McLaren 720S GT3 & Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Debut in Challengers Pack for rFactor 2

  • What DX version is rF2 based on lately?
  • Does rF2 have true tripel monitor setup such as Assetto Corsa and iRacing? I am not talking about a stretched image across three monitors.
rFactor 2 comes with a DX11 graphics engine nowadays and supports true triple screen support that allows you to configure the angles and gaps of your side monitors for a distortion free view as well as support for all popular VR headsets through the Steam VR API (that includes Oculus, Vive as well as all Windows mixed reality headsets)
Those guys at S397 are finally getting this thing sorted and are going in the right direction.
It has come on by leaps and bounds since they took it over.
Just checked I've got 12 hours in testing with these new cars.

They are unquestionably for me the best simulations I've ever driven.
Put any of them on Sebring, it's just incredible what software can achieve.

My favorite is the Audi, it's not the fastest but I'm very consistent running 2:05s @Sebring with stock tune, much time to be found when I start tuning.

We need to coordinate some races on the S397 servers.
I wish this game came to Xbox. All Xbox has is project cars 2 and the super amazing Assetto Corsa and soon dirt rally 2.0 and gtr3. Need more sim games
Finally a modern Monaco GP (Cote d’azur) had to unleash the 720s gt3 there at night/dawn

[4k] Mclaren 720s GT3 - Cote d'azur

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