Is Gran Turismo Sport great or disappointment game.

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by kemmac, Nov 14, 2017 at 4:40 AM.

  1. kemmac


    I was expecting the game turn out to be great. Unforunate it not but disappointment. The hype got good out of me. But the game isnt bad but short. Unlike to previous Gran Turismo had long epic games.
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  2. BallPtPenTheif


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    i don't know what game you're playing but this game doesn't have an ending.
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  3. Shottah072


    It is basically iRacing Lite wich i think is great.
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  4. BallPtPenTheif


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    and that's really the most amazing thing here. i never knew that i wanted iRacing Lite, but it's seriously creating this whole new gaming experience that i've really never experienced before. i was honestly not looking forward to this game until i got my hands on the Beta and realized what they were trying to do for the genre. as far as i'm concerned it's a total game changer and i can't imagine racing on another game.
  5. SuperKlonoaGT


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    The more I look at the Mission Challenge screen, the more I'm starting to believe that this is a cleverly disguised Prologue. 'Cause it's structured almost exactly like GT5 Prologue's Events mode except it's more meaty.

    Other than that, though, it's great for me.

    It does, actually, once you clear the Campaign mode with all bronze.
  6. Method36


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    Can only speak for myself, but I got it release day and I'm still playing. The point being that if a game is worth your time and worth coming back to, then it serves its purpose. At a point when it no longer is, then it's time to play something else. Not every game is a winner for everyone, but even if it is, the amount of time worth investing is subjective.

    TLDR: I still like it (until I don't).
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  7. BallPtPenTheif


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    that's a tutorial. once you can gold all of that then you're ready to really start racing. who the hell beats a game's tutorial and thinks they've finished it? rediculous
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  8. Shottah072


    Well i have been on and off iRacing for the last couple years. It is still the best for online racing. But GTS is a bit more foregiving, both on the driving as well as the rating systems, making it easier to just pick up and do some online races. And while the simulation and physics aspects may not be as hardcore the competition definetly is so the races can be just as competitive.
  9. FUNanywhere


    There is good 25-30 hours of content in SP. Thats no way short by any means. How long anyways you want to race with AI?

    Try Sport Mode. Its where the tension,drama and excitement is.

    I have done around 15% campaign till now since launch because Sport mode is so great.

    You should not pass judgement if you haven't experienced all modes of the game.
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  10. Mistah_MCA


    I personally find it great. While it may not have the career mode that I loved when I used to play GT 2, 3, and 4, this game has definitely demanded a lot from me to improve my racing. I'm still not as good as other players, but I've definitely improved.
    And hey, I can finally say I got gold on all of the Driving School, Mission Challenge, and Circuit Experience missions. :D
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  11. stevenhiggster


    I think if you're only here for single player then you may find it lacking. Personally I haven't touched the single player beyond the beginner stuff.

    Once you start racing online against fairly well matched real opponents, racing against AI just seems utterly pointless. The buzz you get winning in sport mode is 100 times the buzz you get winning against AI.
  12. JacksHerer


    United Kingdom
    The game is great, online multiplayer games don't have endings. What I am disappointed with is the games intention isn't carried into lobbies. I struggle to find lobbies with tire/fuel/pit strategy, but that's the players fault, not the games.
  13. TeWheke


    The online racing is fantastic and I've loved the game, but the decision to switch to fixed set-ups in Sport has been really disappointing as it feels like they removed a huge part of the game and something that has always been a big part of Gran Turismo.
  14. Huzar


    It's a big big GT7"Stype" prologue. With empty promises of content updates to come yet no dates ever announced for them.

    Expect a proper Gran Turismo game after this burns out on the market place. They can always use the excuse that GTsport was just a spin of and GT7 was always coming but no mention of it do to respect and full support to what Sport was attempting to do.
  15. covan2306


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    I play it enough to avoid divorce, loving it. Gone is the silly and stale campaign(dumb ai, late break, credit farm sim), now we have what we should have had on GT6, people racing people.
    So many tough, tight and FUN races, racing AI isn't fun. I prefer this game to ALL other GT's, the 'lacking' feeling people get is because PD have either porpoise fully tried to ease the online racing in or have misjudged attention spans.
    I think races should reset every 72 hours, but we should be able to chose what we want to race(Gr.b/3/4/1/X or N100>).

    Either way this is the direction the game HAD to go, there is only so much late breaking to pass AI that I personally want to do. This game has just about the right amount.
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  16. AudiMan2011

    AudiMan2011 Contributing Writer

    For what it's been designed to do, I find it to be fine. It's not the greatest thing in the world nor is it a steaming pile of dog doodoo. There's plenty of good areas and plenty of bad areas.
  17. Guffaluff


    For me, I was pleasantly surprised.

    To be honest, when I heard of the limited car/track roster and the lack of the classic GT Mode, part shopping etc etc, I was on the verge of just sitting this one out. I was actually quite bummed out because I, like so many others, have been waiting a long time to get my hands on a new Gran Turismo. Especially since I sold my PS3 a while ago and could therefore not get my GT fix with GT6 anymore.

    After the open beta started I started visiting this forum more frequently again, lurking and checking the feedback, and it surprised me how much of a positive feedback it was getting from the community here. I missed out on the beta as I was travelling, but I figured what the heck, I'll just splurge for the Pre-Order.

    I'm very glad I did as I'm having a blast! I'm really liking the driving model, and I'm happy it's very much playable on the pad. I used to race with a wheel in GT5 and GT6, but I don't have one at the moment and not sure when I can get one.

