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Started with one car to try and replicate an E30 version of a pseudo-John Morton BRE Datsun 510.


Wound up entering it into a club racer series.
While waiting for a proper Aston Martin Vantage (current gen, possibly even a Gr. 3 version), I'm tuning a DB11 as a GT3 car (well, sort of). I seriously doubt that it will be competitive, though. But I like this sort of challenges.
What a crazy weekend!
Had a call from my brother Shane the Pain saying he wanted to race for pinks on my Civic Tourer.


After I finished laughing and told him it was a hard and solid no, I remembered him having a stock EvoIII that had been stored in the same lock up as the RR ‘Red Rocket’ Civic. RR was a crowd favourite from the early GT days so I knew I would be able to take that Evo off his hands plus some cash for shipping …. More likely an overhaul.

We both met up at the spot on New Years Eve and I even took RR out and fired her up to blow off the cobwebs and she purred like a rabid feral kitten Tom cat.


Once we opened the door to the Evo I seen it sitting high on some Advant GTs with a nice roll cage in it too!


Done and dusted the deal was done, paperwork sorted it was time to transport the RR to the docks and handover the keys.


I was glad I still had tools at the lock up so began work straight away by lowering the Evo and getting it sat down on Racing Hards it was sat on.


After a few tweaks and some hot laps I was happier with the new stance, with a long drive ahead it was time to drive it back home and get to work on the list of upgrades.


It was nice to drive a 5-speed again and the engine sung like a bird even though it was well over 100k. Nothing that can’t be sorted when I get her back I thought, also the list of upgrades I was focused on during the drive were mainly bolt ons. Updated and upgraded Med RPM turbo with racing intercooler was my first thought along with racing manifold and exhaust as I was sure the internals were bulletproof from the feels.

563km later and after some slight late braking corner mishaps I made it into the city no trouble!

Time to get to work! 🦾😈👍

to be continued …
Update: Fortunate to have all the racing parts installed courtesy of RalliArt, plus a hefty shipping cost!

Leaving the city now to do some hot lap testing, might make my way to Mount Panorama and see how these new brakes hold up.


4 wheel spin from 1st to 2nd gear! It’s alive! The FrankenEvo is alive!


Those echos man! I’m sure I won’t see any kangaroos or other wildlife for that matter. This thing is sending out war cries across the plains.

I can wholeheartedly say I am very impressed and proud of the work done.


We arrived just before dark, might park up and wait until the morning dew dries before firing her up on the track.


Sleep well FrankenEvo you have a big day ahead of you.

FrankenEvo ran some great times on the Mountain.

Brakes are perfect and the LSD is still stock but it makes for great peel outs!


I’ve pushed this weapon as hard as it could be pushed and seems solid through the snakes. Didn’t feel like it had magnets on the barriers and even a 4 wheel lock-up on the last corner.


I’m sure there is more to give and with 100k+ on the engine I ran it most of the night, it’s blowing flames on the final straight!

I am currently building a car for this Time Attack Series

I went with the C7 Corvette, here is what it started as and where it is after the initial build phase.
Now just to tune it for this month's track which is Goodwood.
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Finally got the car all finished for the Time Attack series, all stickered up and looking the part.

Initial testing has gone well and so far managed a 1:12.8 at goodwood.
Jelly Willys Jeep, I have a feeling the Jeep will roll easier than about anything else in the game when tuned for it. Also a Plymouth Superbird to classic NASCAR specs and race it at Daytona.
you can hellcat swap a willys

FrankenEvo ran some great times on the Mountain.

Brakes are perfect and the LSD is still stock but it makes for great peel outs!

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I’ve pushed this weapon as hard as it could be pushed and seems solid through the snakes. Didn’t feel like it had magnets on the barriers and even a 4 wheel lock-up on the last corner.

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I’m sure there is more to give and with 100k+ on the engine I ran it most of the night, it’s blowing flames on the final straight!

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The r32 with a certain motor makes 1k hp
I’m working on a collection of touring cars for some custom races. The cars are road cars of model year 2000 to 2006 and lightly tuned, to keep it affordable for the teams. To allow for a greater variety of cars I have created two performance profiles with weight and power limits:

A: >=1550 kg, <=350 BHP
B: >=1200 kg, <=300 BHP

The rest of the rules are the same for both profiles:

Tyres: SH
Max downforce: 100 front, 150 rear
Sport brakes
Sport suspension
Customisable manual transmission

So far I have created five different cars and the regulations seem well balanced as they all complete a lap around La Sarthe within about one second of each other.

