Fanatec Reveals New CSL Elite Pedals V2 With Load Cell Brake, Available Now

Fanatec has revealed the new and upgraded CSL Elite Pedals V2, available to buy from the Fanatec store from today:

Notably, the pedal set is only available as a full three-pedal piece, incorporating throttle and clutch alongside a standard load cell brake with an all-new load cell. Load cell tech measures pedal force rather than travel, simulating a real brake pedal acting on brake pads via the hydraulics.

The Fanatec pedal is tuned to a braking force of 900N, although this is adjustable, and comes with a variety of swappable rubber springs to vary pedal firmness. A metal spring is also included.

However the pedal upgrades don’t end there. The V2 kit now sports Hall effect sensors in place of the original’s potentiometers, with contactless pedal position detection resulting in no associated component wear.

In addition the base has more bracing to resist torsion of the unit, and each pedal can be adjusted for position laterally — you can even remove the clutch to make a two-pedal set if you wish.

Everything from the pedal faces to the heel rest is made from cast and machined aluminum, and powder-coated for longevity. You can also fit rubber face plates to individual pedals if you prefer.

The pedal set is compatible with PC, PlayStation (if attached to an appropriate wheel base) and Xbox (if attached to an appropriate wheel base with an Xbox wheel), and all CSL, ClubSport, and Podium wheels, and the CSL DD and GT DD wheels.

Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 are available to order now, at $/€299.95.

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