Ford Credits Games Like Gran Turismo for Increased Brand Recognition

US automotive giant Ford is the latest car manufacturer to acknowledge the effect that video games have on brand recognition and vehicle sales, particularly in the 20-30 demographic.

In this November article in the New York Times, Ford cited research showing that the presence of their models in video games boosted brand awareness, brand loyalty and purchase intent by around a third, with gamers agreeing that certain models from the range were more fun to drive from their experiences in games alone. Since Ford’s official gaming debut in 1995 – with Sega Rally – they claim over 250 million copies of games with Ford models featured have shipped and with Ford a permanent fixture of Gran Turismo since the second game, 54 million of those games are Gran Turismo games. Ford even merited a cover car, with the iconic GT adorning the boxes of Gran Turismo 4, and has recently increased its PlayStation presence with a virtual showroom on PlayStation Home.

While the Times’ article also cites Honda and General Motors sources, this certainly isn’t the first time that Gran Turismo fans have heard car manufacturers citing games and Gran Turismo specifically for direct increase in sales. The first Gran Turismo game resulted in a six-fold increase in sales of TVRs in Japan while simultaneously being credited for the popularisation of the Subaru Impreza WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in the USA, eventually leading to cars being exported to that market.

This is something of a double-edged sword for gamers, however. While we may be excited to see huge automotive corporations recognising the power of our hobby, it is merely as a marketing tool for them. Although many Gran Turismo fans clamour for the addition of older performance cars like the BMW E30 M3 or the Ford Escort RS Cosworth, buying old cars doesn’t lead directly to sales – though it may boost brand recognition – and they may be less interested in licensing a classic in place of a 2012 model in their showrooms today. Still, the gamers can hope – in the words of Gene Reamer of General Motors:

“You can’t buy your way into those games, you either have the cars they’re looking for or you don’t.”

So long as gamers use resources like GTPlanet’s Feedback section to let game manufacturers know what cars they want, the studios can licence the classics we desire alongside the new models the car companies want to sell to us.

GT5 Photomode images courtesy of RetroGiant.

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  1. irvgotti

    I would love new shelby but i dont think they want to make that car. i would appreciate if they didnt blatantly handicapped the mustang gt handling wise, by making such a huge (i.m.o. purposely) error on weight distribution. 65/35 like wat the F. no wonder she dont turn the correct is 56/44. this is the only car in game u add 200 kg ballast it brings up pp. but then it weight like if it was stock. THIS IS PURE BIAS BULL. ford should take back there comments

  2. =drifting24/7=

    We need the 2010 Ford Mustang. It’s a new car still being featured in showrooms. Not a bad idea to add it to the GT5 car roster.

    Also, make up your mind Porsche!! Don’t you like to see your cars being “perfectly” rendered in GT5??

    1. =drifting24/7=

      One more thing…

      FYI Porsche, Ferrari was more hesitant than you (arguably the most hesitant) in giving licenses of their cars to the Gran Turismo developers, because the guys at Ferrari want nothing but perfection. So Ferrari did it, Lamborghini did it, Maserati did it, why don’t you do the same thing, too?

  3. Jaketheflake420

    I was just checking out Forza 4’s tracks and car list’s. It would be awesome to have some of the cars they have that GT5 doesnt.
    I noticed alot more Race cars , GT cars and le mans cars. Also alot of the manufactures have alot more of the earlier year cars. kinda cool.

    1. tpark103

      I hate to admit it but I occasionally check out the pics on one of there blogs and I notice quite a few cars I wish we had. A wise man once told me that you can wish in one had and sh*** in the other hand and see wich one fills faster.


    I bougth my first car 92 EG6 civic influenced by GT1 and my actual car civic Type R 8th also influenced by Gran Turismo. GT helps me to the final decision when I compare civics with another sport compacts.

  5. Flaco13

    …in the words of Gene Reamer of General Motors: “You can’t buy your way into those games, you either have the cars they’re looking for or you don’t.”

    Mr. Reamer,

    YOU have them! Now give them to us! GM specific: the scream for Cadillac V’s is so loud by now it should hall all over Detroit. The love for Opel/Vauxhall shown here could increase a bit, tho I’m sure many ppl want them. Same goes for Holden. And even your Korean Chevy badged Daewoo’s such as the Cruze are gaining popularity. (drove 1 as a rental car, its not bad, for the price I’d even say it’s really good).