I’m creating liveries for these cars as well, will be sharing them in this thread once I have some good pictures.
I made one more touring car and decided to have test race, a 20 minute race at Dragon Trail Gardens. Had a lot of fun in this race, and it will get even better once I have a full grid of cars 😁

Here’s a replay from the first half of the race:

I got back to work on the GT-R, it’s really shaping up to be something good. I got a new diff from Kaaz, and some brand new lowering springs and NISMO coilovers. I’ve been clearing out more parts of the interior (carpets, door cards, etc.) to keep the weight lower.
After getting the new parts installed, I drove out to Tsukuba again to get the car dialed in. By the time I got there, I was pretty thankful for the 4WD, because it was pouring on-track and on the way there. Apparently a lot of people had the idea to practice their wet driving. This meant it was a pretty good day for car spotting. I’m glad I threw my camera and a couple SuperZoom lenses into a box in the trunk before I left, because I was somehow able to convince a couple track staff to let me hop the fence and take pics from right behind the guardrails.

I got a couple pretty good shots, and definitely enjoyed ogling the cars there. There was a pretty tastefully modded FD RX-7, I chatted with the owner once they went back to the pits, apparently he welded two 13Bs together to power it. Guess LS swaps were too played out 😄. It makes nearly 600 horsepower to the wheels. He almost lost it in a corner once, but was able to catch the car before sliding off track. A nice AE86 actually did spin out off track and into the motorcycle chicane at some point. There was a little Subie BRZ drifting around out there and even a GT3 car.

That day of driving turned out pretty good, and the car being stickered up definitely drew a few looks. I’m thinking about getting a repaint though, the old green paint that I bought the car in is in decent condition, but I think it isn’t really suited for the car. I might replace some more panels like the trunk lid with carbon. I saw a pretty good manifold for a VR38 for sale on eBay, so I might pick that up.
Got a few more touring cars done, now there are 16 cars on the grid. I want to add two Mini’s and a second Audi team and then it will be complete.

Increased the power of the B-spec cars from 300 to 320 bhp, but I should probably add another 10 bhp since they tend to lag behind.

Here’s a 20 minute race from Brands Hatch. Started 16th on the grid and took the lead on the final lap of the race. Pretty well balanced :)

the car being stickered up definitely drew a few looks. I’m thinking about getting a repaint though, the old green paint that I bought the car in is in decent condition, but I think it isn’t really suited for the car.
I can’t wait to see the respray and decals on the GT-R!
I’ve just finished my Bread Tuned R32 Zilla and had a few days to spend some time on the design. I’ll reveal it soon but it was loads of fun during the Turbo cafe menu races. It’s capable of more well above its level but it’s balanced now and don’t want it to lose its edge.
Chevrolet Camaro ZLE 1LE Package ‘18 ‘The Green Goblin’


I have been working on this the last few days as I only paint and sticker cars that I find fun or universal in multiple races.


This is an extremely quick yet manageable car that I am returning to more and more. As there wasn’t much inspiration apart from the Hennessey ‘Exorcist’ I decided to start from scratch.


Originally I was going to make a sleeper style exterior but after studying the lines of the car I thought it deserved its own identity. First the Tron style glow paint was edged into all the main features and then extended into some more layer graphics over the hood, roof and tail.


With the colour set around the headlights and taillights it started to take form and revealed itself as ‘The Green Goblin’. With a nod to Hennessey I set out to use only relevant Camaro performance part sponsors.


This is truly lucky 13 and the cornering is sublime, one of the best handling at speed or under sudden breaking with finesse. It does take you on a wild ride like Green Goblin on his jet powered glider, but once you harness all that energy it rewards you especially on tracks such as Nurburgring or Laguna Seca where confidence is key.
Drop a gear and punch it!

I have a few more designs in the pipeline but wanted to pay tribute to this one now before moving on to more ideas.


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I pulled the motor of my GT-R again, because I might as well take advantage of the time there'll be where I can't drive it. I got the Skyline rolled into my friend's body shop. After he got the body paint stripped and body primed, I drove back home, and made a stop on the way to pick up that manifold I bought on eBay.

From there, I started a tear down of the motor. I cleaned off all the parts, so I could get rid of the little bit of carbon buildup, and to get ready to install the Brian Crower stroker kit I got. I'm hoping that between that and the exhaust parts It'll get a pretty good horsepower boost. The next day, after putting the engine back together, My friend called me and said that the paint was ready, and the decals I had printed out were put on. I towed it back home, and have to say I'm impressed.

