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Good online mode, GT2, and god please improve those boxes for pc3. Why sometimes when I change tyres crew pit change them 2 by 2 instead of the 4 at once?.

Remove all rallycross stuff and of course use those resources for even more tracks. You know, ahem Sebring ahem Road Atanta ahem others at the top of request lists.
the game is perfect to me, just livery editor and maybe some production versions of some cars that are already in game.
Well it's correct. Watch a WEC tyre change and compare it to the LMP1s in game.

Depends on which year you're watching. These days tire changes are a bit more free. In past years, more accurate to the classes we have in game, I believe only one wheel gun could be used at a time. Pit crew members were running all around the car in those days changing tires. I miss this quite a bit.

From 2015.
Depends on which year you're watching. These days tire changes are a bit more free. In past years, more accurate to the classes we have in game, I believe only one wheel gun could be used at a time. Pit crew members were running all around the car in those days changing tires. I miss this quite a bit.
Yeah. That's the one I mean.
Pardon me if my wish has already been mentioned. I couldn’t read past post 98 because the original topic seemed to be derailed a bit

Would it be possible to have track fly overs or some kind of free camera so we could see the track, kind of like they do in TV presentations of races? If not before a race, maybe a trackside type camera that’s from above during replays?
That would also be killer for Leagues, getting a birds-eye view of incidents, seeing if overlaps were sufficient in diving accidents, etc..
We would also need the ability to store replays past 45 mins or whatever the current limit is.
We would also need the ability to store replays past 45 mins or whatever the current limit is.
Not entirely sure what the replay limit is based on (I think it's mb size) but it's not capped on minutes because if you run at cadwell where there are only 12 cars max on track it's just over 20 minutes.

My average is 17.5 minutes but I've had replay limits as low as 14 minutes, maybe because it's 32 cars on a long track, I don't know how it works.

But I do agree it needs to be longer, I got a 1 terabyte hard drive with only PC2 installed so it's not like I don't have space.
I mentioned 45 mins or so as I recall that is about the longest replay I have managed to record and in my online league races I do usually get to save the first 40 mins or so of the race - our races are up to 2 hours though so the limitation is very annoying. It is also puzzling as to why the files are soooo huge in comparison to other games like GT Sport.
Things for PC3:

- The ability to change cars / race settings after the track has loaded.
- Simplified menu system. Cleaner design too please .. way too much visual clutter.
- Remove the really annoying Director warnings that stay up way too long and distract. Just turn the timer red is enough.
- Add Mazda 787 and Peugeot 905
- Add Brazil GP
I'd like to see the race results for the previous race not appear on screen for so short a time in lobbies. Can't remember for AC, but in GT you could check the results (and save the replay) up until the new track is selected or new race started.

Be nice to have fastest lap# as a data point as well. To check when in a race your fastest lap came.

Mandating tire type change (for classes with multiple tires) would add a degree of strategy that other games already have.

I'd like to see more sensible filters on choice of weather. Most race cars aren't going out in ice and snow..! Restrict the cars groups that can get the worst weather to cars designed for it.

A bit more accuracy is needed on the puddle physics. And depth. There are sections on some tracks that are completely inundated in quite a short time, and comparison to real photos of the same tracks are very exaggerated. Not to mention that a race would be red flagged in conditions that the AI quite happily plow through unscathed. I get the feeling that SMS, once they had put the work in to get the puddles going, forgot to think about how far they would go..! Allowing them to build to the point where a real race would be stopped without putting in the mechanism to stop the race in the game (and failing to have the AI struggle with them as much as the players) has resulted in weather being a less used system than it could be.

Be nice if 'Automatic by Weather' acknowledged the new tire models, and put Softs on automatically when track temps are low enough for them to be optimal. This affects stock tune lobbies badly, where you can't close brake ducts, or adjust how you would for tuned rooms. It doesn't matter if track temps are low, it's going to put those Racing Hards on no matter what..! There's not a lot of fun to be had sliding around on blueish tires when you know that softer tires are available for your car but the stock tune won't select them!

For PC3 to succeed, it is going to have to re-engage a lot of players that tried PC1 and left, and tried PC2 and left. There aren't enough of us left playing to keep it going by ourselves, but the same issues have plagued two games in a row. I can only speak for myself, but third time better be the charm! I love this game, at times it is transcendent. And the rest of the time, it maddens you! A lot of people, myself included, are going to be waiting and watching for the first buglist to come out before we buy. Can SMS reverse the trend?
More ovals. In fact I want them in PC2 as well really!


They could start easily by letting us race the Monza Oval in reverse as that is how it was run for Indy cars in 1957 and '58 at the "Monzanapolis" (Race of Two Worlds).

I would particularly welcome ovals if they are unusual in shape or length - for instance Langhorne Speedway was originally circular (one mile), but was later paved as a D. Michigan International Speedway would be another nice addition and is a D shaped 2 mile oval.

Some variation in lengths would be nice - as a classic racing buff I would pick the Milwaukee Mile.

I have a few suggestions from PC2 that I'd like to implement based on a league.

Multi-Round qualifying. I'd like to see the ability to have multiple rounds of qualifying like F1 with a reasonable limit. E.g. 5. With a player-chosen position limit as well of course.

The ability to turn off rules on the Formation Lap. This is mainly intended for races where the starting grid is usually different from the intended grid. Whether because of a different qualifying format or another reason. It would make it easier, especially in timed races, to have the clock start from 1h30 when they cross the line at the end of the Formation Lap as opposed to it being 1:27.30 or something like that. Same with lap races. It just looks nicer to have the intended laps in the top left corner.

Option for standing starts on Formation Laps. As with above, it would just be easier for leagues to start from a standing start as opposed to stopping on track which could cause cars to crash and order cars that way. Would also make setting off easier. Especially on ovals.

Unlimited pre-race time. This would probably be limited to Private Lobbies with friends as it could be exploited in public. But in one league I'm in, we run the full pre-race ceremonies from the 'Back Home Again in Indiana.' I feel it would be better to have that in a pre-race as opposed to having the cars dotted on circuit.

The ability to cancel a Ready in pre-race. Since it's common to have a race and a qualifying setup purely to keep the two separate and radiators and fuel down, it is easy to make a mistake and accidentally set that as opposed to your race setup. Since it's usually realised pretty quickly, I'd like the ability to cancel the Ready to make that change.

More aggressive pit-crew release. This is largely oval focused as you see it very often and with the ghosting of cars on pitlane, I don't see why it should be too much of an issue. It's caused a lot of frustration with a bunched pack under a manual FCY where all cars come in. If the leading car is the last car on pitlane, it's pretty much certain that car will not return.

Livery editing. It would be nice to be able to potentially use a different season's liveries or even our own to vary the grid or add standard numberplates as opposed to lots of different numberplate formats in the same race. It's also one of the few reasons I play GT.
You heard it here first. There will be a new pCARS, it's signed. I can't tell you anything but don't hold your breath on timings. We plan to blow anything else, planned by anyone else, out of the water... That will take a while.

Ongoing kudos to this site.

Just 3 questions @IanBell, hope you can answer.

1. Will it be current gen?
2. Will it be on all 3 platforms?
3. Will there be anymore PC2 support?

Just trying to plan my future sim rig (money wise) :)

Edit: just read the statement about the clause on the other thread, I presume you can't say what gen/platform till they agree, correct?
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