    So GM, get active!

    PD, more Ford’s more GM more of anything, but please fill the hole of underrated missing cars before giving us new Spec’s of already existing ones.

    Boss Mustang and the E30 M3 would make good start.

    1. AndeMoog

      Too bad EA has exclusive rights to Porsche…until that changes, you’ll only be able to drive Porsches in sh*t games like Need for Speed, which is an arcade game, not a realistic simulation like GT5 and Forza. What a shame! PD, spend whatever amount is necessary to get the rights to Porsche. How amazing would it be to have the new 991 version of the 911 in GT5? How about the 918 Spyder, Carrera GT, Turbo S, GT3 RS 4.0, GT2 RS…..

  6. TokoTurismo

    Gran Turismo is my legend, legend for my love for cars. :) My first time playing it was in GT2 when I was a kid. I played it even when I didn’t had a memory card. But it really showed me what cars were all about. I agree that Gran Turismo 5 and the Gran Turismo series is by far the best of the best series in the whole world for car lovers all over to experience. :D

  7. Brunskill777

    No doubt in my mind, Gran Turismo 5 is the best game EVER! My love of cars never dwindles while I’m on GT.

  8. GRAFX21

    There is no doubt by playing GranTurismo since the beginning only made me love cars more and I have also learned much more and recognized more brands etc. Gran Turismo is an amazing game. It is not perfect but damn near. I love it.

  9. LMSCorvetteGT2

    So does that mean we can expect to see more fords? I mean if GT is to be thanked surely a few more Fords like the GT500 2012 should be given to PD at a low premium due to sales and brand recognition boosting.

  10. seanchump

    It’s interesting that auto manufacturers tout the praises of GT as a sales tool but I often wonder why all latest models are not included. Most exotics are there but it seems mid range sub compact group takes a back seat. Wouldn’t every manufacture want all of their vehicles in the game? It makes me think that the bottleneck is with PD and not the other way around

  11. leeson65

    Back on subject; Great article Jordan! It’s amazing what A {sic} video game can do:

    “The first Gran Turismo game resulted in a six-fold increase in sales of TVRs in Japan while simultaneously being credited for the popularisation of the Subaru Impreza WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in the USA, eventually leading to cars being exported to that market.”

  12. Blood*Specter

    Yes tika, Sweeds make pretty good phones. And how about Jet fighters? Yeah, your right, USA cant walk and chew gum at the same time. You’re a joke….LOL

  13. Blood*Specter

    Only good cars built by USA = Ford GT, Duesenberg, and maybe the Stanley steam car?

    AMF Javlen, Cadillac STS-V, Corvette, ZR1, Z06, C3, Saleen Raptor & S7, Mustang Laguna Saca Edition,
    Ford Focus, Chaparral, Shelby GT500 Mosler MT900M. And lets not forget that Ford basically has supported and lent technology to Cosworth for many years……………Give it a rest.

    1. CNSpots1

      Ford also owns a small stake in Mazda in Japan and Aston Martin in the UK, they also owned jaguar and land rover for quite some time. AND if they are so worthless then why did the ALL AMERICAN ford mark IV, smash ferrari at le mans?

      answer this tika

    2. tika

      @ CNSpots1

      Al the great car manufactures in the world who made great and unforgettable cars made also the worst cars in the world, take Lancia for example they made some of the world greatest cars ever made’’ take the FulviaHF, Stratos HF,and the 037 our the delta that won the world rally championship 6 times in a row , but they also made the some of the worst cars ever made like the Thema our Beta, the Beta was A motoring disaster.

    3. tika

      @ CNSpots1

      My personal list of motoring disasters

      • Bugatti Royale
      • Ford Mustang II
      • Cadillac Seville
      • Austin Maestro
      • Lancia Beta
      • Caterham 21
      • Pontiac Aztek
      • Porsche 914
      • Chevrolet Corva
      • Ford Pinto

      My personal top ten of worst Italian cars ever

      1. Alfa Romeo Arna
      2. Maserati Biturbo
      3. Fiat Strada
      4. Lancia Beta
      5. Lamborghini Countach
      6. Alfa Romeo Alfa 6
      7. Ferrari Mondial
      8. De Tomaso Deauville
      9. Innocenti Mini Bertone
      10. Lancia Thema 8.32

    4. lebes14

      Using a 1950s cars as an example is a painfully flawed line of logic. That’s like saying germany has the strongest military in the world because the tiger was a beast in the 40s.

