Fanatec Discounts Sim-Racing Hardware up to 80% for Black Friday

Sim-racing hardware manufacturer Fanatec has always offered some lucrative “Black Friday” deals, but the company has gone all-out this year by kicking off the holiday shopping season with some of its most aggressive discounts yet on a wide range of products.

Fanatec has been posting new deals on its Black Friday website for the past week, and to help organize everything, we’ve sat down and ranked the very best savings to be had this season. Just click on any of the affiliate links in this post and place your order.

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ClubSport Handbrake V1.5 (15% Off)

The ClubSport Handbrake V1.5​ can connect directly to a PC as a standalone item or to a Fanatec wheel base to provide an authentic handbrake feel ideal for rally sims. It features a soft foam grip and a fully analog operation, along with multiple mounting options to allow you to place it just how you’d like.

ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox (22% Off)

This Clubsport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox enables compatibility with Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on various Fanatec hardware. The hub includes a 7-way FunkySwitch, 16 integrated buttons, a Tuning Menu button, and a three-digit LED display for instant access to force feedback and other Fanatec hardware adjustments.

Podium Button Module Endurance (25% Off)

Fanatec’s Podium Button Module Endurance is a full-scale replica of a GT3-class endurance button module constructed with a real carbon fiber front plate, internal metal reinforcements, and housed within a rubber-coated, glass fiber-reinforced backplate. It offers a range of controls, including 10 buttons, two 2-way toggle switches, a 2-axis analogue stick, 7-way FunkySwitch, and two 12-position switches. The 2.7” OLED display, surrounded by RGB RevLEDs and FlagLEDs, provides information about the vehicle, and the customizable display supports Intelligent Telemetry Mode (ITM) with five different game telemetry data layouts.

ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2023 + APM (26% Off)

This ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2023, officially licensed by Formula 1, comes in a distinctive green color scheme and a 5 mm-thick carbon fiber front plate with a forged carbon finish, featuring a cutaway F1-style grip design. The 270 mm wheel diameter offers a synthetic suede grip in green with aluminum and carbon fiber paddle modules. Available with either the ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module (see below) or the Podium Advanced Paddle Module, the shifters feature strong magnetic resistance and precise ‘clicks.’ The wheel includes an advanced QR2 Wheel-Side, an OLED display, multi-color LED bars, and input options for up to 67 adjustable in-game functions.

Podium Racing Wheel BMW GT V2/RS (29% Off)

Available as a pre-order only, these wheel/base bundles will become available later in the year — currently listed as late November in Europe, late December in the USA — and combines the Podium Wheel Base DD1 with QR2 Base-Side (Type-M), your choice of two wheels, and a QR2 Wheel-Side. The wheel options here are the ClubSport Steering Wheel RS or ClubSport Steering Wheel BMW GT V2.

ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module (30% Off)

An add-on for many wheels, the ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module offers a more authentic shifting experience through its magnetic paddles, crafted with a CNC machined aluminum cage and 3 mm-thick carbon fiber paddle plates. Compatible with various steering wheels and hubs, including the ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 20xx and Podium Hub, the module features a magnet-based operation for a more solid, positive feel during rapid shifting. The padded shifter arms minimize metal-on-metal contact noise, and the package includes both Formula-style and GT-style paddles, extension plates for larger wheels, and spacers for customizable distance adjustments to the wheel rim.

CSL DD Racing Wheel Formula V2.5 X (31% Off)

This bundle pairs the ClubSport Formula V2.5 X, also discounted as a standalone item as you can read below, with the compact CSL DD direct drive wheelbase in standard 5Nm configuration, as a double discount. The rim itself is already subject to a steep 43% price cut, but there’s an additional $70 knocked off the price for this bundle too.

ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2023 + MPM (33% Off)

If you are willing to trade the Advanced Paddle Module (APM) as described above for the Magnetic Paddle Module (MPM), you can actually save a bit more money with this cheaper bundle.

CSL Elite Pedals V2 (33% Off)

The updated V2 pedal set features a redesigned load cell brake, Hall sensors on the throttle and clutch, and various design enhancements. The brake pedal, equipped with a new load cell sensor, measures pressure for a realistic 90 kg resistance. The adjustable elastomer stack does not require the use of any tools and helps simulates the initial brake pad movement.

Podium Wheel Rim Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (33% Off)

Available in both Leather and Suede editions, this officially-licensed Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car wheel is compatible with the CSL Universal Hub, ClubSport Universal Hub, and Podium Hub.

ClubSport Pedals V3 Ultimate Bundle (40% Off)

In addition to the ClupSport Pedals V3, this bundle includes the V3 Brake Performance Kit and V3 Damper Kit. It includes a custom-made load cell, new D-shaped pedal plates, and new pedal extension and adjustment options. The included Brake Performance Kit allows you to further adjust and reduce brake pedal travel, while the Damper Kit allows you to change brake resistance without the need of any tools.

ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5 with USB Adapter (43% Off)

The ClubSport Shifter is made entirely out of metal for a more durable and realistic feeling. Its H-pattern supports up to seven speeds and can be converted to sequential mode with the flip of a switch.

ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X (43% off)

Officially licensed for Xbox (and Windows 10), the ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X features the classic formula-wheel shape in a 270mm diameter unit. The main structure is a 5mm-thick carbon fibre front plate with a CNC machined aluminum backing, with Alcantara grips and aluminum shifter modules. It includes all the buttons, dials, encoders, and FunkySwitch you’d expect, along with shift LEDs, flag LEDs and a one-inch, white LED telemetry display.

Podium Wheel Base DD2 (47% Off)

In terms of pure monetary value, the Podium Wheel Base DD2 discount offers the largest savings opportunity from Fanatec this season as its price drops by nearly half. The DD2 is a highly celebrated direct-drive wheel base which can produce up to 25Nm of torque. This version includes the new QR2 base-side adapter for maximum compatibility with new Fanatec wheel rims and an “emergency stop” button, just in case.

CSL DD / Gran Turismo DD Pro Upgrade Kit (48% Off)

This special upgrade kit for the CSL DD or Gran Turismo DD Pro includes several different accessories to upgrade either of these popular wheels and their pedals. The 8Nm Boost Kit power adapter unlocks the maximum potential of the direct drive motors, a CSL Pedals Tuning Kit provides anodized aluminum pedal plates, and the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit provides a significant upgrade to the brake pedal by converting it to a pressure-sensitive input device.

QR2 Base-Side Type-C (71% Off)

Fanatec’s long-awaited “Quick Release 2 (QR2)” hot-swap wheel connection system was unveiled earlier this year to quite a bit of excitement and fanfare due to its improved construction and reliability. This “Type C” base-side connector (which attaches to the wheel base, of course) upgrades the Gran Turismo DD Pro or CSL DD wheel bases to the QR2 system.

QR2 Base-Side Type-M (80% Off)

Typically priced at $149.95, the Type M QR2 Base-Side connector tops the list as the most heavily discounted piece of Fanatec hardware this year, dropping a full 80% to only $29.95. The “Type M” base-side connector is the more “heavy duty” of the two, supporting a wider range of Fanatec’s most powerful wheels. If you’ve been in the market for it, this is definitely the time to pick one up.

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