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  1. DustDriver

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    Well, it's full here with threads talking about how bad the online mode is and full of noobs etc, etc...
    But only 1 thread that mentions some of the good things (white list)
    That thread is more about mentioning names of people who drive well and sportive.

    So i thought to myself, hey, why not a thread about the good moments in online mode?

    I'll start off by saying that i had a couple of great online races today.
    One race was a pack of 7 good drivers around London in the pro races.
    And guess what... no Lotus in sight and no 2 cars the same :)
    Started in 6th position, so i had to work my way up. Everyone was fast, so that wasn't easy. Ended up 3rd after a thrilling race where all the positions switched around all the time.
    And all that without much contact between the cars.(not speaking about the walls, but on certain corners everyone seems to hit them at least once every race)

    The other race i enjoyed was also on the London track, but this time a head to head race
    We battled it out for 3 laps, and switched places often (mostly using the mistakes the other person made, there isn't much room otherwise)
    Oh yea, i was driving the Lancer IX tuned, and he the normal one, so i had a slight advantage, although not much on such a tight track.
    He braked to late in the first corner on the last lap, so that i could overtake him. But that entire lap he was only inches behind me, but couldn't find a spot to overtake me.
    I sure was shaking a bit from the nerves after the race was over. It was so close.

    Well, those are a couple of my enjoyable online experiences.
    Please share yours (if you have any) so that this part of the community can be filled a bit with positive messages, and not only complaints.
  2. Ardius


    United Kingdom
    No great ones today particularly, but this last week I've had many great battles on Daytona Speedway, ending yesterday with my 2 wins. Of all the competition, the best cars that match mine are the Ferrari F40, Ferrari F430 and the Ford GT.

    I've already described my favourite battles so far, so I'll just say that as much as I've seen idiots online, I've seen just as many if not more great drivers who gave great competition. So, although it may seem that the online mode is really bad and awful with all the posts about it, its still great fun.
  3. PSTC555


    Probably the 1 vs 1 battle against PILLAT in his F40 at one night. It's great when you know the person is a clean driver and we had a great online duel together.
  4. Michel 4AGE

    Michel 4AGE

    Hah I saw PILLAT too, maybe 1 hour ago on Suzuka in his F40. Clean driver :tup: Unfortunatly I think he got bumped by someone so he left.

    I've had some great races so far. This evening there was someone called giorgio8 , black R8 on Suzuka. I was much faster but I thought it was fun to just stay behind him , seeing that R8 sliding through the corners and hear the V8 :)
  5. thedeester1


    United Kingdom
    Im usually on the High speed ring or suzuka. Differing levels depending on the car im In sometimes i go to the easy levels in a slower car just to get some argy like a good touring car race to fill you up. I usually drive the F430 which fits into a class that it usually gets hammered in (tuned lotus, tuned s2000). The racing is good though and i win some of them...:) As for the knockers ive learned some tricks. 1 take the inside on the corner and brake early to avoid been used as a brake. If there is some one on your inside brake em out and power round em on the next turn. if the player you are gonna overtake is a "rammer" give em a little shunt on the back corner before you go around. It will keep em busy while you get past. :)...All valid and legal in touring cars....LOL
  6. yannc


    susuka 650p against zabeu. Really enjoyed this race.
    Actually, I get and more good online races now : I detuned my 111R to 649 points, so I always start 1st or 2nd. I usually overtake the first car (always somebody that didn't understand that 450 points is not enough :-), put 10s to the next car and wait. If a car catches up, I slow down and have some fun.
  7. thedeester1


    United Kingdom
    I searched for the white list and got nothing...Well I had some good races at fuji int' 600 tonight and good races with a driver named slippydoo
  8. B24


    I had some good races overnight too.
    I run a nsx in pp600 and a lous 111r in pp700.

    I wil have to write the names down next time who do race well.
    I run under badsmell.The rides set this username up and I have no idea how to change the online name.Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. an4rew


    I go by the name 'Kellz09'

    Had a couple great races against some french dude (Collar8) with the easy cars round the ring.

    We finished over 5 seconds clear both times, each racing fairly and winning one each.
  10. panchito401


    I havent ran yet today, but will probably be on in an hour or so in either fuji or suzuka.

