Project CARS 3 Announced, Arrives This Summer

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    I love Grid Autosport, & although pitstops may have been good for the title overall, what makes the endurance mode so good is the fact that you cannot change your tires, you have to drive accordingly & manage the grip loss throughout the race. If you could just come in & change tires it wouldn't be an good as it is. I personally just go flat out from the off, try to build a gap & deal with the consequences later on.
    As for the AI, I know there is a lot of opinion about it but personally I think it's some of the best out there. Yes I know their aggressive but I love it, it's an intense experience until the chequered flag.
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    Yeah I also like it. It fits well into arcade realm of this game. It's just the most exciting motorsport moments fitted into 3 lap race.
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    I talk about this game a lot already, but here goes. Enthusia Professional Racing for PS2 had realistic physics -- phenomenal for 2005, or on the Playstation 2 -- and just over 200 cars with nuanced handling characteristics, an emphasis on road- and street-based circuits, and point-based gameplay systems that opted to be a bit more creative than your average racing sim.

    It also had...
    • No pitlanes*
    • No tire wear/temperature
    • No fuel consumption
    • No selectable tire compounds (you automatically get the equivalent of an ideal tire for the chosen track, whether it's dry/wet/offroad/snow)
    • No damage
    • Mostly 3-lap races by default
    ...and some more limitations. It was a Playstation 2 game.

    I'm not going to say I expect PCARS3 to be just like EPR (because personally, that's just setting myself up for disappointment :lol: ), but I can't think of anything that has more in common with the vision PCARS3 seems to have adopted...or to put it another way, I can't think of anything else as comparably realistic that shares the "antiquated" limitations SMS has placed anew upon PCARS3.

    * - You can actually drive through the pitlane on Tsukuba, but just "because". There is no functionality.
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    It bears to remind that the main issue is not the mere absence of the Pitstop and other sim aspects. But the fact that it regressed from previous game in the franchise. Enthusia got a pass because its literally the first (and only) game. I'll be disappointed too if Enthusia 2 have essential (and not broken) features removed from Enthusia 1, and so does other franchises.

    People appreciate progress, not regression.

    And there's the issue with audience. Enthusia (GT, Forza, etc) doesn't target super serious sim racers with wheels like IRacing, AC, and previous PCars. What PCars 3 did is basically craving for mainstream audience which absolutely have no guarantee in success considering the competition, while alienating previous franchise audience in the process. It can be mitigated if the game is set up as spin off rather than a sequel, but alas.
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    EPR is not a super serious game for super serious sim racers, but it is not regarded as a game anyone can pick up and play with a controller, either.