    5. rocketcaron

      @tika well, considering what you said about Americans AND the Ford Mustang BOSS 302 (some of the most ignorant comments I’ve heard in AWHILE) I will not put much weight on your opinions or listings here.

    6. tika

      @ rocketcaron

      Considering what I said about Americans, if you take What I say About the US seriously well then that is foolish of you I don’t hate our dislike you guys ‘’ I’m just **** *** with you.
      I like you silly Americans. Special men like the sadly deceased George Carlin.
      And what About the cars, the original Boss 302 was A great car the so called Boss 302 2012 is not An even in the shadow of that car even in his Lacuna Sega spec it’s a joke with the badge stolen from A great car in the past.

    7. teppischfresser

      @lebes14 What are you talking about?! I have a 2010 GT500 and it’s awesome. It has a good ride, enough space for my two kids in the back, enough room for my rifles in the trunk, and it’s damn fast. You need to do some homework before saying it’s not a good car.

    8. Flaco13

      @ blood*specter
      Ford basically has supported and lent technology to Cosworth for many years?

      – They supported each other it’s called joint venture, but saying Ford lent technology TO Cosworth? You got that twisted, if something its the other way around, at that time Ford and other manufacturers were pretty depending on Cosworth’s technology. For example, Turbo’s made of Cosworth were milestones back then. Engines were used by many manufacturers not just Fords.

    9. Flaco13

      My personal list of motoring disasters
      • Bugatti Royale – what’s wrong with it? the look?
      • Ford Mustang II – no need 2 comment
      • Cadillac Seville – what year? U mean late 70’s? then i disagree, had a ’79 Seville. Mercedes of that time wouldnt take up!
      • Austin Maestro – idk so i wont judge
      • Lancia Beta – disgusting!
      • Caterham 21 – cant think of a caterham i wouldnt jump up and scream of joy when seeing 1, there great even 21’s
      • Pontiac Aztek – testdrove one, a Kia Sorento is the much better mid size SUV, even tho its a Kia!
      • Porsche 914 – worse porsche of all time is the 924, more VW than porsche
      • Chevrolet Corva – u mean Corvair? great car!
      • Ford Pinto – great post fwd-VW-Golf-mess-up era, everything after that era was just a big joke… but pinto’s escort’s kadett’s etc. were all great cars… until that effin Golf came out

      My personal top ten of worst Italian cars ever
      1. Alfa Romeo Arna
      2. Maserati Biturbo
      3. Fiat Strada
      4. Lancia Beta
      5. Lamborghini Countach
      6. Alfa Romeo Alfa 6
      7. Ferrari Mondial
      8. De Tomaso Deauville
      9. Innocenti Mini Bertone
      10. Lancia Thema 8.32
      Agree, exept 4 the Maserati and the Countach

    10. tika

      @ falco13

      the 1983 Biturbo” is, of course, Italian for “expensive junk.” At least, it is now, after Maserati tried to pass off this bitter heartbreak-on-wheels as a proper grand touring sedan. The Biturbo was the product of a desperate, under-funded company circling the drain of bankruptcy, and it shows. Everything that could leak, burn, snap or rupture did so

    11. tika

      @Falco 13

      The Lamborghini Countach was A terrible car, the clutch seems to come out off A truck to shift gears you need too hands , it has the turn circle of A bus. The suspension is so hard that you tooth while fall out when you drive the sucker. An d I no because we have A couple of Lamborghini at our garage such as 1 Countach LP 500 s

    12. Flaco13

      I see your point regarding the Maserati Bi-Turbo. The story reminds me of what Audi’s doing today! lol Thats german for “expensive junk” imo

    13. Flaco13

      regarding the countach, well you had to put some pressure on it, so what? Lambos have always been acting like divas. Like Walter Roehrl said: The difference between people and cars is, cars you must treat with respect

    14. tika

      @ Faqlco13
      Enough over the worst cars what about the best cars I have A few cars that I just love to drive.