    However, in the last week I've had a nice race with cudadude? and also slicecom and a few other guys with GTP's that I can't remember, but will write them down.

    I find the later you're on (I'm EST) the better the racing is. Also, I think that Fuji and Suzuka really sort out the racers from the idiots after the first lap, Zuka being the end-all. I simply will NOT play Daytona or High Speed Ring (I hate the track anyway, It's pointless) because of all the punters. Fuji and Zuka on PP700 only.

  11. Havok_


    United States
    Raced a guy named "Adon KAy" at suzuka the night before last..Great racing, we would pull away form the clowns who would rather play bumper cars and have a good run to the finish line.. He was driving a tuned Evo X and i was in a 700pp GTR..I would have been a better race if he had a higher powered car, but all in all, i love racing against good clean racers. They will always have my respect..
  12. Jlagreen


    I drive a Viper/Tuned in 700PP Suzuka only. Thanks to the track's layout many bad drivers don't drive there as you lose a lot of time getting off track.

    Anyway had some very great races yesterday. Some even with some GTP guys from here who drove very clean as expected :).

    In one particular race I was 3rd and the 1st position wasn't decided due to a heat battle between GTP_Ron and some guy called Akiir or something. Both drove an Evo Tuned in black and changed position all the time. Finally in 3rd round after the hairpin I could get close and in Spoon I had a great acceleration out of the corner.
    So on the straight the first evo gave sliptream to the second and I slipstreamed the second Evo. As some probably know the Evos lack a little on straights, so they were driving side by side on 2/3 of the right side on the road. I took that chance and overtook both at the same time on the left, took 130R first and won the race. Best Overtaking I got so far, remembered the F1 race in 200x where Hakkinen overtook Schumacher in SPA on the straight using a third opponent ;).
    I really would like to see the face of the leader (was it Ron?) when I overtook him inside with my Viper. I am sure it was hilarious since he probably didn't notice me until I passed him :D.

    Another race I started 7th and somehow the first six guys were too stupid in first corner and afterwards I was first driving without mistakes to victory.

    Yesterday I was the first time on pole in my online play. I hosted a race for 16 with 699 being the lowest PP, so I luckily got pole. I drove perfectly without any mistakes to my first pole/win-race and probably my last. But I really was annoyed by the handicap the game gave me, here my lap times on Suzuka:

    1st -> 2:10.4xx
    2nd -> 2:12.1xx
    3rd -> 2:13.9xx

    just crazy that my first round was faster than all the other...


    Had some fantastic races lastnight and were pretty close and the unwanted ramming seams to have reduced which improves the race quality. Had some great races with GTP_Ren-Tec which have been litterally a cigarette paper between us at te finish thats great racing. Running a Viper which although is a handfull provides some great power and turning ability putting the miths that all Yanks can only race in a straight line to bed.
  14. B24


    I have been playing this game way too much..
    2.7mill in two days online racing. Crazy..

    Had some great races on most tracks in all pp events.
    Suzuka was the hardest one to crack with good drivers in quick cars and generally a full field. I was running the Lotus which is a little slow but good to run.
    I did come across a Viper, very quick. Must have been you!

    There seems to be groups of a nation which appear together in events, Italians,French,Spanish,Aus,GB. They all have their own mannerism on the track.Its strange but true...
    Has anyone noticed this yet?
  15. DustDriver

    DustDriver Staff Emeritus

    Don't know if it was my viper. Wasn't driving very good yesterday because I wasn't focused enough.
    What's your PSN name?
  16. magburner

    magburner Premium

    I had an awesome race with a guy called 'capcom85' last night. He had started at the front of the pack in a superbly setup Audi R8, and I had started at around 15th place (I always race with 700pp). Starting so far back proved to be a blessing in disguise, because by the time I had got to the Degner curve, I had passed everyone except capcom85, and this was the first lap! He was fast, but I was determined to be faster, so I jammed on the gas and put some pressure on this guy.

    I had remembered what Arduis and Earth had said in another thread regarding passing places at Suzuka; What Famine and others had said about racing etiquette in yet another thread again; AND I was racing with the GTP tag, so I decided to put into practice what had been said, and apply it to this race situation.

