Project CARS 2 - The Realistic Photo Mode Thread



United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Love this one :)
What's the track ? What time of day it was taken ?

One of the Mojave circuits, can't remember which, sorry.
Had it on x10 time if I remember correctly, was just blasting out laps, so assuming it was around sun set time.

Sorry I'm not anymore help
United Kingdom
Near Reading, Uk
Has anyone managed to find a way of getting UHD resolution images uploaded off the PS4 Pro without downrezzing and compression without using a PC?
South Africa
South Africa
Hi Guys. Great pics. New member. Im on PC and loving this game. One question and i hope someone can give me a clear answer. In photomode, no matter what i do i cannot get the road or track to blur (give that sense of speed) even if i turn down the shutter speed which only 'speeds' up the wheels of the car to make it look like its moving in the scene but the ground or track surface is always in perfect focus and not blurred like the wheels of the car to show speed. Anyone have any ideas if i missed a setting somewhere in the game that i need to enable to get the road to blurr and give that sense of speed?

Any help will be highly appreciated
Indianapolis corner, Le Mans 1989: Julian Bailey slips ahead of the C9 of Schlesser with Lammers in the No. 1 Jag in close pursuit.

Nine years later, the run towards Indianapolis, early stages of Le Mans 1998. Bernd Schneider hammers down the road with the TS020´s of Boutsen and Tsuchiya and the best of the Nissan R390s close behind.