Amazon Officially Announces The Grand Tour… Video Game?!

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Well that’s a bombshell. Amazon has announced fans of The Grand Tour will soon be able to relive their favorite parts of the show in digital form.

This new companion game — to be available on PS4 and XB1 — will mirror the upcoming third season of the series. Episodic in nature, the game will expand on a weekly basis, with unique events from the same week’s new episode finding their way into the game.

The Grand Tour Game promises to “transports players to exotic locations, where they’ll drive the world’s most interesting cars, and participate in the show’s outrageous challenges.” Yes, that includes the new Eboladrome test track. There, would-be Clarksons or Hammonds can challenge their friends to beat their times.

The very brief trailer above shows a wild, over-the-top racer that certainly feels like an extension of the show. The big showcase cars from the earlier seasons — the Mustang trio of TGT’s debut, the supercar “Holy Trinity”, the (pre-crash) Rimac — are all present, alongside some less-than-glamorous rides. Like a Lada.

That purple smoke the Rimac is dropping down hints at another aspect of the game; power-ups. Yes, really: the press release mentions just two so far:

“Cheeky power-ups like High Tea, which spills tire-shredding cups and saucers, and More Horsepowers, which lets you blow past the competition, help make the action unpredictable, and keep racers on their toes.”

Perhaps even more surprising is a four-player split-screen mode. We can’t even think of the last time that was available on a non-Nintendo racing title.

We found the second season of The Grand Tour funny, if a little lop-sided. That being said, we’re eager to see what Clarkson, May, and Hammond have cooked up for the latest series, as well as trying our hand at recreating it.

Much like the third season of the show itself, The Grand Tour Game does not currently have a release date. Nonetheless, players in select regions can already pre-order it at the official Amazon Grand Tour Game landing page.

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