      1. my Frazer Nash 1935 chain drive ( hot-rod I rebuild three to four times A year and just race it over the gravel roads, with the chain drive it loves to go sideways over the road)

      2. the Bentley 4liters blower special , I just love the way that thing rides

      3. the Ferrari F430, love that to dead, my dad promised me that I get that car as soon as he gets his Ferrari FF this year .

      4. my little blue ford Angelia race car 1963 just love that little blue period race car

      5. my BMW M3 coupe drive it daily and I have no complaint what so ever on the car

  14. Lambob

    My dad had a Ford Landau LTD ’79 back in the day, lasted 22 years, all stock.

    I will be getting myself a nice new Focus ST when that comes around soon this spring. Doubt it will last as long lol.

  15. Canis

    We need some specific Fords!! Sierra and Escort Cosworth RS’, Fiesta Zetec S mk4 [just because], the new Focus ST.. Maybe an Escort zr3! Or even a Mexico.. What good is Ford, if you don’t slap in the best of European Ford??? Why should a Taurus, or a Ka be in the game? Gran Turismo needs to put in some pedigree cars that are well recognized and are icons of the motor industry really.

    1. tika

      I almost forgot about the Sierra Cosworth, and that’s strange because we have a RS rally version of that car from 1987 here in the garage. And we do have two Cortina`s and A Mexico in racing trim.
      And I agree we need more pedigree cars in the game. Don’t give us museum cards if us cars that made history.

    2. KYD302

      And they need to bring in the Aussie market as well with Ford AU cars like the typhoon ute falcon and bring back the FPV models that were in GT4 and i can’t be leave they haven’t added the 04 SVT Cobra(terminator) yet that car was the only mustang with IRS it made boat loads of power modding them was cheap and you seen great power numbers from simple upgrades we have the Cobra R from 00 yank yank they are so rare people don’t give them a second thought but the word TERMINATOR strikes fear into Supra, Skyline, Camaro and Corvette owners the 04 Cobra was the best mustang built and i’m pretty sure its the only one to beat a corvette off the showroom floor

    3. Flaco13

      @ Canis

      The Ka is european.

      Unlike you, i’d rather see more Opel in this game.

      Sierra – I’d go for a Ascona 400
      Escort Cossi – Astra F GSi (even tho this point goes to the Ford, but still!)
      Fiesta Zetec – Corsa OPC Nürburgrin Ed. (making Siesta while waiting 4 the Fiesta)
      Focus ST – Astra J OPC ( is that a focus in my rear mirror? cant see its 2 far behind me!)

    4. loubif

      2003-2004 SVT Mustang Cobra…simply a BEAST…IRS, supercharged, 6speed, 390hp stock and able to upgrade to over 800+rwhp and still drive it on the street, why wouldn’t it be included in GT5???

    1. Flaco13

      +1 @ FoShizzle

      totally agree, instead of AMG’s and M’s and RS’s, why not go for C 220 cdi’ 320 d’s and A4 1.9 tdi instead? Some everyday Cars, at least on european market, would be much more exiting to drive and compare physics then those Supersportcars, I understand you kids wanna go fast but theres a lot of cars to fullfill those demands.

      When the bmw 120d was put in gt4 I was hoping 4 more Diesel fueled cars like that… oh and btw. PD a 120d ‘s consumption is not to be compared with the 120i, you should fix this. Same goes for the diesel fueled race cars from peuget and audi!

    1. tika

      No when I think of great cars i think of Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Bently.W.O ,Frazer Nash, Lancia. Aston Martin, Lamborghini, ferrari, Austin Healy, Lotus, Jensen, AC, Maserati and so on.

    1. KYD302

      They screwed us on that one i wish we had Porsche on GT5 the standard Ruf cars suck they could at least give us the 911 turbo s, Gt2 gt2rs gt3 gt3 rs gt3rs 4.0 maybe pd should try a deal with both EA and Porsche to see it they can strike some kind of deal GT% is the biggest car game in the world it’s a shame that us Porsche fans have to play a 3rd rate game to even drive one

  16. tika

    Whey have around 63 cars in our car park new and old. Like the Alfa Romeo 1932 Monza, A type 37a Bugatti, A Bentley 4 Litres Blower Special 1931. A Ferrari 550 Maranello , the ferrari 328 GTS coupe 1987 the Lamborghini espada serie2 1972, Lamborghini diablo 1995

    Cars I would like to see in the game on day

  17. GTP_Rex2000

    If this recognition means so much then why not submit the next gen cars or prototypes to GT offices and get a download then you can get money off the download and get the recognition too!

