No cockpit view for clubman vtg?

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I recall that with very few exceptions, pretty much every VGT after a certain point has a cockpit, whereas before that, it was much less consistent as to whether a VGT would have a cockpit. I think only the Italdesign VGTs were the first to lack a cockpit in a very long time, and every VGT since those two has had one.

Eh, I don't think we're missing much with some VGTs, anyway, since I feel like some of them were "phoned-in," in a way, especially those from Mitsubishi, Subaru, Lexus, and even Toyota. Would be great if they could submit an additional one, like we've seen with Peugeot. On the specific topic of Mini, I do think we need more models from them, namely the Countryman that was in the PS3-era games, and a JCW-branded model, plus maybe the latest design for the Cooper S.
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