebodies english isn’t too good… anyway, everyone has the right to their own opinion, so go f**k your mother. :)

  33. not a name

    People, how would you feel if I turned you into that car? How would you feel if others called you ugly?

    1. Cosbuster

      I don’t see what’s wrong with finding a car ugly because you know, it’s a car. Do we really have to like every single vehicle in existence in order for you to be satisfied?

    2. FlareKR

      If you were a Daihatsu Midget, I’m sure you’d be reaching for the nearest rope and tree after a day at school.
      Problem is reaching the rope.

  34. DoubleT

    At least this is confirmation that there will be a GT6.

    Although I’m 46.. and may be too old to drive by the time it comes out.

    1. Tim

      Yeah it will probably be called Great Gran Turismo 6 when it finally comes out, then it will be just like wipeout but featuring hundreds of versions of decades old Japanese hover cars.

    2. blackninja

      I am 40 now, so what about they called “GT6 Seniors… now that will be a title.

      By they time it cames out I won’t be able to sit for so long, backache problems

    1. FlareKR

      Half off us will be using a cane to get the clutch pedal by the time it comes out. Laxatives here we come!

  35. A3Ambition

    Hopefully this is not a hint that there will be no DLC for GT5 at all. Anyhow looking forward playing GT6 sometime.

    1. ripped

      Better get a PS4. There is NO way GT6 will be playable on a 3. Wonder if the PS4’s will be bundled with GT6, sometime around 2021, h’mmm?

    2. viejaloca

      Didnt Kaz say the next GT will be faster to make considering they have the engine down and all that? I think there will be another GT on ps3. Why not?

    3. shigllgetcha

      wont be on PS3 not gonna happen. only a few years left in the PS3 would be pointless releasing GT6 on PS3 just before it was replaced.

    4. Tvensky

      PS2 still lives on.. PS3 will be supported for five years minimum from now on… 100% sure!

      and GT6 will be released for PS4 when it comes out… or in next 3 years for ps3…. but then again we will have to wait for GT7 for ps4…. it seems that my logic tells me that it will be realeased for ps4 in first day…

    5. MM1000

      It’s really quite stupid to say GT6 will take forever.

      It’s like people have been living under a rock.

      Look at the other games. It’s hard to create the new engine, and PD has always made two main games per graphics engine (And console architecture). The first, GT1 and GT3, had fewer cars, much as GT5 has fewer premium level cars, and then the next game will be tons of additional content with only minor improvements to the game itself.

      I suspect GT6 will have many hundreds of premiums, more tracks, more weather and light changes, and hopefully a better organization. It will come out within the next couple of years. PD can do this and make tons of money, so why wouldn’t they?

    6. Stephen220378

      GT6 will be on PS3 within the next 2 years in my opinion, it will be the game GT5 should have been. Standard cars will be no more and the game will have all premiums albeit a smaller car list than GT5, a few new tracks will be added to the current list plus a few of the older tracks missing from GT5 updated for this gen. The damage modelling will be tweaked to make it a bit more realistic with the next step possibly totalling the cars in a crash.

      The reason I think this? Well PD already has a game engine and a good base with GT5 to work with and expand on this console, given the fact that PS4 is looking likely at a 2014 release at the very closest, I can see another GT game coming out before the PS3 becomes last gen, much like GT4 did with the PS2, there was a 3 year(?) gap between GT3 and GT4 and essentially GT4 was just a big expansion on it’s predecessor, likewise GT6 will be the same. The next bit is just total speculation on my part but with PD relocating some of its staff to new premises I’d say that one team will be working on the next gen console GT while the other team will be working on GT5 updates and GT6.

    1. blackninja

      I love the series but unfortunately GT6 will probably come out in 2020… if lucky… some websites even claim that it will come out for PS4.

      So please release DLCs for GT5! put more BMWs, Mercedes, Audis and a decent premium Toyota SUPRA.

    2. Amac500

      If they are going to be working on GT5 for another couple years like they put said why don’t they put it in GT5, because there will be AT LEAST 5 cars to win the award before GT6.

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