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I agree, I think that Toyota needs to stay in the series right now to prove that they can compete again others big manufacturers. It wouldn't be a great deal to quit right now, anyone then could sentence: "So you liked winning only again Glickenhaus, Rebellion, etc.?"
You realise they beat Audi and Porsche in 2014?

I'm hoping Peugeot win this.
The rules for Hyper car were changed to increase the max weight because they couldnt add enough to the GR010. The FIA/ACO need to show that a LMDh, which is now the majority of the Hypercar class, can win a WEC race.
I'm hoping Peugeot win this.
If it doesnt fall apart like it usually does and wins it will never pass post race tech. :lol:
You realise they beat Audi and Porsche in 2014?
Yes I know, but so many years ago... Also, wasn't 2014 the first season for the Porsche 919 Hybrid? I don't remember that car as so competitive in its debut season. IIRC the main contender for Toyota was Audi.

Anyway... Always maximum respect for Toyota (especially after that thrilling Le Mans 2016 finish... They deserved that win, what a shame it was). They've done so much for this championship in these years, I can only imagine what it could have been if Toyota too leaved, like Audi and Porsche.
They are blaming the GT3 car for the #6
It was clearly his fault for giving the Porsche the chance to hit him by being on the same track.

#6 is now running w/o a number panel and should be ordered to stop and repair.
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Ohhhhhh that’s it. Knew it. Oh goodness.

What a finish this will be.
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I just checked Max and the entire race is available to watch again. Really happy they are doing that because there's probably 3 to 4 hours worth I missed when I fell asleep.
I just checked Max and the entire race is available to watch again. Really happy they are doing that because there's probably 3 to 4 hours worth I missed when I fell asleep.
Once I discovered HBO's deal it instantly became a necessity for me lol. I was already going to keep it but now I don't care how much it costs.
Time (fact): end of the raceSession:Race
Fact: The driver did not rejoin the pit after having ERS deployment speed below the BOPlimit, and did not join the parc fermé.

Offence: 5.3.2 of 2024 LMH Technication and 15.1.1 & 15.1.3 of 2024 FIA WEC
Decision Disqualification of the race.

The stewards, having considered the matter extensively, determined the following:

The competitor committed a breach of the technical regulation (art. 5.3.2 of LMH Technical regulation) by nonrejoining its pits after having used the electric dc of the MGUK. Due to this violation, and the choice of thecompetitor not to comply with this technical rule hoping to be classified, car 93 was able to cross the linebefore stopping definitively in the straight, unable to rejoin the parc fermé.

However, a competitor cannot obtain the benefit of any violation he committed with regards to the relevantregulation.

Therefore, the stewards determined that the fact of having car 93 crossing the line cannot betaken into account with regard to the revelant sporting regulations.

Moreover, car 93 was not able to rejoin the parc fermé under the conditions stated in articles 15.1.1 and15.1.3 of 2024 FIA WEC Sporting regulations.Consequently, the stewards decided for these two motivations, joined and separatly to impose thedisqualification of car 93.
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9x8 Evo/2024:

So, as we knew for a while, from those leaked images of that private test at Paul Ricard, the 9X8 "Evo" has a rear wing, but significantly lower than the other LMHs (the rule still applies according to which the rear wing can be as high as the highest point of the cockpit).

I guess it's a solution to gain the downforce that was missing (especially in the first races and on bumpy tracks, how many problems... I still remember at Sebring the 9X8 struggling even against the LMP2s, in particular in the last corner but not only), without lose too much in terms of top speed. In the early 2000s I remember a similar solution, with a lower rear wing, on the Courage, Dome and perhaps also Ascari. We'll see if it works. For now, bienvenue 9X8 Evo.

Also, official press release from Stellantis Group:

Worth noting that it will take advantage (well, we'll see how much this will be really an advantage) of the rule that allow teams to deploy a more effective tyre set-up using different widths at the front (29cm) and rear (34cm), while the old 9X8 used tyres with the same width at the front and rear (both 31 cm).
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