  18. tika

    @ Aftrbrnr

    I am comparing the boss 302 to the holden vrx 8 and yes it’s made with A American engine but still you need the Australians to make it work…

    1. Aftrbrnr

      For all I’ve dug up, both cars seem to be equal: Motorweek managed to squeak a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds with the Boss 302, while the British publication Auto Express did 0-60 in the Monaro in just under 5 seconds.

      One last thing, your post was obvious politically charged and meant to incite angry responses especially with regards to your last sentence. All have to say is grow up, don’t cause unnecessary trouble as I know GT Planet is a very well moderated website.

    2. tika

      @ Aftrbrnr

      I have no political agenda our what so ever, just A real dark sense of humour and sarcasm, drain in reality. And above all it sad, funny but true.

    3. XXI

      You are ignorant, and what grand country do you hail from?

      The 2011 BMW X3 was designed in California. Every X3 ever built was built with American pride in Spartanburg, South Carolina. But your right, we Americans have given the world (and continue to give) no innovation in the last 100 years.

    4. tika

      @ XXI

      What the heck the BMW X3 is just build for the American market to fill the hole in the BMW segment to sell A SUV like car. It’s a road car that thinks it’s a off roader

      (You are ignorant, and what grand country do you hail from),,, hihi this makes me laugh so hard you have no idea off cars what so ever and then call me ignorant. I, am from Finland and yes I know we don’t build cars we just drive them like we stool them , that’s the reason we have the best rally drivers in the world. Please come to Finland one day then I while learn you to drive A rally car over fast gravel roads.

    5. XXI

      I won’t even extend you the gratification of a reply, other than your trying to compare the United States to Finland… Ok enough said.
      On topic,
      The new Ford line up is quite good, along with the new Cadillacs and Chevy with the Camaro. I’m glad Ford recognizes the impact our hobby has even if it’s only for advertisement purposes.

    1. tika

      You silly American’s and the boss 302, it’s a stupid car even the Holden Monaro is A faster car then the boss 302 lacuna Sega. You think just before it is A mustang and it has the boss badge it’s a good car, but the car is just A piece of junk made from parts from the sixties. The problem with the Americans is that they can’t make anything anymore, you can’t make A TV set, our A microwave and you can’t build A car anymore. The only thing you Americans can do well is sent people to prison and make in to modern slave workers our sending poor people to war and let them die..

    2. Aftrbrnr

      tika, would like to see which Monaro you are comparing to the Boss 302. Would also like to point out the Monaro’s powerplant is essentially American designed.

    3. zenator

      I agree with tika, I think it needs more Holden’s (preferably HSV’s), this game has too many types of nissan’s, honda’s and fords, give ppl what they want!! And enough with hybrids ppl only drive them 2 or 3 times and that’s it, theyre ugly and slow.

    4. tube chaser

      @ zenator
      I hope you don’t think my Tesla is slow and ugly? Man, that car has got such a love for speed it goes “Weeeeeeeeee” when you hit the gas.

  19. 2012GT325

    Everyone: let’s write to Porsche and try to see if we can encourage them to have their cars in GT series. EA, too, could be persuaded.

    1. TokoTurismo

      I’ll follow you. Us the GT fans must work together to get Porsche’s attention to work with PD. :D Come on Porsche, you must listen!

    2. RTSolvalou

      Won’t we just end up with 30 versions of the same porsche? It’ll be like the Skyline/Lancer situation only much much worse.

    3. zenator

      Screw Porsche they all look the same with just a different name and there are hundreds of cars that look better and people would want, try to get Rolls Royce or some company like that.

  20. Quakebass

    A maintenance notice has been posted on GT5’s website for Feb 6, 22:00 – 23:00 EST…

    I wonder what that means…

  21. marktyper

    Nice!!! Yeah I did some 5 laps in Nur 24 H and the PP is 600.. Almost all the opponents used the DLC TC cars and some JGTC and DTM but guess what? I used a street car Ford GT and I dominated all of em! Unfortunately, an Audi R8 street car 4.2 beat me due to its pit strategy. But overall, I placed 2nd out of 12! :) not bad.

