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    The arrival of a new console generation will undoubtedly have an impact. People may be holding back at the game launch so as receive it at Christmas and also there are many people who were driven away by GT5.

    The game has been bought for me, Anniversary Edition, but I'm leaving it until Christmas so as to focus on PS4. Besides it's only a fortnight and getting GT5 for Christmas 2010 was great so part of me wanted that again. Really looking forward to it!
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    It's what most rational people thought. GT6 will certainly be the worst selling GT game. And rightly so. When you make a game as terrible as GT5, then your sequel will likely suffer, despite improvements in some areas.

    The series needs fresh ideas and new features, a la livery editor, auction house, enhanced audio, A.I., etc. The series is slowly heading downwards. Is Kaz bright enough to right the ship? Or will his eccentric pursuit of outer space leave his once faithful earthlings behind?

    Stay tuned. More news at 11.
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  3. wind195


    I think many factors play into this not just one. for me I am enjoying GT6 more than GT5 but the *lets release features later* nonsense ticks me off. If I were to list the reasons however I feel they would be

    1.GT6 releasing month after ps4
    2.little to no hype..*I know people who don't know GT6 exists
    4. burn from GT5
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  4. Rudenut


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    This is a very well thought out post an I agree with much of it. Especially the single player stuff. I am enjoying GT 6 but I can't help thinking it could have been better. Also, removing RM means we can't create multiple classes of racer with one car.
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    Odd numbered GT games are 1, 3 and 5. These GT games sold the most, especially GT3.

    Even numbered GT games are 2 and 4. Neither of these GT games sold more than the odd numbered one that came immediately before. And I'm talking about total sales of the full game, ignoring Prologues and Concept versions.

    My numbers come from PD's site

    Also, I never said anything about giving PD a pass over the number 5. GT5 had glaring flaws all over the place, I still enjoyed it regardless.

    For GT6, I expect it to sell much less than GT5, given PD's recent wrap and it being released late in the console's life like GT2 and GT4 was.
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  6. Metfanant


    United States me a "burble" implies a throaty, deep exhaust tone...which is the exact opposite of anything that includes a rotary engine..

    ugh...i would KILL for an expanded "RM" option...would be so great to go into an RM Customization for cars and be able to choose different classes....i think a "GT3" "GT2" and "GT1" option would be incredible...
  7. braiks


    There could be a lot of reasons but since most franchises are down this year sans GTA, I don't think you should look too much into it.
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  8. Unknown?


    I think people are jumping the gun... I remember when GT5 launched and NPD reported what the game sold in North America to only be 700k and everyone was like GT FAIL IT'LL NEVER SELL AS MUCH AS THE PS1/PS2 VERSIONS. Then Polyphony released their statement stating GT5 sold 5.5 million on the first day and it shut everyone up. Of course the naysayers kept insisting it wouldn't hit 10 million and making excuses as to why it wasn't doing well when it was and look where we are today 10.6 million total with nearly 3 million in North America alone. Plus this only includes 3 days of sells and doesn't take into account all of the digital sells off of the PS Store.
  9. CorvetteConquer


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    And then when we actually played the game, the smoke and mirrors vanished lol
  10. stb155


    I think they lost a lot of old fans with GT5.
    Many did not believe it was possible to improve look and feel on the old hardware by much. (They were wrong)
    Many had no confidence in PD to come up with some creativity to improve gameplay. (They were right)

    They scare of potential new fans seeking action/racing with "the real driving simulator" and all that c..p about GT VIsion, design, photo mode and other boring sounding stuff.

    And they keep punching people in the face that actually want a "real driving simulator" by making every edition more arcade, easy and beginner friendley. (Forced skid recovery, AI force you to pass, 70% gold medals on 1st attempt)
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    Why are GT6 sales low? Because most people who wanted GT5 already have it. Why shell out another $60 for basically the same game.

    GT6 deserves low sales. Want great sales? Make a great game.
  12. Judas Kiss

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    I'll wait until I see NA sales numbers.
  13. watermelon punch

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    I love that the constellations are correct!!!!!!
    I actually drove off the road on Bathurst at night when I was distracted by seeing in the sky what I recognized, but only from astronomy night sky pictures & such, because I live above 40°N.
    Sky map technology is old stuff. Amateur astronomers have had access to that for ages now.
    The maps are public domain. Software that does this is commonplace.
    In other words, it was likely no big whoop at all to include it - but a very nice touch.

    I purchased GT6 on release day.
    Pretty sure this is the first time in my life I've ever bought a video game on release day. Ever.
    And I've been playing games a LONG time.

    That's what I was thinking.
    Don't families get youths video games for holiday presents anymore??? And don't they still make them wait for it???
    Man, my folks made me wait for that Atari 2600. :lol:

    And I think youths & young adults especially would be more likely to ask for the GT6 as the Christmas present, & buy Hog of the Damned or Machine Gun Hookers, or whatever else for themselves.
    Chinese Whispers! Played that in Scouts when I was a kid. Excellent lesson there. :) Thanks for the memories. ;)
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    I think PD sold enough.

    I mean people have saying that GT sell poorly but yet the past 2 main titles sold like hotcakes. Why should GT6 be any different?
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    Don't know if its been mentioned or not, but GT6 didn't have 3+ years to accumulate pre-orders like GT5. Therefore, it shouldn't be a surprise that the initial sales numbers are lower.

