Classic PS1 Title Crash Team Racing Could Get a Remaster

According to the recent wave of terrible made-for-TV holiday movies, it’s the season of miracles. So get ready for a modern-era remaster of a seminal original PlayStation racing game — and it’s not Gran Turismo.

Sadly, we’ve covered why Polyphony Digital’s franchise-starter is unlikely to ever see a re-release. At that time last year, the remaster of the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy was the best-selling game worldwide. The marsupial also starred in a kart racer way back in 1999. Now, signs are pointing to Crash Team Racing being next in line for the HD remaster treatment.

It happened early yesterday, when PlayStation Access hostess Hollie Bennett tweeted out the image below:

A pair of fuzzy dice, in the same color as Naughty Dog’s Aussie animal? Sliding, like the all-important technique required to win in CTR? The hints certainly seem to suggest Crash & Co’s four-wheeled adventure is coming back.

The original Crash Team Racing landed in 1999, making next year an ideal time for an anniversary remaster. As Sony’s exclusive response to Nintendo’s Mario Kart 64CTR featured 18 tracks, 4-player multiplayer, and a robust, responsive driving model. Sure, it’s hardly iRacing or KartKraft, but you’d be having so much fun dodging carnivorous plants and laboratory beakers to care.

Suddenly, Crash’s absence on the tepid PlayStation Classic suddenly makes sense.

If a CTR remake is on the cards, it won’t be the only racing game at the Game Awards. Playground Games’ Forza Horizon 4 is a nominee in two of the categories for this year’s show. Moving outside of our favorite genre, there’s also major implications for other big-name announcements too. The Russo brothers — the team behind this year’s biggest move, Avengers: Infinity War — will be pulling presenter duties.

The Game Awards will take place tomorrow, December 6, in Los Angeles. The whole show will be live streamed across various platforms, starting at 1730 local time (0130 UTC).

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