  22. montecarlo87

    Funny how there aren’t many Fords at all in GT yet they credit GT for recognition. Kaz should take that as a hint. I mean zero T-birds, no 78 King Cobra, no Fox body stang’s, no 65 fastback no boss 429. Gran Torino, Fairlane Thunderbolt. Gotta see those eventually I’m sure. And no I’m not leaving out GM and Chrysler. ;P

    1. Flaco13

      Now what about that contract between EA and Porsche? Wasnt it suppose to end a few days or weeks ago??? Did they sign a new 1? Then forget about Porsche’s 4 us… Anyone knowing anything?

  23. SuBMWaru

    My choice of car was influenced greatly by GT5, and past gt’s. I wanted a Subaru. A red one. Roof racks and BBS shoes. Unfortunately, I accept what Im giving and am rocking the b5.5 passat. Luckily, there’s a huge VW community out there. Thanks PD and the GT series for simply being good fun.

  24. SuBMWaru

    Maybe they should increase premium ford models in game and not as DLC. They should bring the new Focus and ’12/’13 mustang. It’ll definelty elevate muscle wars online. I was really looking forward to the addition of more cars that aren’t DLC only.

  25. Snaeper

    I always loved cars ever since I was a baby, but GT definitely accelerated my growth of knowledge and respect for car cultures in other countries.

    While I used to look merely for what car was the fastest and coolest looking and how much it could be modified, I now look for quality, technology and detail that go hand in hand with those previous criteria.

    Now to Ford: PUT MORE CARS IN GRAN TURISMO! The lack of new Mustangs is disheartening.

    1. Quakebass

      Same here – but I’m still transitioning; I still go a lot by looks and stats, but I’m starting to come back to the cars that feel great to drive (like the Aston Martin DB9 Coupe and Lotus Evora – cars I never expected to like). GT5 fueled my love of cars and racing, when all of my friends started to lose interest in cars and get interested in general gaming and guns… Even after playing Gran Turismo. I can’t agree more with everything you’ve just said.

  26. Balocco

    Now it’s Nissan, Subaru and Mitsubishi’s turn to say the same. We have the GT-R, WRX and Evo on sale now in the US because of this game series.

  27. Rainemaker

    I played gran turismo 1 shortly after it came out, and thought; this is the greatest game ever, and just LOOK at those graphics.

    I also thought I new a lot about cars at the time, but I was ignorant. Gran Turismo was my first introduction to the GTR.

    The game got me and kept me in the car scene. Through college I continued to play GT. From GT 2 and 3. 4 came out right as I was graduating law school. I got a job, and bought the new (at the time) 350Z (intent to purchase was definitely influenced by GT) and was so happy although I could only just barely afford it.

    By the time GT5 prologue came out, and a year or so afterwards, the Z was about to be paid off. In 2009 I finally was able to afford, and bought a GTR, my dream car. And I can honestly say, my decision to follow that car, research it, and buy it, was all (initially) due to Gran Turismo.

    Ford has the right idea. Who knows, maybe there is a kid out there now playing GT5, and is simply infatuated with his Ford GT, and ends up going to med school thinking one day, he’ll be buying his own GT.

  28. PIGBOY

    i Cant find this virtual dealership in PS home so im chasing people,then dancing like a robot…my belly hurts from laughing :) the Audi game isnt bad,red bull and UFC rooms there too

  29. BWX

    I still have my old copy of Sega Rally somewhere around here. Also, I have been a fan of Subaru since around the time GT 1 came out. I bought a used Subaru Legacy GT back in 06, but in 2009, when shopping for my first ever new-car purchase, Subaru was #1 on my list.

    I ended up getting a bran new ’09 Subaru Impreza 2.5i 5-speed. A WRX would be fun but lots bigger payments and more up-keep maintenance and premium fuel. Basically, if not for Gran Turismo, I don’t think I would have been a Subaru fan, and most likely would not be driving one today.

    When my mom needed a car last year, we test drove a lot of new cars, but I new she’d be happy with a Subaru because of the reliability and value. She ended up getting a new 2011 Forester LIMITED. That Forester is a sick ride loaded up with leather, huge sunroof, and everything. So there’s about $55,000 worth of bran-new car sales that probably would never have happened if not for GT.

