Gran Turismo 6 Online End of Service

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    Obviously you can race with other people.

    As for trading it was on GT5 until PD and Sony realises people would abuse even the PSN accounts for such. PD nerfed the trading greatly with subsequent patches on GT5 until it was cut on GT6 altogether.

    Theres is no online market where you can sold your car to other people. Though there are online dealership but it only contains zero miles cars that are discounted and it's only on GT5.
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    Things are as mate answer above .
    The only online availability for gt6 is to download the updates needed to have full game and nothing else.
    Online races and stuff like that is only at GT Sport for now.

    Since you get gt6 recently and if you like to continue with it in offline mod ( there in no online anyway) don't hesitate to visit
    If you like company to your gt6 journey .
    If you re interesting for online part GTS and ps4 is the only way to go.
    Staying with gt6 you need to update the game ( lot of time ) to enjoy it at full version.
    And if you do ( update it ) read carefully the way to do it in the internet cause you need some tips to get the job done without promplems occur and make you loose your patience.

    This is how i did it
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    United States
    I'm always behind in the GT series somewhat, but the advantage is that all the bugs and other information by then have already been well established making the games more enjoyable. I still enjoy GT3, 4, and 5 and finding new stuff never mentioned before. An example of this would be GT5 with garage editor and the information and advice to stay with version 2.11. Now I never used or did I ever condone using it for any online or even time attack racing. That is clearly cheating which we don't need in any online race venue... period. However, for the sake of car collecting, getting all the cars and colors you want, or for just general hybrid fun, garage editor sure made the game more enjoyable not having to grind out or whatever etc. You get the point there I'm sure.

    Anyway, I considered getting GT6 recently even if only for the new cars and/or circuits I don't have in my GT3, 4 or 5 which are all maxed out 100%. To get to my point, I have some concerns that if I get GT6 and start the long download process that it will also update me GT5 version 2.11, which I certainly don't want to happen, especially while I may not be right in front of the screen ever second during the long download process. Yes, I've blocked out my internet connection and auto updates on the PS3, but once I reconnect it usually goes right to the request to update GT5 and who knows what might be lurking in the background of the GT6 download. Maybe someone who has GT5 v2.11 and GT6 has already gone through this and can advise me here ?

    My other concerns are that being so late to the party that all GT6 DLC is no longer available thereby perhaps missing some of the best parts of the game. In addition, "other than online racing", I'm sure there are other parts of the game I won't be able to get to now as well. Further, I just can't get into Sport either "at this point" with it's sole money cost online venue and costs to upgrade to PS4 pro equipment, wheels pedals, 4K TV and the like... and only later down the road to find out the online service demise of GTS like what they did early to GT5 and later to GT6 and thereby losing all the GTS "online garage rented cars". Add to that the complaints I've read in the threads about crash dummies in the GTS racing venue... well ... enough said here. To further complicate my deal, being 70 years old, I'm sure I'll be dead before seeing the likes of a future old school GT7 venue. Maybe my grandson hopefully will someday see a PS5-GT7 with a offline career venue and "owned" garage like the good 'ol days once Sony and PD realize that it may not be working so well currently. Like the saying goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it".
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    @2_FAST_4_U from what am aware of in gt6 till now the only thing you miss from online service's its some rare paint colors and a fast way to grid for money from repeatable seasonal races .
    The cars are all here except very few named as anniversary edition ( not big deal whatever) and thats all.
    Also in the hub we nave Noel which is 72 years old ,real life racer and still race instructor.
    Varnabas is another race guy bit smaller than Noel in age ,but with someway we have fun still with gt6 and we are not ready ( we dont want is the ttrut) to move at gts or to invest to that " half job".
    If you move on to gt6 not fear that you loose something from DLC.....
    If you want company ,you can find us in the post above link .....
    Have fun and enjoy your time as you like ,at least you earn that right from your life ,you see and done enough things i guess ,so lean back , and enjoy it the way you like.
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    I'm fairly certain you have to have the game disc in to download the updates and it will only download said updates for that specific game. So just make sure your copy of GT5 isn't anywhere near the consol and you should be fine.

    And all of the DLC should be present once you have completed said updates to GT6. Which will take quite a while. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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  6. fordlaser

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    No it will not update your GT5 version 2.11 unless you have your PS3 set to Automatic updates which should be tuned off.
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  7. JakeMR2


    Nevermind me lol,

    But updating GT6 is a hasle, but after once your done just turn off internet connection to turn off the update prompt.
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  8. mcmmg


    i can’t believe it’s almost been a year. literally the slowest year of my life. i’ve gotten over it and stuff but still, i rlly wish it hadn’t ended
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    The last time I raced in GT6 was July 2017, & before that it was May 2015! I have over 100 replays saved of great online racing, & watch them sometimes. However, I much preferred GT5's online racing; you can't beat a bit of Shuffling imho. Wish they never closed down the servers for online racing in GT5/6. It was just peer to peer connections anyway, wouldn't have taken much to keep them going I don't think. I haven't raced online at all since buying GT Sport. Sony & PD killed it for me...

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    I also preferred GT5 online but I wish that they leaved at least one option with 5 or 6.. As you said, it wouldn't be too hard for them