GTPlanet vs. Mariah Carey [2020]

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New Zealand

What a year.

First we had wildfires.
Then Trump got impeached.
Then we had Brexit.
Then we had COVID.
Then we had a recession.
Then we protested and rioted about police brutality.
Then we had more COVID.
And now?

Now Christmas music is starting... What better way to end a trash year by trying to avoid trash songs. I mean, we're all quarantining so I guess it'll be easier?

General Rules and Guidelines:
  • Survive the remainder of 2020 (i.e. 23:59.59 in your time zone) without listening to All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey
  • Only the original song performed by Mariah Carey counts. Remixes and the duet version with Justin Bieber don't count.
  • Hearing any part of the song counts as getting Carey'd. If you're unsure whether it's a remix or the duet version, keep listening to find out, or use apps such as Shazam or Google Assistant. If you're still not sure, it may be in good faith to consider yourself out.
  • GIFs, still images or muted video do not count.
  • When you hear the music, consider yourself Carey'd, out of the competition..
  • With the Banned User Log now retired for some time, we now have 'Underneath Mariah's Christmas Tree' If you get Carey'd, post here and tag myself (@Daniel or @TJ13) so one of us get a notification and can promptly update it.
  • New for 2020! I have added a poll that allows you to change the vote. This can give us an indication of the ratio of 'safe' to 'Carey'd' players.
  • Do not post any links to the song in this thread without sufficient warning. This place is a safe haven.
  • While the rest of the site is free reign, keep in mind the site's rules regarding misleading (next bullet point)
  • You will not knowingly post any material that is false, misleading, or inaccurate.
  • If you play the link in the OP with any intention outside of refreshing your memory (i.e.playing it over Skype or PSN), you will be Carey'd if you hear it.
Some tips to avoid the song:
  • Do not trust anyone.
  • Avoid shopping at department stores, clothing stores, supermarkets - anything that may have a radio playing.
  • If you must step outside, consider bringing noise-isolating earphones and play loud music on them to avoid any other songs.
  • Do not trust anyone.
  • Have your computer defaulted to 'mute' and make sure that your volume is off while opening any links.
  • Do not talk to any other GTPers using Skype, Facebook, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. We are all evil and cannot be trusted, especially @Jordan.
If you haven't yet heard the song, just click on the video below to watch it before avoiding it until next year.

Good luck everyone.

You know the drill by now.

GTPlanet vs. Wham!

GTPlanet vs. Mariah Carey


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Underneath Mariah's Christmas Tree (Sign-ups Before December 1st)

@Daniel - 17 Nov - I should quit my job.
@Jimlaad43 - 2 Dec - One of our most loyal players has been taken so soon from us.
@TB - 13 Nov - Got Trebek'd
@McLaren - 6 Dec
@NoStopN - 20 Dec
@XJ40 - 6 Dec
@Nexus - 14 Dec
@Jump_Ace - 12 Dec
@TexRex - 20 Dec - Fender bender.
@edawg456 - 1 Dec - Made the fatal mistake of not checking the Spotify playlist.
@bjl23 - 16 Dec
@Driving Park - 30 Nov - You should also quit your job.
@Darla Starch - 5 Dec
@Joey D
@AudiMan2011 - 4 Dec
@Obelisk's Dad - 1 Dec - Obelisk is now in danger.
@Naveek Darkroom
@epic_apri_39 - 1 Nov , 8 Nov
@AnthonyD1993 - 30 Nov - Seriously how is everyone working? We're in a pandemic!!
@ROAD_DOGG33J - 8 Nov
@Hayden -13 Nov
@MaxAttack - 17 Dec - Today's pop quiz will be on Mariah Carey and other Christmas music.
\@TenEightyOne - 9 Dec
@sirjim73 - 3 Dec
@Shaun - 2 Dec - Shouldn've gotten Android...
@Rob192005 - 20 Nov - Droppin' like flies.
@ThrasherDBS - 3 Dec
@Sinkle - 30 Nov - Once the Careying starts it doesn't stop.
eran0004 - 30 Nov - Spotify Premium is absolutely worth it, just for avoiding Mariah.

Standing Right Outside My Door (Sign-ups After December 1st)

@TyOfHazard - 9 Dec
Update to Post #184
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Paying Spotify Premium this time, Mariah will NOT end another streak!! 👍
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I'm in.

Also, this was my reaction to seeing an "Extra Festive" version exists.

I'm in. Checking in on the official Christmas station in the area is going to be sketchy.
Im in. What's one more disaster to add to this already dumpster fire of a year?
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Interested. So I just say if I've heard Mariah Carey between now and up to x-mas day or including it?

...Pogues variation.
Yeah...I'd lose that one pretty quick. I try to hear it at least a dozen times during the holiday season.


I'll jump in on this round. I figure the odds are pretty good I won't get hit this year since there's been no mention of an end to WFH and I watch so little TV these days.