Best and worst engine swaps?

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My best was I think the one that goes into the thingo named after a drink

My worst has yet to be discovered.

Also looking for good cheap swaps. If it costs more than 500k i wont buy it
I'm yet to find good use for the swapped Trans-Am..
The civic engine in the Honda Beat makes a monster K Car.
Numerous other swaps can work really well assuming you don't need to go round corners, cue the LS7 powered Nissan Sylvia Q, 240mph towards the next squealing mess of a corner......
I was pleasantly surprised to try the Chiron engine in the C6 ZR-1 Corvette. It’s super stable.

The LT1 engine in the Miata is a treat around Tokyo. Can easily finish that grind race in 25 minutes.

The R92CP in the R34 is also a really nice swap for the WTC700 Le Mans grind.

The LS7 BRZ motor in the Silvia is dumb. Spins the rear tires up to 150mph. The Mk1 Gti swap is also pretty dumb. Just spins the tires. If you have a race with tire wear it puts you at a pretty big disadvantage.
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My personal favorites (listed as car / engine)
  • Mazda Atenza Gr. B Road Car / Mazda 787B - Needs a little tuning but is a rocketship once sorted out. Fastest car I've found so far at WTC700 Le Mans.
  • Amuse S2000 GT1 / Honda NSX GT500 - Just be sure to raise the ride height, I thought this was an absolute lemon - but it turned out to be quite fun. It has a lot more downforce than most other road cars.
  • Nissan GT-R (any) / Nissan R92CP - Like I said originally, it feels like a cheat code.
  • Toyota MR2 / Audi R8 - Something about this combination is tons of fun.
  • BMW M3 E46 / BMW Z4 GT3 - Iconic BMW M3 with a race engine, what's not to like?
Honestly, I think most swaps when the engine comes from a race car are winners.

Least favorites:
- Porsche 993 Carrera RS / RUF CTR3 - Man, this thing is junk. Tried it at the Clubman Cup Plus / Monza event and I quit after a couple of laps of embarrassment. I tried tuning it again for Le Mans WTC 700, and it was nowhere close to competitive. I know I wasn't using the car's full potential but I never felt, "If I was a better driver, this car would be a rocket."
I will give it one last try at 750PP but the only reason I still have it is the immense sunk cost and pathetic resale value!
- Nissan 240ZG '71 / Roadster Shop LS7 - Too much engine for too small of a car. Why couldn't we get this engine in one of the Silvias?

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I think the best has to be any of the GT-Rs with the R92CP engine. Although the engine is absurdly expensive, it feels like a cheat code.

I've built a good handful of 700 PP swapped cars, tricked out with racing parts - almost like modern racing mods from the original games. These can easily win Le Mans WTC 700 although you need to go Fuel Map 6, short shift and maybe even coast to make it on 2 stops.

- The MR2 with the Audi R8 V8 is a ton of fun and lovely sounding. Lighter and scarier than the R8.

- The R32 GT-R Nismo with the 2017 GT-R engine. Very quick and also looks awesome with the wide body kit and JGTC style bodywork.

- The 90s 300ZX with the same 2017 GT-R engine is also fun.

- BMW M3 E46 with the Z4 GT3 engine. I rolled this out when I was tired of losing to Gallo's Alfa GTAm. Another one that sounds awesome and is silky-smooth once you get it sorted out.

I expected the 1500hp Maverick swapped 2016 Shelby GT350 to be a disaster, but it wasn't half bad de-tuned to the 700PP range.

The GT500 engines in the older NSXs were also impressive when i tested although haven't gotten back to drive them more. My 1992 swapped one acts as my "Castrol Mugen NSX at home."
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I don't understand why the lemans swapped Mazda 3 is more of a pig to drive than the lemans swapped RX8. The 3 seems to want to understeer and oversteer at the same time, doesn't put the power down nicely, doesn't brake nicely and doesn't steer nicely. Usually my go to 4wd diff and torque split settings make those ****** haldex style awd systems behave like a proper full time 4wd but that mazda just doesn't want to play.

I absolutely love the R92CP swaps on the other hand.

My unrivalled favourite though is the type R swapped Beat.
I'm convinced that the 2JZ going into a GR Yaris is the best swap, especially since both the car and engine don't cost much. I use the resulting car in both 600PP and 700PP events, too.
I love the DeLorean swap,when the car gets tamed down to fit into the 700PP category...
The Lancia swap is great too and the swapped Golf GTI Mk 1 is a personal favorite of mine(as you could have guessed from my avatar...)
And the Beat swap is just hilarious!
When it comes to races where fuel economy does matter, everything where the Mazda 787B engine fits in works great!

When it comes to the Pantera swap and the C4 swap, I prefer the non swapped versions with conventional those are among the ones I don't like...
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I'm yet to find good use for the swapped Trans-Am..
The civic engine in the Honda Beat makes a monster K Car.
Numerous other swaps can work really well assuming you don't need to go round corners, cue the LS7 powered Nissan Sylvia Q, 240mph towards the next squealing mess of a corner......
Came here looking for the Trans-Am complaint and post #5 delivered. Just too much...

I like the ones that convert a NA car to a Turbo. It just opens up a few more events.
WORST - The Mitsu EVO 10 FQ300 with the Escudo V6 is so horrible, the tuuuuurbo Laggggg is so mind numbingly bad and slow.

BEST - Havent quite found the best yet, but a close contender maybe the Porsche Cayman GT4 with the GAC Mavercik V8 plant is so EPIC! It is so quick and mental!
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Best swaps for races with fuel consumption are the cars that get gr.3 engines - bmw e46 and 3.0 CSL, Nissan z34, Honda nsx’s, Mitsubishi evos, skylines with the r92cp, Porsche 997 and 991.

The most fun swaps imo are any of the civics/integra, e30, vr38dett swaps, the mr2, the Levin/Corolla, the sr20 in the Datsun z, the Mercedes 190e, Toyota alphard, mk5 Supra swaps, Lexus rc, Jimny, mk1 gti, Porsche 930, r35 gtr with the LS3, greddy fugu, the 32 for coupe, and the Windsor swaps.
Best: SE75E 2015 Honda S660.

Worst: LS7 1971 Nissan Fairlady 240ZG. It's the devil.

I agree that the K-Swap Abarth is one of the Best/Worst swaps.