Deep Forest Teased in Latest Gran Turismo 7 Trailer Easter Egg

Alongside revealing a selection of new vehicles for Gran Turismo 7, the latest trailer which landed today may well have confirmed at least one additional track for the title: Deep Forest.

Deep Forest is one the original tracks from the very first Gran Turismo title, back in 1997, and a very firm fan favorite as a result. It’s been present in almost all of the main GT games with the notable exception of GT Sport, despite being one of series creator Kazunori Yamauchi’s own favorite tracks too.

That was seemingly down to issues scaling the track, originally built back in the days where 1080i resolution was cutting edge, up to suit modern 4K consoles. In fact this was behind the absence of all of the original circuits from GT Sport, with Trial Mountain, High Speed Ring, Midfield Raceway, Apricot Hill, and Grand Valley all also missing.

However the first trailer for GT7 back in June 2020 revealed a remodelled Trial Mountain, which got fans’ hopes up for other original tracks. This was only enhanced by High Speed Ring’s appearance, again slightly reworked, in this year’s official launch date announcement trailer.

Deep Forest’s appearance in today’s new trailer video is far, far more subtle. The video, titled “Starting Line – Behind the Scenes” features an interview with Yamauchi about car culture. You might spot, as you watch it, some colored lines sweeping across the screen throughout and, as it turns out, these aren’t just for decoration.

Although you do need to rotate and invert some of the lines, they do in fact draw out the track outline of Deep Forest really rather clearly. We’ve assembled the images together at the top of our post so that you don’t have to, and you can see the result.

That nice little Easter Egg would appear to confirm that Deep Forest is also on its way to Gran Turismo 7. However, not all the lines tally with Deep Forest, just those in plan view. The end of the clip overlays three different sets of lines, suggesting there’s even more here, and some of the lines which dart in and out of the screen bear more than a passing resemblence to other original circuits too.

Of course nothing has been officially confirmed until Polyphony Digital says so, but it’s increasingly looking like GT7 really will meet its brief of being the best of “past, present, and future” of Gran Turismo.

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