Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.43 Now Available: Adds Three Cars, New Races & Engine Swaps

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Top is definitely an Evo IX.
GT7 lacks from more car focused events and championships.
I hope for a better and new events that we will can use many of cars that stayed unused (Group C, Historic Le Mans cars etc etc)
They could also take inspiration from Forza Motorsport 4 where you have events based on the car's drivetrain, engine types and model families.
I'm pretty excited about the Renault 4L. In Spain it's nicknamed "4 Latas" (4 tins) My uncle (RIP) had a white one and was his favourite car, although he also had a Santana Land Rover Wagon and drove recently a SEAT León. For me the addition of the 4L hit me hard emotionally.
Nice to see the Evo IX and the TT, although I'd love to see the 2016 R8 V10 instead of the TT.
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Cool! I hope that the R4 are from before the black plastic front grille in 1975 . I like those earlier cars more, but im not gonna complain if its after that time either. Here in Sweden we call R4 for "the brag car" because of the advertising of the car.
Looking forward to seeing the customisation for all 3. I'm hoping the R4 isn't another case like the Citroen DS where there isn't really any visual customisation to speak of.

Can't wait to see the engine swap options added, too!
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Recently noticed how kinda weird the situation with road Audi in game, compared to BMW and Mercedes/AMG. There are only 3 cars, not a single classic one and the newest one is from 2014, with others being 2003 and 2007, and this TT fits right in that trend. Why is it like that, I wonder?

Anyway, not important. EVO IX! Gotta survive until Thursday somehow and then I will need a few weeks off