    I have always been a offline player, never really been much of a fan of online gaming so I surprised even myself of how much I'm enjoying Sport Mode. Granted, I haven't race nearly as much as many others here, only have 11 races under my belt so far, but with a lone exception of one race, all of them have been heaps of fun.

    I'm also surprised how much I have played the Campaign Mode. Chasing the gold is fun and satisfying. And don't get me started on the Photo Mode/Scapes. So much time has been spent there already, and I'm starting to slowly get the hang of the Livery Editor and really enjoy messing around in there. It does have it's downsides, biggest IMO being the lack of layer grouping, but it's not a deal breaker for me. Especially with the custom decal uploader just around the corner, we'll see even more variety of liveries on the track! :)

    The custom race feature is also pretty in depth and a good way to jump into a race to your liking, although I'd like to see qualifying in there as well.

    It's not all positive, of course, as the lack of proper classic GT mode and the lack of variety of cars is definitely the game's biggest flaw, but it doesn't ruin the experience, at least not for me.

    So all in all, I'm really glad I got it and I haven't even touched another game since release :)

    But as always, this is very subjective and I know not all agree, so to each his own.

    If you don't like the game, great. If you love the game, great. If you think it's just OK, great. Each and everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion on the game and it is just as valid as the next. As long as you don't try to force your opinions on others, and rant on those who don't agree.

    Happy racing! :D
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  18. Edzz69


    I am really enjoying it.
    Gran Turismo has never really grabbed me before, the offline section has never really taken my attention for long.
    From me, racing games are best online and I like what PD are trying to do. Unlike project cars, I have yet to have a first corner smash up after qualifying well and players seem to be racing fairly.
    Looking forward to what comes next for this game. I hope the VR section gets fleshed out.
  19. Doc Da Boss

    Doc Da Boss

    You need to look at the game from the perspective of a freemium game. They are designed to be played endlessly generating pay to win sales. GT Sport will have downloadable content but its going to be free. More tracks and cars are coming which will make the game more interesting as you have something to look forward to. You would have to be an idiot to expect DLC content to drop weekly, more like every few months. The goal now is collecting all cars the and mastering the current tracks. If you glitch or hand brake races for easy loot the game becomes boring quick. That being said all most every game is going to an online play mode with weekly or monthly challenges to win free content. That for me is what is missing. There is no team, crew or clan aspect to the game and no real reward for playing.

    That being said I love the game and love livery editor and still enjoy playing the game. I do play other games but I don't see myself burning out on GT Sport.
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  20. Mysticblaze21


    That's my biggestest issue of the game is its empty for most part. Gt5 had better online. Would be a bonus if the raving penalty system wasn't broken.
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  21. Deadheadbill


    No ai will ever be as good as competing against another person. For that reason alone this game is amazing. PD has a focus unlike any other driving game on the market and that focus is online racing. Every aspect of GTS was created with this goal in mind.

    I literally lol at people who claim PD has lost it's focus or do not know what they are doing. They know exactly what they are doing and where they want to go. Some people just don't want to go with them.
  22. Donnced


    Not great and not disappointment. Just a good game in some aspects.

    Driving is easy in this game and it forgive a lot of mistakes.

    Sport mode is nice the first couple of weeks, but even if it's a bit "cleaner" than normal public lobbies, the rating system has his flaws and didn't improve from the last closed beta version... So ends with my patience...and Don't invite me to want to play more "daily races".
    Still prefer theprivate lobbies and organised championships with known and respectful people who knows "driving etiquette".

    Offline section is correct, quite easy, but entertaining.

    The best for me personally is scape mode and the livery editor..
    The brand central with the museum and videos is a good touch!

    Good racing game if you don't want to arcadey game as driveclub and not as complex as a Project C.A.R.S 2 or assetto corsa.
  23. JulesDennis


    Can you actually back up that claim?
    Because it is not true in any way
    iRacing (doing what GTS is trying to do for the last decade pretty much).And its not the only one (on pc platform).
    On console?
    Well there are other titles that have an organized e-sport online part.(Pcars 1 & 2-example-).They only do it differently and usually people dont "jump" into those after putting 1 week of practice on a pad.
    It would be better if you said that the way GTS does it,makes it more accessible to the "casual" gamer and not just for the "hardcore sim" people.
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  24. Deadheadbill


    I said what I meant. You are free to agree or disagree as you see fit.
  25. EmArA


    Totally agree.
    However, the physics is no where near iRacing but that’s a topic for another day :D
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  26. DGXR


    United States
    At this point I have mixed feelings about GT Sport. Some parts are brilliant, other parts are disappointing. I am trying to be patient as new cars, tracks, and other content is being created. I know PD is working hard on this, I just don't know why they can't throw us a bone more often. Seems we are waiting too long, but again it's good to have patience. I know more great stuff is coming soon... bring it Kaz!
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  27. Deadheadbill


    It's only been out for 28 days. ;)
  28. JulesDennis


    You may believe so but you dont have any valid points to prove it.Either way,you are wrong.
    I am not going to change your mind over this,but facts are facts.
  29. queleuleu


    If they keep people in the dark like they did with GT6, the servers will be empty very quick. I agree with you, at its core GTSport is a great game but the small car/track/feature list kill the game at the moment. Being a game as a service, they have to communicate much more than before.
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  30. marvinandroid


    Guys today I'm BEYOND furious. Every bloody single race I've been punted, rammed, (I'm Dr C Sr S) by drivers from all round the world, in ways I'm too upset to describe. PD please do something because people have promptly understood how they can get away with the penalty system and they just don't care anymore about anything. They understood they can do that and races have become in the last few days the usual carnage we all know in public lobbies. GtS goes on the shelf until things get sorted.
    Sorry for the rant.
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