FIA-Certified GT Nations Cup Interviews: Igor Fraga, Mikail Hizal and Cody Latkovski

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After all the confetti had dropped at the FIA-certified GT Championship Nations Cup World Final on Sunday night, we had a chance to speak with all the podium finishers about their races and their time in Monaco.

In case you missed the Nations Cup Final, you can re-watch it here or just check out our full race-recap to see how it all went down.

3rd: Cody Nikola Latkovski 🇦🇺

Consistent driving earned Australian driver Cody Nikola Latkovski a spot on the podium, as he slowly but steadily moved up the points leaderboard after each race at the World Finals.

2nd: Mikail Hizal 🇩🇪

After winning the EMEA Championship in Madrid, there were a lot of eyes on Hizal at the World Final and many picked him to win the whole thing. He almost did just that, but for a poor finish in the second race at Interlagos.

Hizal ate two cookies before the race, one of which was a gift from the infamous Translator-san.

1st: Igor Fraga 🇧🇷

Although Fraga was a popular favorite leading into the last day of competition, none of it came easily for the Brazilian. He was 2nd in the points standings and 10th on the grid heading into the final race. He needed to win, and more importantly, he needed points leader Yamanaka to finish far enough back to take the championship away from him.

That’s exactly what happened, in a wild, dramatic finish that saw Fraga take the race win — and the championship.

Congratulations to you all!

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