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Rumours flying around Elimination Chamber will be scrapped as a PLE concept

Me: YES!

Rumours also saying itll instead be a Summerslam tradition

Me: Less of a yes but better than February
I'm not familiar with TNA these days so I had never heard of Joe Hendry before he appeared on NXT. Based on his theme alone, I am completely sold. Book this guy to the moon.
He has some fun history with LA Knight (or rather one of his old personas), I’m hoping they get some time together.
The reaction to Uncle Howdy/Wyatt Sicks arrival and Joe Hendry on NXT has been insane.

Wyatt Sicks segment has had 8.7 million views and Joe Hendry has had 7.1 millions views on Twitter/X which is pretty mad considering both happened this week and within 24 hours of each other!
Advertised for Smackdown in Chicago tonight.

CM Punk.
Cody Rhodes responds to the attack from Solo Sikoa
Logan Paul confronts LA Knight.
Randy Orton v Tama Tonga v Carmelo Hayes-MITB qualifier.
Kevin Owens v Andrade v Grayson Waller-MITB qualifier.

Its been reported today that Cody Rhodes v Solo Sikoa and Logan Paul v LA Knight are currently scheduled for Summerslam and not MITB, both titles matches of course.

Ilja Dragunov will replace Chad Gable in the MITB qualifier against Braun Strowman and Bronson Reed on the upcoming Raw. Because Chad Gable got killed.

I wonder if Wyatt Sicks will be on Smackdown tonight.
I remember rumours flying around Wyatt Sicks is a Raw deal and Drew potentially might move over to Smackdown to "balance" out how stacked Raw is as of late while Smackdown really hasn't progressed with anything since Wrestlemania
I remember rumours flying around Wyatt Sicks is a Raw deal and Drew potentially might move over to Smackdown to "balance" out how stacked Raw is as of late while Smackdown really hasn't progressed with anything since Wrestlemania
Unless Punk also regularly appears on Smackdown, I don't think that's happening. Unless of course, this an after Summerslam move once they have their match (if Punk is cleared for it)
Jacob Fatu debuted in WWE on Smackdown as the fourth member of this new Bloodline, he took out Orton and KO and then Cody Rhodes with a frog splash through the announce desk, he looked like a psycho and reminded me of Umaga.

There was a great interaction between Punk and Heyman to start the show but then Drew McIntyre took Punk out left him in a bloody mess and Punk left his hometown show in an ambulance.

Carmelo Hayes and Andrade qualified for the men's MITB match and Chelsea Green qualified for the women's.

Really good Smackdown last night, probably the best one in a while.
Kayla Braxton yesterday announced that she will be leaving WWE after eight years, the Madison Square Garden Smackdown show this Friday will be her last. She said that she wanted to open a new chapter and try new opportunities.

She has been a great backstage reporter and presenter for WWE and had great chemistry with Paul Heyman, she will be missed.
Advertised for Raw tonight.

Braun Strowman v Chad Gable v Bronson Reed-MITB qualifier.
Kairi Sane v Lyra Valkryia v Shayna Baszler-MITB qualifier.
Bron Breaker v Ludwig Kaiser.
Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn v Kayden Carter & Katana Chance.
Kofi Kingston v Karrion Kross.

The news that next years Royal Rumble will take place in Indiana is timely as that's where Raw is tonight, its also Pat McAfee's home town. And its Adam Pearce's birthday.

Apparently Chad Gable has recovered from whatever it is that happened to him at the hands of Wyatt Sicks last week.
Sami Zayn v Bron Breakker for the Intercontinental title has been made for MITB, Chad Gable and Lyra Valkryia have been added to their respective ladder matches after wining their triple threat qualifiers.

Finn Balor and JD are new World tag tag champions after beating Awesome Truth in the main event, and they have Liv Morgan to thank for that! No carnage from the Wyatt Sicks but there was great interview segment with Uncle Howdy and Bo Dallas, I thought they were the same person?!

Pat McAfee missed his hometown show due to a legitimate last minute family emergency so I hope everything is Okay there, The Miz filled in as co-commentator for the first hour but then it was Michael Cole on his own.

Really sad to hear about Sika's passing.
It happened only a couple of hours before the show as well, hence the reason why WWE couldn't call up someone last minute to work alongside Cole.
Its interesting how opinion on Michael Cole has 180d since the 2010s.

And unlike most thing wrestlings where the 180 opinion is from fans being fickle, we just struggled to appreciate how good Cole actually was as Vince or Dunn kept yelling at his hear to say and has really highlighted his talents since he was free from their shackles and definitely feels bad to blame him for the issues of 2010s commentary when it wasnt his fault.
Advertised for Smackdown tonight.

Bloodline acknowledgment ceremony.
Jade Cargill v Candice La Rae v Tiffany Stratton-MITB qualifier.
Blair Davenport v Naomi v Indi Hartwell-MITB qualifier.
LA Knight v Logan Paul v Santos Escobar-MITB qualifier.

The show is coming from Madison Square Garden and they have sold over 17,000 tickets for it, it will be a significant show for Cody Rhodes as his dad was stripped of the title at MSG and now Cody will be there as champion.

Its also Kayla Braxton's last show.
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Heyman has been carrying the Bloodline story on his back for the past three months.

The countdown for Roman's return has surely started now.
The countdown for Roman's return has surely started now.
Never thought I'd ever be excited for a Roman Reigns return but they have completely sold me with this story line now. His return is going to be absolutely insane.

And WarGames this year with Solo's Bloodline against Roman's OG Bloodline, maybe?
I definitely think the style of storytelling isnt for me cause I still couldnt care less about.

We knows it happening and just waiting for the confirmation and then just waiting for the match where its "hype" but no actual substance (much like how the story ended).

I think thats where CM Punk and Drew are exceling it for me as their jabs at each other are so in character with no outside influence to excite the story and they pull off a great job acting like they get on each others skin to make me believe the two characters actually want to kill each other. (You know unlike when Cody won and it was pretty much "GG" behaviour despite the build up being how Roman identified with the belt and how him winning the match would doom the belt further, youd expect a bigger explosion than just Rock saying GG and trying to make Solo a thing :lol:)
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Advertised for Raw tonight.

Drew McIntyre v Sheamus v Ilja Dragunov-MITB qualifier.
Zoey Stark v Dakota Kai v Ivy Nile-MITB qualifier.
Liv Morgan v Zelina Vega-women's world title match.
Rey Mysterio v Dominik Mysterio.

Ricochet's WWE contract has officially expired, the AEW rumour mill has already started.
Drew McIntyre qualified for the men's MITB ladder match after beating Sheamus and Dragunov in a fantastic main event on Raw last night, more surprisingly the match was won without any distractions or shenanigans from CM Punk, Drew won clean with a Claymore on Sheamus.

Zoey Stark qualified for the women's MITB match, Liv Morgan had a successful title defense against Zelina Vega but inevitably there was distraction with the Liv/Dominik thing which also caused distraction during the Rey-Dom match which Rey won. There was more seeds being planted with Judgment Day and Damien Priest making it the more compelling storylines in WWE right now, there are so many directions they could go with this.

There was more interesting Wyatt Sicks stuff with a VHS tape of Dallas/Uncle Howdy like last week, No Pat McAfee again last night so Corey filled in, Pat will be back next week.

Money In The Bank is this Saturday, it takes place in Toronto with Smackdown and NXT Heatwave also taking place in the same venue

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