Driving Force GT: Hands-On Impressions

Hardware 5 February 21, 2008 by
Hand-on with Driving Force GTA few of the first hands-on comments have been popping up around the web by people who actually got to play Gran Turismo 5: Prologue with the new Logitech Driving Force GT wheel, and so far, they are good. While these are just impressions from the floor at the Game Developers Conference (and not full reviews), it is interesting that the force feedback is getting so much attention. Hopefully, these folks have experience with other force-feedback wheels, and can actually detect an improvement from the older games.

From Joystiq:

“The wheel feels incredibly sturdy, and offers a surprising amount of resistance when making turns, crashing into walls, and more. The force offered by the wheel rivals those found in arcade cabinets. The wheel makes Gran Turismo 5 feel like a completely different game. Playing in cockpit mode with the controller is incredibly immersive. With wheel in hand, this does feel like the “real driving simulator” that GT promises to be.”

From ArsTechnica:

“The force feedback is strong, giving you information on the road, how cars are bumping you, and you can even feel the effects of skidding out in a surprisingly realistic way. … When you hit the button in the middle of the dial, it opens a menu on the screen, and you can then twist the 24-position dial to adjust things like brake bias and damper settings on the fly. While casual gamers may not be impressed by this feature, hardcore Gran Turismo players will be overjoyed at this simple way of tweaking your car as you race; it allows you very fine control over how your car handles with very little fuss.”

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