    I was as close to all over capcom85 most of the time. As close as I could be without destroying my own chances, or his. I noticed that he was using race etiquette, especially around the corners, because every time I managed to get the inside line, he would conceded. I think he was a little too gracious at times, because I felt I had overplayed my hand on several occasions, only to see him extend his lead slightly once we exited the corner.

    On other occasions, I managed to close the gap on capcom85 and get out of the corner almost level, but the setup on his car was superb! I was driving my tuned Corvette, but I could not out accelerate him at any time! Even when I felt I had straightened and applied full power sooner then he did, he still managed to out accelerate me in third and fourth. Remember this was still only the first lap, but our hard driving had put almost 5 seconds gap between us and the rest of the pack! It continued like this for another two, but I would of happily raced another ten or twenty, it was that engrossing!

    As the chicane finally came into view on the last lap, I was happy that I had managed to race this guy, follow good advice, and most importantly enjoy myself. As I was thinking that this guy deserved respect for giving a good, clean and honest race, I kind of fluffed up the chicane. I was still on him, but I knew I could not out accelerate his R8, so I popped behind and drafted towards the finish line, hoping on hoping that something would happen that would gift me the victory, and something did happen!

    capcom85 slowed right down almost to a complete stop before the finish line! I only half noticed, and barrelled into the back of him and sent him flying across the finish line. It was a kind gesture for him to do that, and once I realised what he had done, I was grateful. As far as I was concerned though, he had won that race fare and square, so I didn't feel like I had lost anything at all, instead I think I gained something else, respect - much more valuable that 50,000cr!

    capcom85 was an awesome driver, I think I'll send him a buddy invite on my PS3, and point him in this direction. :tup:


    B24 it could have been me as more and more Vipers turning up (GREAT CAR) ! Mine is Bright Yellow with black bonnet(American readers HOOD). What is your PSN Name ? Your right about different race styles some are very very good and others are just plain idiots - How the hell did they get past the A cup ?? Hope to see you all out there over the weekend !
    Cheers !

  18. homeforsummer

    homeforsummer Premium

    Just done a race now, shaking from the adrenaline!

    PP600, EU version, Suzuka. Full 16 car grid, over half were Clio V6/Tuned, and I swapped my normal Integra for a Ferrari 512BB so I started 14th!

    Absolute mayhem, i think the Clio V6 is the new Elise, cars going off everywhere. I had an Evo X following me the whole time, thanks to him for not punting me off, we both passed each other cleanly every time.

    I finished second in the end from 14th, unfortunately the Evon got gobbled up by idiots in Clios and pushed onto the grass, he finished about 9th in the end. I was the only non-Clio in the top 8...
  19. Yellowmc


    Just had a few good races at Fuji.

    Can't recall the name but I had a good battle with another lad who was very respectful in regards to drafting and conceding the line once it had been taken.

    I was in my orange tuned Corvette and was managing to keep up with all the GTR's at Fuji up until I came against this one character who was awfully slow heading into the tight chicane. I braked very early knowing that any collision would send him off, yet he braked even earlier and I ended up hitting him sending him off. I took the position and carried on until the straight where I lifted off to let him pass and still use the draft.

    I thought it was all fine until he came up level with me and just smacked into me, as revenge, most likely. I spun out of control but managed to save it before the gravel trap and ended up 3rd.

    The thing about Fuji is that if you avoid the 1st lap drama you are all set, most of the action happens in the 1st corner and fortunately for me, the slow get away of the corvette works to my advantage. I drop to the back, intentionally, let everyone take themselves out and take the apex cleanly and just pass about 6 people who received penalties. The rest I can take in 100R or on the straight.
  20. zodicus


    I had a few awsome battles with a guy named GTP_CudaDude I was in my tuned vette and once he was in the GTR? i think and other other time was the old vette. The race with the old vette was just fraking awsome. Theres the hair pin then a little left little off camber right then a decreasing radius left, I got buy him on the off camber right but then the vette startted to step out on me I didnt want to lift so I just nailed it. The result was what felt like one awsome power slide up to and thru that following left. any way very good racer looking forward to running him again.
  21. L8Apex901


    Just had a few damn good races with "lbchomer (US)". I ("drunknrednek (US)") was in a tuned Clio and he started in a BMW 1 Series, both maxed to 600 points. We were at PP600 Daytona Road Course and it was some of the best racing i've ever experienced! Even though it was just the two of us. We were pretty evenly matched. Minor nudges here and there, but nothing major; good 'ole fashion racing. I usually started the race in first but he'd overtake me on braking and we would just keep swapping the entire race. Outbrake here, mistake there, draft here... I think it was 3:1 my favor before he switched to the Tuned Clio as well. At that point it all came down to who was better at drafting the final back straight. I lost the last 2 by 0.008 and 0.007 seconds...damnit...I might have won more races, but that SOB made me work for it.