    I actually think it will have some longevity on PS3, especially in South America and other developing countries that are a generation behind in general (similar to the extended sales of PS2 because of these regions). It might end up being good in the long run, especially since it might be the last sim-style racing game for the PS3, but the short term seems pretty dim.

    Just a thought
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  16. Prenihility


    Alright. there's also seemingly a glitch with the C5 Z06. If you switch exhausts twice, the proper sound plays. Otherwise, it sounds like a weed-whacker mixed with a B16 Honda with fart-can exhaust.

    I've had enough. I can''t even drive some cars because of how bad they sound. We need to let PD know we've had enough.

    Is there already an existing thread for this?
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    Gotta give credit where credit is due...epic irony and an epic burn all at the same time. Well done, sir, well done:cheers:
  18. digitalwolf


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    I'm sorry I don't understand the majority of the whining here...

    Just sayin.
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    I don't agree.......My stock Toyota Levin sounded like crap, then I upgraded the exhaust and it sounded amazing. So I don't know why people are comPlainig so much. Also people who are saying the graphics are worse than GT5 can't be serious. Looks much better than GT5.
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    i think Sony announcing the ps4 really took some hype from gt6, some were expecting it to be on ps4 but instead it followed the "tradition" of 2 games per generation of PlayStation. the disappointment of 5 might also have a little to do with it. to conclude, i trusted in PD once again and i got my moneys worth in this copy, and then some with all the content updates that are expected to come.
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  22. TorqueHappenS08


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    Seriously, every single one of us should send this to Kaz/pd. dead serious.

    And tsutaya is a massive company..god only knows how many sells they pulled in, but congrats for GT on getting top spot.
  23. panjandrum


    Well, I expect it's a combination of things. Possibly the biggest problem would have to be disappointment in GT5. From my own personal group of virtual racers (we used to have GT4 LAN parties all the time), The reaction to GT5 was so bad that of the eight local racers in my group, I'm the only one that still plays the Gran Turismo series. Everyone else bailed when they saw how terrible a product GT5 was. That's really hard to bounce back from, and although I do think GT6 is a better product so far than GT5, in many ways it doesn't hold a candle to GT4. I think maybe PD has forgotten how to make a good game, and are expending their efforts in the wrong directions. PD has a shot again with GT7 on the PlayStation 4 if they go back to making the GAME part good, and stop worrying about ridiculous stuff like whether or not the proper stars are in the sky at certain time of night. That's so utterly useless in a racing Sam. What a pointless waste of effort that kind of stuff is. Give us back a better track selection, especially tracks from older games in the series, get all the freaking standard cars converted to premium, and give us a really good and deep single player career mode like GT4 had. Then there's a chance that PD will reacquire many of the fans of the series that bailed after GT4/5.
  24. J-KiLLA24


    Far too early to crucify GT6 based off these numbers (If they are even accurate). Say what you will about the sounds, A.I or whatever, but to the people saying that GT6 looks WORSE than GT5, please, do yourself a favor and see your local optometrist.
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    Honestly? I don't care. I mean, if I like the game, why do the other millions of people who bought it matter how much I like it? :cheers:
  26. mpristave


    there wasn't much new added in terms of content, ie. old sounds, still "standard" cars, still a PS3 rather than a PS4 game. Like the old even numbered gran turismos not selling as mch for the same reason. People want good sound effects now, that is the new graphics for games. People will settle for 1 gen back graphics if the sound effects are top notch.

    Plus I think a lot of people who are into racing games know more about cars now and see that you have "staged" upgrades and no wider tires, etc like it's the fast and the furious era.

    idk, i like the game but that is my gripes with it and I can see people not buying it ove rthat.
  27. RedBaron


    It's more GT5 3.0 than GT6. It's good for us fans, but not duty for any playstation owner anymore... They fell too far behind compared to PS2 times. GT was always graphical marvel, steady 60 fps, live alike TV style replays with hot air vibrating and it had good sounding engines... in times of PS1. I can imagine happy Ford Mustang owner that has to hear church organ instead of V8 rumble and rally fan that still cannot find his narrow alpine speed test and hear some V6 in his beloved Audi Quattro S1 instead of magical scream of inline five-cyllinder. Not talking about other Group-B cars that are not even premium and there's nothing to compete with. GT has every girl shopping car but nothing to compete in certain leagues - Bathurst without V8 racing cars???
  28. srefre


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    After reading this, I thought I was 1 of about 7 people who has bought and is enjoying GT6.

    Then I did this -

    Then I lol'd!
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  29. SVT Cobra GT

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    I'm sure PD are/will give more hype to GT7 that will come out on PS4. They claim that it's easier to develop games on, so I'm sure once they're nearly ready to roll it out everywhere, they will hype it up massively as the PS5 won't be around anytime soon. GT6 just seems like a placeholder game for when GT7 arrives. Don't get me wrong I'm loving GT6 at the moment, it's the game that GT5 should have always been, although there are still flaws in it.
  30. Sivakis


    Even the shops here in Singapore are commenting that the game isn't exactly flying off the shelves. CE versions were readily available at ~ US90 (comes with cars, 3 extra DLC cars, 1 million credit, die-cast GTR, printed apex magazine).

    They also commented on the lack of marketing and not many people knew it was out or that it was even coming.....

    Hopefully this becomes a wake-up call to PD to step up their game for GT7 on the PS4.