Author: Nathan Howe

Video: Watch Team Hooncorp x GTPlanet's Crack At The 24 Hours of Lemons

Motorsports 2 Dec 11, 2019 by Nathan Howe

At the end of 2018, the folks at Hooncorp from Auckland, New Zealand, announced that they would be partnering with GTPlanet. The hope was to put together a racing team… Read More »

Team GTPlanet x Hooncorp Survives The 24 Hours Of Lemons NZ

Motorsports 153 Jun 17, 2019 by Nathan Howe

In what can only be described as a titanic effort, Team GTPlanet x Hooncorp finished the 2019 24 Hours Of Lemons New Zealand! Not only that, but we finished 22nd… Read More »

Team GTPlanet x Hooncorp — Driver Lineup Confirmed

Motorsports 153 Apr 20, 2019 by Nathan Howe

Busy times here at the Hooncorp HQ! With three weeks to go until the famed 24 Hours of Lemons NZ, we can now announce the lineup of drivers who will… Read More »

GT Academy Finalist Joins Team GTPlanet/Hooncorp for 24 Hours Of Lemons New Zealand

GTPlanet 153 Feb 7, 2019 by Nathan Howe

As you may have heard by now, GTPlanet and Hooncorp have partnered to bring together a team of drivers to contest the 2019 24 Hours of Lemons New Zealand. It’s… Read More »

Here's Your Chance to Join a 24 Hours of Lemons Team with Other GTPlanet Members

As you may have read previously on the site, back in May GTPlanet member Brad McClaren (McClarenDesign) made the trip from Oklahoma, USA to Auckland, NZ (a trip of over… Read More »

NASCAR Heat 3 Launches, Gets Its Own Esports Tournament

EsportsGaming 26 Sep 7, 2018 by Nathan Howe

More and more racing game developers are including esports in their latest games. From the precision driving of F1 racing to down and DiRT-y ralling, there really is something for everyone. And now, you… Read More »

Hennessey Takes The Covers Off The Venom F5's 1600hp+ Monster Engine

Hennessey has lifted the curtain on the engine that it will install into its latest hypercar, the Venom F5. Named after the highest wind speeds on the Fujita scale, the… Read More »

Classic Australian Touring Cars Honored in Special Coin Collections

Car Culture 5 Aug 21, 2018 by Nathan Howe

Australian Touring Car racing is quite simply some of the best racing you could ever watch. The V8 Supercars series features four-door, family sedans packing naturally aspirated, five-liter V8 engines.… Read More »

How I Drove New Zealand's Very First 24 Hour Race (And Lived to Tell the Tale)

24 hour endurance races are quite simply the pinnacle of circuit racing. Man and machine are pushed to their very limit in the ultimate test of finding the perfect balance… Read More »