    If you ever catch him in a race, be respectful, he's good. Hope to see him again soon!!
  22. B24


    I will be on in 10 min at fuji 600pp then 700pp
  23. homeforsummer

    homeforsummer Premium

    Another good race tonight, in fact a few at Suzuka PP600 in my Ferrari 512. One of the more memorable ones involved me holding it broadside through the whole 130R corner with a Clio V6 following me... whoever he was, kudos to him for not tapping me into a full spin!
  24. letdown427


    Went on for only my second bout of online shenanigans tonight, took an F430 for some PP600 on the HSR reverse.

    Had about 10 successive good races, not every opponent was great, but all in all, some really good fun racing.

    Mainly people from Spain and France, couple of GB people :)

    xipo[ES] was a fun adversary, him in a Clio V6 (of course...)

    Won and came second in a few of them by less than 0.05 of a second each way. You really can't win that race if you're in the lead for the last corner or two, to the extent whereby after stealing the lead from a Clio V6 and an M3 on the last lap, I let them sneak back past on the bridge with 2 corners to go, only to then slipstream past at the last minute. Such a cheeky win.

    Anyway, just thought I'd keep this thread going, give people some hope :)
  25. nasanu

    nasanu (Banned)

    I had a really good race with GTK_ChauffeurKim yesterday.

    At suzuka pro I was in a 111R and he was racing the GT LM. I made it to the front after the first lap then kim came up from behind and took first on the outside of the sweeper coming out of the hairpin. I retook first going into the chicane then he passed me again going down the front straight starting the final lap. I closed right up behind him going through the esses but then I got a little too close and had to suddenly avoid him mid corner sending me into a little spin that I had to correct. That gave him a gap until the last chicane where I closed up again but there is no beating a GT LM to the line.

    Very glad to have a clean and fast race with him. I was beginning to wonder about those GTK guys.
  26. kikie

    kikie Premium

    I'm not a fan of online racing but if it's clean, and the others race like in real life and it is against people I know (from GTP for instances), then I could enjoy myself.

  27. Mr P

    Mr P


    I remember this race and the outcome :sly: I never knew you were a GTP member as I usually look for the GTP tag but It sure was a nice win for you mate and totally deserved :tup: .. just shows that with patience the opportunity for the pass will happen even if its as close as 5 seconds from the finish line :tup: There's nothing better than a good scrap all the way to the line over the 3 laps ... it beats running away with it on your own any day :cheers:
  28. daan

    daan Moderator

    I've just had a few good races at Suzuka 700 against the same bunch of guys. SRT_Speedy (Swedish), Sp33dfr33k1974 (German), Fisstro (Spanish) and a French bloke whose name escapes me but it was something like AFKIR(number). All good, clean, fast guys.
  29. Maxil


    I'm in the middle of the S class, have a decent understanding of whats going on (trying to learn the tuning though) and stick mainly to intermediate high speed ring, though since it was dead at this ungodly hour and I was looking for a quick fix I joined a beginners room for HSR. 3 of us entered, all with the integ. Early on it was noticed one of the racers was an aggressive leader, defending his spot very physically.

    Myself and the other racer worked great. A few occasional small bumps when our lines merged together but nothing major, used each other to draft over the leader several times and against each other. Second lap on the last turn had him take the slammer over, with myself riding 2nd across the line fending the leader off as I knew I was restricted on power after I propelled the winner
    The most rewarding 2nd I've taken.
  30. P3DGpitstop25


    I just had about 7 race's with some fellow GTP members. It has got to be some of the best race's I have had on this game. The track was Suzuka 700 pp. The GTP members were GTP_racer_Lp [BE] and GTPtex777 [NL]. I have got a movie of it that I will put on youtube so you can so it.

    P.S would just like to say thank you to you 2.:)