I spent the afternoon getting the car ready to run again. I went on a drive to break the new pistons in. A member of my racing team and I met up and cruised around for while, and I got this nice video of us revving the hell out of my GT-R and her 180SX.

I came upon a local car club going on a more than spirited drive. When I took this opportunity to push the car to its limits, I found out that this car is FAST. It absolutely flys, whether it's starting from a full stop or at wide open throttle at its highest gear. There were 2 other GT-Rs on this little outing, and I'm proud to say that mine was the fastest there.
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So with custom races finally paying out a decent amount of money, I've been looking at building a 2WD 500PP fleet to have some fun with. The rules are obviously very simple, the car has to be 2WD and under 500PP. So imagine my surprise when a local explorer found an allegedly notorious 90's street racer dumped at an abandoned factory.

I got the location and headed over. After a bit of walking around I found the car. A dark grey 1990 FC RX-7, slightly lowered on some Rays wheels, with a HKS sports muffler and some other period-correct bits. On first glance it looked like it'd been sat for a couple of decades at least, with damage all over and some parts missing. Some damage on the bootlid and around the lower part of the bodywork suggested a wing and lip kit used to adorn this FC. Also it looked like it belonged to someone either called ZERO or was part of a team called ZERO.


I tried the doors and found that not only was the car unlocked, but the key was still in the ignition! Not wanting to risk destroying the engine, I refrained from trying to start the car and instead got to work doing an oil change, changing the spark plugs and putting some fresh fuel in it. After an hour of work and a fresh battery, it started! It ran rough but it ran.


I put the car into gear, lowered the handbrake and released the clutch slowly. It moved! The brakes sounded awful as the rust had built up but at least they weren't stuck on at least. I pootled around the factory grounds a bit to let the car shake off some two decades of rust and dust. After half an hour the car seemed to be happy and started running better.


Now that the car was sort of running and driving again, the next question that popped up was "who owns this car?" Having been abandoned for so long and being from the era where there was no social media, there was next to no way of finding out who owned the car. I decided to put the car in storage until we tracked down the owner.

Fast forward two months later. After speaking to some old racers, it turns out the owner was still around and actually thought the car had been impounded and crushed in 1998 after fleeing from the police! I got some contact info and spoke to the owner myself. Things suddenly got interesting.

The owner, only known as Zero, of Team ZERO, still held the ownership of his beloved FC. He filled me in about the car's street racing history, the police chases it saw and the final bout which resulted in it being dumped at the factory while Zero went into hiding. He had apparently forgotten where the factory was located, so he never was able to check to see if the car was still there.

I told Zero about my interest and plans with the FC and he made a deal with me. He will fund the revival and restoration of the FC, with extra on top for my time, in exchange for a spot on the 2WD 500PP Custom Race. I happily accepted his offer and sent the FC to the homies at Ishikawa Body to do the restoration work.


One month later and the FC emerged from the workshop. It had been fully restored mechanically, with an engine rebuild and a full chassis restoration on top. The bodywork was straightened and cleaned up, but left mostly as it was found, as I had other plans for the exterior. It was the perfect base to build a 500PP monster with.


To be continued....
S&Company graciously lent me some workshop space to finish the Zero FC. First job was to fit a set of Volk TE37V SL wheels with new tyres, as the old tyres were ancient and the original TE37s had clearly seen better days. Zero then came through with replacement aero, which he had gotten from Facebook Marketplace but was otherwise in good condition. A new exhaust manifold, intercooler and some further weight reduction finally brought the car to the 500PP mark.


I took the car to Tsukuba in the evening for a shake down session. The increased downforce provided by the aero and the extra power gave the car a new personality, or rather restored the personality that it once had. It was sharp, stable, but also very agile. It would happily drift the final corner, but without losing any speed over grip driving. A real monster.


Since the FC was complete and actually road legal now, I drove it home from the track. On the expressway, I caught up to some street racers, who were also driving 90's RWD cars.


After a few corners, the Zero FC was already ahead. The legend was reborn.


The next day, I delivered the car to Zero. It was the first time he'd seen the FC since leaving it at the factory and you could tell all the memories had come rushing back. He thanked me for everything and immediately headed out to reacquaint himself with his old car. Can't blame the guy for that.

The next time I saw Zero and the FC was outside the Amazon Fulfilment Centre, at a car meet a month later. The FC was now painted and looking fantastic. Alongside it were two more entrants into what's now been named the Banter✰Garage 2WD Street Retro Championship. They all seem evenly matched...