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How is it that the last time I came here there were 3k pages, now 4k? You sure modding fast. GODSPEED :D


-- The 0.32 release of the AC modding manual 3.0 (ACMM) is out!

Immagine 2023-04-02 104744.png

-- Go get it here:

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The unique, legendary, unrivaled and Senna-destroying Stefan Bellof (Imo). Unfortunately he died far too early, but with this skin I'm bringing him back to life in your minds. It's just the ****dream mod but better than nothing.
It's the Monaco 1984 skin, with the funny DISCOSTAR advertising.

Sorry for the missalignment,missing stripes etc. but it's a simdream Mod the texture mapping is distributed over 3 different textures and done very poorly, there was no other way.

Skin goes to ...\content\cars\f1_1984_Tyrrell\skins

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I have now updated the seat skin so you can see the window banner from the inside and the exterior banner is a bit brighter as is the side window names, 2k/4k/6k i have named the file so you no what it is for if you download and come back at a later date, my next full release i will do a drag and drop file structure for CM.

in the "updates" section

edit i will also upload the same for the fictional skin in 4k only. will update that one now

Screenshot (165).png
Screenshot (167).png

Screenshot (168).png

Screenshot (169).png
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Starting to add new versions to the original F1 1976 mod.
With the help of our mate "MrHunt" who gave special treatment to the textures/shadows and details on the wheels/tires and Bob Evans' helmet.
It will be necessary to adjust details in the "driver-suit" and small things in the "DATA" folder.

The modified versions.
Brazilian GP
South African GP
Spanish GP
Monaco/Sweden GP
Version of the other races of the season

Comparison between the original version (wider) and one of the new versions (narrower), and searching through photos, I believe it is the most correct.


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As I didn't find any original skin for Shadow, in the 1976 Brazilian GP, I had to adapt one in a hurry to be able to do my next race (Career Mode Team Fittipaldi). There are problems correctly placing the "BIC" logo on the front of the cockpit


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hi guys, hope someone can help with this :

When I try to open the Alpine A310 V6 Groupe V 3.0L by rnoir in Showroom it fails with error message
"Failed to create texture "Odometer font". Creation parameters aren't valid."

It loads fine in game, and in CM Showroom... only in Showroom does it give this error.
(I hope soon they will update CM Showroom to show the CSP effects as well.)

Had the same error before with another car ( here ,) but no hints were provided back then , hope this time someone can provide a clue :)

PS: in what app to open CSP crash reports? (are not readable in notepad)

PS2: he who wants it can download my this skin for this car here
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has chameleon skin, lighter interior and special dashboard texture , and also matching purple stitching on the steering wheel! ;)
I really like your skin with the corked metal dashboard and the lighter interior. Thank you for sharing!
WIP - Mercedes-Benz (C126) 560 SEC - 1988 EU specs

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Step back in time to the year 1988, where luxury and power combined in a magnificent machine known as the Mercedes 560 SEC.

Powered by a 5.6-litre V8 engine, this marvel of engineering unleashes an impressive power curve, delivering somewhat smooth yet punchy acceleration and speed.

With its imposing size and commanding power, this exceptional coupe redefined the very essence of what it meant to be a Grand Tourer.

Available soon…
RealSpecs v1.0 - MERCEDES-BENZ 560 SEC - 1988

Now available:
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