Fanatec CSL DD “Ready2Race” Bundle Now Available for $399.95

Fanatec has revealed a new sim-racing bundle which includes its entry level direct drive CSL DD wheelbase for just under $/€400.

Dubbed the “Ready2Race” bundle, the setup is $/€100 less expensive than the identical Race Ready bundles offered back in February.

The set includes the CSL DD Wheel Base in 5Nm form, paired with the CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 and the CSL Pedals. That means the set is PC-only, but of course it only needs an Xbox-compatible rim if you want to get ready for Forza Motorsport in October.

Buying all of the components separately would set you back $/€549.95, so the bundle represents a $/€150 saving.

You can also upgrade to the 8Nm version of the bundle for another $/€100, rather than the $/€150 it would cost to purchase the Boost Kit 180 required to unlock the 8Nm mode.

Other bundles are also available, including the PlayStation-equivalent Gran Turismo DD in both 5Nm and 8Nm forms starting at $699.95.

All items are in stock now, with no wait for delivery.

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