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DiRT 4 Special Edition and Day One Edition Details Announced

Codemasters has taken to its official blog to detail the various versions of DiRT 4 players will be able to choose between when the game releases this June, with multiple options and perks being available to choose from. The differences between each edition mostly seem to be related to in-game items so those looking for some physical goodies may be slightly disappointed.

DiRT 4 Will Not Feature Current WRC Content Due to Licensing

In a surprise move, Codemasters announced DiRT 4 last week. While the news has plenty of racing fans hyped for more rally action, it’s also partially defined the game by what it won’t have. Pikes Peak is off limits due to licensing exclusivity belonging to Gran Turismo and now there’s more bad news: any WRC-related cars and tracks have been ruled out of the title completely.

DiRT 4 Chief Games Designer Hits Reddit Today For an AMA

It’s been a big week over at Codemasters HQ. Since the reveal of DiRT 4, the information has been trickling in about the title and what we can expect so far when the latest entry in the series lands in June. However if you haven’t quite had your fill of information yet, you’re in luck. Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman will be appearing on Reddit to answer your questions about the upcoming rally racer.

DiRT 4 Off-Screen Gameplay Video and First Impressions

Rally fans got a big surprise yesterday when Codemasters announced DiRT 4 would be releasing this summer. The game promises a lot of content, with over 50 off-road vehicles and the official World Rallycross Championship license. Now, a pair of Youtube videos from the Erased Citizens channel give us a better idea of what to expect from the game.

Codemasters Announces DiRT 4, Releases This June

2017’s impressive line up of racing games just got even better as Codemasters just announced the fourth main-line iteration of its DiRT series. Fresh off the success of DiRT Rally (which is getting a PS VR update soon), it seems Codies isn’t wasting time, and has set a release date of June 9 this year, with the game hitting PS4, XB1, and PC.