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how can i have
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Yesss, I have cams for Indy Oval by dabaeda. Other layouts does not have any Im not into cams too much sorry.

Many people are helping me to get the best AI thats why the release is delayed.

Yeah I hope to get it done by sunday morning CT, the f1 lay out is based on the current state of the track so it does not have the old t8, t9, t10. it uses the current t7,t8,t9 from the indy gp.


Is it based on the aa_brickyard mod?
My first model optimization and effects. Down there is a McLaren F1 stripped down. I'm based on it. Today is another day of trial and error. :banghead::lol::lol::lol:



for the modders (track guys), are there any here that ALSO do RF2 mods? (convert tracks to RF2 or build tracks in RF2) Id like to get in PM about a few track conversion questions please.

One of the questions to everyone else who may know the answer.. what is the closest method/shader to the rf2 shader for grass? Somehow in Rf2 the grass can look great and its dead flat, no GrassFX etc, in Spa for example, not even mesh grass but its so convincing given its jsut a flat texture!?

When these tracks get converted they are "dead" and flat compared to whatever shader rf2 uses, hoping its just because its ashader inAC we dont know how to use properly?

(hang ten I'll record a clip)

edit: here you go
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Did it came with new skins perhaps outside of those from last year's esport event? If so, can you share them all to us who also got that car as well?

this is the same car as last year, this is explained in the email I received with the download code, only the GT3 Evo 2020 version will be new.

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So I've been messing around with this VW Scirocco GC10 V6 mod from Assettoland and having fun with it, however it needed some more skins. So for those who enjoy that car as much as I do, here are 10 more skins I've created to deepen your field. You can see some of them I've posted in the photo thread. Enjoy.
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THANKS A LOT i need this for custom championship with CM GOOD JOB !!!
Found out from another source it IS happening, but I will let them reveal themselves and the status.

Of course, but nice to hear that he's continuing his work. If he want any help there are lots of modders here on GTplanet or in File Missing discord
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Do you know a way to use a single driver for all the cars (possibly with the same suit and gloves)?
I've heard one way is to overwrite the default whites with your suit and gloves of choice. Obviously renaming your choice to whatever the default whites are called.
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