Anyone doing Replica cars? (settings and everything)

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I don't know how accurate I've been but I have been trying to build my replica race cars somewhat in line with their real life counter parts.

I was thinking though that it'd be really awesome if the community got together and managed a list of real race series and generally what their equivalent would be in GT7. Something that the mods could pin on the forum for people to reference for creating leagues or making your own Custom Races. Mentally, I've been trying to keep in mind that Gr.4 cars seem to be 700PP class and Gr.3 are 800PP.

For example, SCCA World Challange GT racing in the 90s.. To streamline it and make it generally simpler, you could do two tiers. One was your higher class GT cars, I've been building them to 700PP to work with the WTC700, but I'm starting to wonder if 600PP would be more accurate. It seems they used DOT (i.e. street legal) slick tires (Toyo R888s in later years for example) so I'd consider that a Sport Soft. Some cars had standard aero parts. Possible engine work but nothing too crazy. And were all pretty gutted. The Touring class had more of your FWD, smaller, lighter, less HP cars with the same general guidelines. So I've been putting those around around 600PP but, again, starting to wonder if 500PP wouldn't be a better fit.

Would love to see this sort've system laid out for Japan Touring Cars (Group A, Group N, Super Taikyu etc), Vintage American Trans Am, British Touring Cars etc. Also what sort've cars raced in early 90s, mid 90s, late 90s etc.

Basically, just a general outline of what spectrum of parts to put together. What tires, engine mods, aero, factory transmission gearing etc. Going car by car would be kind of extreme so I think a simplified template would be easier to start out with.
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Your best bet is to find old auction listings for some of these race cars and they'll post their specs. Then you can try to match HP, weight, and torque accordingly.
I'm going to try making a NextGen NASCAR using the Mustang Gr. 3 Road Car. If all goes well, I might use it for the Vette. I could do the Mazda also since there's currently no GT3 Road Cars in Toyota.
Been trying to make the ND MX-5 Global Cup Car, if I'm not mistaken the one in the game has the 1.5L and the Cup Car uses the 2.0L. Still working on the livery.

I have this to go off which is pretty handy. Tuning the one in the game similarly gives roundabout 155hp, now I just need to find some laptimes for the IMSA MX-5 Cup at Laguna/Daytona and see how the car compares to the real thing.