Deep Forest Confirmed to Return to Gran Turismo 7

The official Gran Turismo social media accounts have now confirmed that the classic original Gran Turismo Deep Forest Raceway will be returning to the series with Gran Turismo 7.

It’s the first time that the circuit has actually been confirmed for the upcoming GT title through official channels. Up to this point we only had exceptionally good evidence for it courtesy of a little Easter Egg squirrelled away in the first Behind The Scenes clip released back in October.

That clip, titled “The Starting Line”, was the first of seven short videos detailing various aspects of GT7’s design and philosophy. However it also featured some dancing light traces across the screen that appeared artistic flourishes at first glance but which took on some very familiar shapes.

As we reported at the time, the light traces described various areas of a slightly modified track path of Deep Forest Raceway. To prove the point, we assembled a collage much like the one above, which pretty much eliminated any doubt.

Of course Deep Forest isn’t the only GT original track returning. The first circuit shown when GT7 was announced in September 2020 was a modified version of Trial Mountain, and we’ve also seen a slightly tweaked version of High Speed Ring too. It’s likely Deep Forest will also feature some adjustments for GT7.

This official confirmation of Deep Forest has other implications too. A second set of light traces in subsequent videos also appeared to show an altered version of Apricot Hill Raceway. No doubt we’ll find out more on whether we can expect this fan favorite GT2 circuit to land in GT7 or not in the coming days.

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