Another Exciting Weekend for GT Academy Graduate Jann Mardenborough

April 14th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

While the rest of us wait for GT Academy to start next month, the winners of previous academies continue to make their names in world motorsports and demonstrate the success of the GT Academy program.

This weekend it’s the turn of the newest graduate Jann Mardenborough. This year Jann will be competing in the Pro-Am category of the Blancpain Endurance Series, paired with Alex Buncombe and Chris Ward, in the RJN Motorsports Nissan GT-R GT3 #35. The first race of the season is at Monza this weekend, however the team face a tricky battle having qualified the car 38th of the 56 car field following a heavily interrupted 3rd qualifying session.

Jann has already had race time in the car, as he and Alex are entered in the Avon Tyres British GT Championship too (in GT3 class). At a rain-dominated meeting at Oulton Park last weekend, the pair managed to qualify 4th and finish 5th in race one while qualifying 10th and finishing 11th in race two. The pair are joint seventh in the championship following the weekend’s racing and will return to action in that series on 17th May at the Nürburgring.

The 3 hour Monza race starts at 12.15 GMT/UTC on Sunday 15th April with live timing available through the official site.

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  1. Apr. 18, 6:13pm

    Looks like it was a great race for RJN. To be one of only two non-euro cars in the field, it would have been easy to spot them!

    I would like to see these comments remain on topic though…villifying PD and Kaz in every post doesn’t make for worthwhile reading, and quite honestly is just ignored. Stay on topic, or go to the forums to post a topic “the DLC is late, and I’m irate”. Form your own mob there, instead of trying to recruit everywhere else.

    • Apr. 18, 8:01pm

      Thank you, kind sir.

  2. Apr. 17, 1:05pm
    young car joc

    Seriously. It’s been 4 and a half months since the last dlc. What is this?

    • Apr. 17, 7:41pm

      no, its been exactly 3 months, and the last DLC was a month early. If it comes out within he next 3 days, it’ll still pretty much be on time.

  3. Apr. 16, 5:40pm

    Congrads to winning racers. Maybe they can tell the sorry, lazy, good-for-nothing folks at PD to pay some attention to the game they created that sponsors the racers in these international sporting events.

    • Apr. 16, 7:30pm

      Seriously, what’s crawled up your bum and died?

    • Apr. 18, 10:56am

      PD have done weekly updates for their game for about 1 and a half years now, how can you call them lazy and say they pay no attention to their game?

    • Apr. 18, 12:14pm

      I wouldn’t say WEEKLY, but they have given this game more updates than any other I’ve played. Sure it may be due to the fact that the game was unfinished, but it’s pretty obvious that they care about it still.

  4. Apr. 15, 5:55pm

    Quiet can be taken 2 ways, 1. nothing coming and there working on new things (unlikely) 2. Big DLC with bells and whistles attached so it will be a big surprise. im wishing anyway. unlucky jann

    • Apr. 15, 11:21pm

      Or, 3, PD is being extra quiet due to the last DLC being leaked extra early.

  5. Apr. 15, 2:16pm

    Toyota2jz, well said buddy

    Yes, Kaz and PD are quiet at the moment. This is very frustrating for ALL of us. Fact.

    Haters, please stop moaning about it, it’s boring now! ;p
    News will come when it comes. Until then WE ALL have to wait! BE PATIENT

  6. Apr. 15, 1:46pm

    GT6 GT6 GT6… Tired of people saying GT6 all the time. GT5 still has a long way to go. I reckon PD should work on both GT5 & GT6 equally. Yes they can improve GT5 more. The people who are going crazy over GT6, why are you bothered with DLC then? Why not just wait a few years until GT6 comes out….

    • Apr. 15, 5:34pm

      PD’s already working on GT6, and has been since before GT5 came out (I’m not sure HOW long before). I reckon most of PD’s workforce is working on GT6… But I do hope we get continued support for GT5, as long as it doesn’t hamper GT6’s development in any way. I don’t really understand the people asking about GT6 right now anyways… It’s obviously a few years off, and likely will be on the next iteration of the Playstation… (PS4, PS: Orbis, whatever it’s being called now…). They should be asking about DLC, but I’m getting annoyed with the over dramatics; its almost like they’re “threatening” PD to get them to release the DLC… which, obviously will NOT work.

  7. Apr. 15, 1:41pm

    drive a car like this in real life ummm would be sweet :)

  8. Apr. 15, 11:17am

    34th i guess =/

  9. Apr. 15, 11:13am

    oopps, not 32th even worst

  10. Apr. 15, 11:12am

    Finished 32th… bad luck at the end, They were great

  11. Apr. 15, 11:11am

    Jann was going to finish 15, but broke in the last corner

  12. Apr. 15, 10:35am

    Yeah wow this is nice. I wonder if PD will put this type of support behind some DLC. Nah nevermind who needs a 60buck ps1/2/3 GT5 game when I can just keep tuning in for other peoples GT sponsored news.