    Funny, I never answered any polls.. or was part of any research study. I bet Gran Turismo has influenced a lot more car purchases than they even realize.

  30. PIGBOY

    I an a GM Aussie fan but my first car was a ford and grandad had 2 mark 1 cortina’s,i loved those little things,he also had a XW falcon wagon,i learnt to drive in an XE falcon,first car = Xa falcon(model b4 madmax car
    and now i own a piece of detriot muscle built in Atlanta….await for it………………………’97 taurus and its in the game with 2 cylinders more yeh but its my fav :)

    1. PIGBOY

      ……and the mark I cortina should be in gt5.I have read that it is the best all round touring/rally car of its day

  31. Jump_Ace

    I’ve always wondered this, and just assumed because this marketing venue certainly doesn’t hurt brand awareness, it was enough to let PD replicate their cars. Good to see a positive trend coming out of this. Now if PD would give us more real life tracks…..


  32. GTSteve7

    I’d like to see more average vehicles as well as Porsche’s. I want a Ford Fiesta, Honda fit/jazz, Honda Accord, Mazda 3, and Honda Ridgeline. Just to name a few.

  33. TayTheDay

    “Since Ford’s official gaming debut in 1995 – with Sega Rally ”

    Whaaaa? There weren’t any Fords in Sega Rally!!

  34. Primus Ortus

    “You can’t buy your way into those games, you either have the cars they’re looking for or you don’t.” Nissan did… :) Nevertheless, although it’s a double edged sword, it does provide the impetus for a healthy symbiotic relationship between PD, the car manufacturers, and the gamers/end users.

  35. Vol Jbolaz

    Ford, I do hope you are paying attention:

    Yes, games like GT do raise you brand awareness. I admit, I will never buy a GT. I will never be that rich, and if I were, I’m sorry, but the 430 and 458 are much more my style than the GT. The GT is a bit more fun than I thought it would be, and it does handle a bit easier than I thought it would. Kudos to you.

    I can also tell you that because of this game, the Mustang is rubbish. I own a GM, and I will never buy another. The build quality is horrible. The reliability is horrible. I’ve always owned Japanese cars, and this GM was a mistake. But I still have more respect for GM than I do for Ford because the Camaro has an actual suspension in it. The engine also produces more power per liter of displacement than the Mustang. The Mustang is a show pony. The Camaro is for people that want to drive.

    Games like these are double-edged swords.

    1. GT55YW

      I find your lack of knowledge regarding the Mustang rather disturbing. I respect when people have different opinions, but your thought to be facts are extremely off. Please do research for spouting about how you dislike Ford because GM sucks. You’re really not making much sense.

    2. southernstig

      While he holding his hand to force choke Vol Jbolaz ;p

      All kidding aside, last time I checked the Mustang does have a suspension on it. Oh wait, its not independent therefore its rubbish. Statements like are extremely short sighted. The S197 Mustang has been winning in races since 2005. That includes winning driver, team and manufactures titles while competing against “superior” suspended cars like the 911, CTS-V and the M3. And everything Ford has learned from racing was applied to the street going versions. Its a crying shame that the culmination of that knowledge the 2012 Boss 302(or any Boss for that matter) is not included in the game.

      As for your statement that Mustang doesn’t make power and is a show pony, check your facts sir. Both the 5.0 Mustang and 6.2 Camaro motors have been a dyno producing nearly 470hp. The difference is that the Ford motor does it at a lower displacement. And up until recently, every single major magazine that featured a Mustang vs Camaro test picked the Mustang as the better driver’s car due to its lighter weight and better tuned suspension. The Camaro is there for looks. The rear seats are useless, the trunk space & opening are pathetic and you can barely see out the thing. The ZL1 is its only saving grace, that is until spring when the 650hp, 200+ mph ‘Ring tested GT500 hits the market.

  36. zodicus

    Yeah im one of those people that where introduced to the impreza and evo for the first time in GT1. I fell in love with the WRX and now own one. If i can help it my next car will also be a WRX or at the very least another subaru of some sort, by far the best car ive ever owned.

    1. TheBlueHusky

      I got a WRX as well, love that thing, I have a 2009 hatchback, it’s in that beautiful World Rally Blue Mica

    1. carz9240

      So is ford and mazda and lamborghini and toyota and bmw and mclaren… the list goes on. why is porsche so special???

