Burnout Paradise, DiRT 4, NFS Payback and More Featured in PS Store Double Discounts Sale

If you’re on PS4 and looking for a new racing game (or several) to play, you’re in the right place. The newest Double Discount sale is live, and we’ve rounded up the best deals on racing games.

Over the past year, racers have had quite a few racing titles to indulge in. The games came rapid-fire last autumn, putting serious strain on players’ wallets. Luckily, this week’s deals lop off a healthy amount on a majority of the modern racing games on Sony’s console.

Unfortunately, while GT Sport isn’t featured in the sale, the asking price of $39.99 is a discount on its own. If you’ve yet to pull the trigger, now is a good time. That’s to say nothing of the additional content, the most recent of which includes an Audi VGT.

Last month saw the release of Burnout Paradise Remastered. A classic in its own right, the title is already on sale for $29.99 — that’s 25% off. If you haven’t played the game during its original run on the PS3, check out our review here to get an idea of what awaits.

NFS Payback is another blockbuster title on the list, and for $23.99 — 60% off — it’s a hard deal to pass on. For those looking to go one further, the Deluxe Edition drops down to $31.99. With it comes Platinum Car Pack and a selection of assorted goodies.

Codemasters features in a big way here, with the DiRT franchise, F1, and Micro Machines all on sale. It might be a good time to grab the most recent Formula One game, with a big esports championship underway. Codies recently opened up beta sign-ups for F1 2018 as well.

The full list is down below, with the quoted prices applicable for PS Plus subscribers. There’s a little less than week remaining as the sale concludes next Tuesday, April 24.

PlayStation Store Double Discounts

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