    • Apr. 15, 1:12pm

      How about you leave, or give some constructive feedback that PD can actually use to improve your “60 buck” game.

      Thank you, goodbye.

    • Apr. 15, 1:28pm

      Oooo got burn again Ironbull. Your really being told today.

  13. Apr. 15, 10:32am

    very exciting (not 4 me)….. so can we have some news about the GAME NAO!!!

    • Apr. 15, 1:20pm
      Mac K

      Please don’t be serious..

  14. Apr. 15, 10:30am

    Down to 13th at the moment after a pitstop (with 42 minutes to go). A very respectable position in the field of 55 cars. On a different note- so far the McLaren GTs have proven to be total duds :)

  15. Apr. 15, 10:23am

    Go Jann, Your are going nice 7th at the moment.

  16. Apr. 15, 9:17am

    Good luck Jann !

  17. Apr. 15, 3:09am

    Hmm still no DLC news

  18. Apr. 15, 1:54am

    Liking the GTR GT3 now. Good luck to Jann and the rest of the team tomorrow.

  19. Apr. 14, 8:37pm

    Maybe we could fit in one more GT-R into future DLC I think… :P

    • Apr. 15, 12:41pm

      >:( No.

  20. Apr. 14, 8:18pm

    Nooo! My dad had to cancel sky to save money… Now I can’t watch it :(

  21. Apr. 14, 7:51pm

    I should follow more this series, I live near Monza and didn’t know nothing about this races, would be great seeing them.

    • Apr. 14, 10:52pm

      I´m with you there, I live next to Hockenheim and couldn´t manage to go see the Historic Races this Weekend. I hope I´ll make it to the DTM opening events though…

  22. Apr. 14, 7:27pm

    G.T.Ace, thanks for the heads-up about it being on Motors TV! Now what a choice i have tommorrow; BTCC at Donington, WTCC from Marakesh and now this! Spoilt for choice!

  23. Apr. 14, 7:22pm
    Mac K

    Nice one Famine! I hate those “gimme gimme gimme” types. Best of luck tomorrow Jann! And I know you still post here :p

  24. Apr. 14, 6:35pm

    Always nice to see the site updated with more news, even if it’s not GT5 related.

  25. Apr. 14, 6:03pm

    Might watch the race on MotorsTV tomorrow, good luck guys!

  26. Apr. 14, 5:40pm

    In before someone makes a joke about this car coming to GT5.

  27. Apr. 14, 5:32pm

    I’m going to watch this one, hopefully.

    Jann the man!

  28. Apr. 14, 4:51pm

    Awesome car

  29. Apr. 14, 4:41pm

    That is one epic looking GT-R!

  30. Apr. 14, 4:34pm

    Pretty cool. I like that Nissan livery! The car looks like the Nissan GT- R R35 TC that we have in the game. (the spoiler is different)

    • Apr. 14, 6:32pm

      and it has a wider body

  31. Apr. 14, 4:31pm

    need… news… now…

    • Apr. 14, 4:46pm

      This IS news. That’s why it’s posted in the News section. It’s news about one of the four (so far) guys who’s managed to turn a hobby of computer gaming into a career in motorsport with the help of Sony and Nissan.

      If it’s not the kind of news you’re interested in, wait until some news you are interested in turns up. We label all the stories so you know what kind of news they are and the headlines are something of a clue too.

    • Apr. 14, 4:47pm

      You just got some.
      Good luck Jann.

    • Apr. 14, 5:05pm


  32. Apr. 14, 4:29pm

    That GT-R Looks Clean

  33. Apr. 14, 4:28pm

    nice GT-R

  34. Apr. 14, 4:27pm

    PD is so silent. Why? because GT6 is going to be announced at this years E3! but that’s irrelevant because the game is actually gonna be coming out in 2017.

    • Apr. 14, 6:51pm

      $20 says you are wrong on both accounts.

    • Apr. 14, 7:25pm

      $21, Bob.

    • Apr. 14, 8:35pm

      Put me down for a 20 on the wrong too please

  35. Apr. 14, 4:15pm

    Wooo tomorrow is gonna be a blast for Jann. Good luck him and his team. :D Sick a$$ GT-R though.

  36. Apr. 14, 4:10pm

    Cool, Good to see the GT-R and not the 370Z now, looking forward to GT Academy 2012

  37. Apr. 14, 3:54pm

    That’s a cool looking GTR!

  38. Apr. 14, 3:53pm


    • Apr. 14, 8:36pm

      Yes you are, OOOH and look, heres your cookie

    • Apr. 15, 1:14pm

      I was hoping I’d NEVER see a “first!” comment again. Thanks, jroooo7, you’ve just crushed my dreams.

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