DiRT 4 Special Edition and Day One Edition Details Announced

Codemasters has taken to its official blog to detail the various versions of DiRT 4 players will be able to choose between when the game releases this June, with multiple options and perks being available to choose from. The differences between each edition mostly seem to be related to in-game items so those looking for some physical goodies may be slightly disappointed.

First up, we have the appropriately named “Day One Edition”. In this version of the game, you’ll secure access to a pre-order bonus Hyundai R5 Rally Car with a “special event” built for the vehicle. A unique livery is also included alongside a “Founder” icon – the significance of which isn’t detailed.

For those wanting something a bit more upon starting the game, there’s also the “Special Edition”. This includes the same content as the “Day One Edition” but you also get a “Team Booster” pack which is assumed to be for the game’s career mode. Here you’ll be able to hire a unique engineer, get an exclusive offer to join a race team and also be able to access unique facilities.

Not much information is shared about how much of an impact these boosters will have but hopefully Codemasters has more to share on the in-game career mode in the future, which will put perspective on the impact of these bonus items.

DiRT 4 will also have a steelbook to launch alongside the game when purchased from certain retailers. There’s no word on who these retailers are yet but these will be confirmed before launch.

DiRT 4 launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on June 9.

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