    2. Quakebass


      EA has exclusive rights – PD needs permission from Porsche AND EA to use them – and I now felt bad about buying the NFS HP 2010 Porsche Pack when I had first learned about this.

    1. Quakebass

      EA’s being pigs and keeping them from other developers with an exclusive license. Porsches aren’t in GT5, Forza 4, or Driver: San Francisco, but instead have RUFs. Turn 10 used to own Ferrari and kept them from the older GT games.

  37. Mac K

    An article which has next to nothing to do with getting new cars and theres already a million posts regarding what people want.. want want want.

  38. stealth646

    Add these cars plzz To gt5
    2012 mustang 5.0
    2013 mersadeze benz C63 coup black edition
    2012 Mazda rx-8
    2013 hyundai genisis and ginisis coup v8
    And 2012 BMW m3 coupe
    And 2012 Chrysler 300srt8

  39. colt357x

    i want my 1994 ford probe GT in the game. that will make my life complete. (at least in my gt5 garage collection)

  40. HuskyGT

    Very good news, though this isn’t exactly new. I remember that it was because of GT1 and GT2 than Imprezas Sti’s and Lancer Evos are actually sold in this part of the world now. If it wasnt’ for GT, many people wouldn’t now anything about the Skyline/GTR too. I’m pretty sure that the recognition that GT gave to the Skyline/GTR models was what eventually made Nissan decide to sell the current GTR in the Americas.

  41. TokoTurismo

    Pagani may like this aswell. :) They may want thier 2012 Pagani Huayra in the game too. :) Hey Smart, you want your 2013 Smart fortwo joining in the fun too? :D

    1. HeXoSKEL3t0n

      @No Sorrow 13:

      Huayra has been released as dlc for forza 4… maybe it’ll make it to gt5 soon hopefully :)

  42. DaftMav

    hah great timing with this interesting article. Just minutes ago I before I got here I was deciding on which 20 million credits car I was gonna buy first, the Ferrari 330 P4 ’67 or the Ford Mark IV ’67. Went with the Ford. :) *ding penniless*

    1. BLADErunner80

      Yeah that Noble looked so good on TOP GEAR on sunday, surprised actually much faster than the aventador that clarkson was driving, not sure my aventador i downloaded blows blue flames like his did. Maybe PD should make a blue flame update for the aventadors exhaust??

  43. sangdude82

    yes, this article is so awesome. now, talking about the increasing the brand recognition, can HSV and FPV request to PD to put their cars into GT5? at least their halo ones like 2011 HSV E3 GTS & 2011 FPV GT-P (in premium) and if PD puts Bathurst track as a DLC, i will be so so so happy :D

  44. acascianelli

    Nice to see that some automakers are starting to take video games appearances more seriously.

    Now if only Ford would give some cars to PD to model for the next batch of DLC…

    2013 Mustang GT500
    2012 Mustang Boss 302
    2013 Mustang 5.0
    2013 Taurus SHO
    2012 F150 Raptor

  45. forty_three

    That could work with the opposite effect as well. The Lotus Elise in this game is so un-drivable, that I decided not to even look at them in real life.

    1. generationlost

      Are you basing this statement from the TG special event? If so that’s because the elise in the event has comfort hards. The stock 111r elise is fitted with sports hards and handles very well.

    2. Quakebass

      What helped me with hard-to-control lotuses was installing an LSD and increasing the Acceleration Sensitivity – It got rid of that terrifying oversteer.

  46. Z06in

    Cool article…but more fords in gt5 really?? Are we not flooded with fords that I never drive because they suck already???…

  47. TokoTurismo

    Come on Porsche, please join PD. imagine PD treating your cars you’ve made special. :) You should remember what EA in NFS the run did to your new model at the beginning with that Jack guy. The red Porsche car being crushed. Look at Ford. Good luck charm. ;)

  48. LordVonPS3

    A Ford in 1995 SEGA Rally?

    It certainly had a Lancia Delta…. A Lancia Stratos……. and a Toyota Celica………..

    Where’s the ford?

  49. TokoTurismo

    Wonderful artical. :) Does this mean more ford models are coming? Like the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302? :D But overall, really great to hear about this. ;)

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