Forza Monthly to Reveal First Forza Motorsport Gameplay & Donut Media Content for Horizon 5

A special Forza Monthly live stream will broadcast at 1800UTC on June 13, bringing the first look at the gameplay of the upcoming Forza Motorsport title ahead of its launch this October, along with news on the next update for Forza Horizon 5.

Once again, the live Motorsport event will come from the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, with the game’s creative director Chris Esaki presenting a gameplay demonstration of the title.

The demo will center on what’s described as the “all-new career mode, Builders Cup”. It’s a curious name that sounds like it’s might be more appropriate to something like LEGO 2K Drive, but it could suggest that the core gameplay loop will be about taking a starter car and building it up into a world-beater.

That’s something that the new trailer, from the Xbox Games Showcase over the weekend, also hinted at. We saw the player in that trailer defeated in a race at the new Eaglerock Speedway, before a voice — which could be an in-game spotter or engineer — instructed them to upgrade their car for the next one.

In addition, the trailer showed very brief glimpses of the tuning screens, showing the car’s level and performance index (PI), available upgrade components — including engine, aspiration, and drivetrain swaps — and a spider-web performance chart

It’s not entirely clear how long this demonstration will last for, though it’s likely to fill up the largest single part of the broadcast. With at least four of the game’s 20 locations yet to be revealed, along with scores of entries on the car list, we may learn more about the launch content too.

The Monthly show will also cover upcoming activities in Forza Horizon 5, with Series 22 set to get underway on Thursday June 22.

We do already have some insight into the series, which is officially called “Upgrade Heroes” within the game, with the various social media posts from official accounts confirming it will see the second stage of the Donut Media content.

Donut Media — a car culture YouTube channel, for those unfamiliar with it — made a debut in Series 14 with a new Horizon Story which centered on modifying cars in different ways to suit certain challenges. It also starred the channel’s hosts, James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes, by way of facial capture and voice recordings.

However it didn’t feature any of the famous Donut Media star cars — like Hi/Low Car, Hi/Low Truck, and the Money Pit machines — which Pumphrey suggested in a podcast last year would be part of the game. Series 22 may finally see them make their debut.

You’ll be able to watch the full Monthly show on YouTube or Twitch, or via the embed at the top of this article, from 1800 UTC on Tuesday June 13.

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